Commercial Interior Designers Near Me – Developing an updated, powerful new commercial lobby interior design for an international manufacturing facility located in Westbury, New York was the challenge that In-Site NYC sought to tackle. With their global presence in coatings for automotive, aerospace, healthcare and energy, among others, emphasizing the Oerlikon brand has been important to develop and cultivate from the moment you enter the atrium. Choosing the best interior design firm was essential to take on the challenge.

The unique cylindrical entrance space in this commercial office building was a challenge in itself. How to make the most of the interior space, create a comfortable design for the waiting area despite the double-height ceiling towering above them, and define a functional reception desk were all tasks set in the contract. A successful end result is one that performs and is aesthetically pleasing.

Commercial Interior Designers Near Me

This commercial interior renovation features a medium gray carpet with a multi-directional organic pattern. A ten-inch border in contrasting charcoal accentuates the curved nature of the room and anchors the designer-conceived furniture on display.

Mid Century Modern Office Design Atlanta Ga — Hue Interiors

Layering materials on and behind the reception area creates immediate cues for new visitors. The balance of layered forms with some proprietary finishing techniques allows the brand to speak through materiality. The dynamic design impresses the space for its inhabitants from all angles.

The new modular contract furniture also follows the rounded shape of the room. Built-in side tables allow multifunctional properties for this space. The visitor waiting area can also be a regular work area for those who want to change the space. A striking red metal sculpture that plays with organic form is the perfect finishing touch that our top interior designers and decorators have used to add contemporary style to commercial lobby designs. C+A Global, an electronic distribution company, requested a bold and exciting showroom design to showcase its products and customer line in a retail space in Edison, New Jersey. New York-based designers In-Site created acrylic tables with a blue hue of their firm’s logo, using the 3Form color line as a two-height focal area for a camera and tech display, as well as a conference call for staff meetings. Armstrong’s Metal Works slender blades are displayed above the tables with a blue painted open ceiling for dramatic effect. Lighting is integrated between the slats, and the blades themselves have acoustic properties that help reduce noise.

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A WAC track lighting system is featured on all displays and LED lighting is incorporated into the plasterboard for general lighting. Two sculptural pendant lights descend above the contract grade modular seating area, and LED strips are positioned in individual locations throughout the display systems. This New Jersey retail showroom is well lit and the product line shines.

The commercial finish chosen is durable and offers great style. The walls have an off-white textured pattern with a gray accent on the main wall. Mohawk carpet tile is a warm gray-gray color scheme with an angular pattern. The floor accent, which matches the open ceiling design, is durable Mannington LVT in a medium gray tone with an abstract pattern and texture. The New York interior design firm has created an exciting interactive space with a product that will look great for years to come.

The Benefits Of Hiring A Commercial Interior Designer

B+N’s mix of cable display systems and tethers provides flexibility as the company grows and displays change. Materiality and colors are also used to define retail brands. Laminate wood wall units anchor the design and complement the lightness of the cable systems. Near the entrance, our interior designers in New York created a seating area with company history and public relations boards as they grow rapidly in their market. These panels can be easily disabled and updated as needed, which was important to the client’s wish list.

Upstairs, in the corporate office spaces, the interior design continues in high-traffic areas, including the main corridor near the café and workspaces. These walls feature a mix of large-scale graphic wallcoverings from Wolf Gordon, fully custom wallcovering designs and geometric artwork set against a vibrant blue accent wall, further referencing the retailer’s brand. Offices, salons, shops, restaurants, hotels, and any other commercial space depends on attractive interior design to attract customers. And leading commercial interior design firms are ready with hot and promising trends. From flexible furniture design to intelligent space planning, commercial design firms have high hopes that 2023 will bring significant collaboration between aesthetics and functionality. Check out these top commercial interior design firms to keep an eye on this year!

Founded by the dynamic duo of Art and Drew Gensler in 1935, this commercial interior design firm is a pioneer in corporate design. Today, they certainly completely dominate the design industry and are responsible for all kinds of projects, from airports to shopping malls and educational institutions. In addition, Gensler is considered one of the leading firms in the field of design innovation, and they are always up to date with current design trends. If you want to know more about modern, futuristic and comprehensive design styles, you know who to follow!

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WHAT WE LOVE: Gensler’s design strategies focus on delivering a unique and enriched user experience. No wonder why they top our list.

Luxury Residential And Commercial Interior Design, Modern, Contemporary, Transitional, Full Service — Pearl Design

Is one of the leading commercial interior design firms that has changed the face of the design world forever. continues to push the boundaries using cutting-edge technology in traditional interior design, online interiors and virtual reality. From hotel room design to medical offices and chic cafes, the team excels at commercial interior design.

In addition, hundreds of leading residential and commercial interior designers throughout the United States, thus challenging all barriers to achieve the best results. Also, these talented interior designers bring fresh concepts to commercial spaces. As a result, it has been featured in leading publications such as the New York Times, Huffington Post, and Architectural Digest.

Want to work with one of the leading commercial interior design firms? Then schedule a free interior design consultation to learn more and get started today!

In addition to hotel and retail interiors, designers also pride themselves on creating sophisticated living spaces. The comprehensive design services offered by Creatives undoubtedly make them one of the leading commercial interior design firms to watch out for in the coming year.

Interior Designers In Paradise. My Interiors Hub Is The Best Interior…

WHAT WE LOVE: Continuing to become a leader in interior design technology. Love their work? Get started today!

Kobi Karp is a well-known interior design firm, so their designs are hard to miss in well-known publications. Their wide range of creative interior designers have worked on some outstanding projects for leading corporations such as Hyatt, Hilton, Starwood, Wyndham and so on. From exotic beach resorts to hotels with breathtaking skyline views, they have definitely mastered everything! Furthermore, their designs are modern, crisp and all about luxury living.

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WHAT WE LOVE: Kobe Karp’s designs are all about glamor and opulence. And we certainly cannot overcome these modern architectural features.

If you don’t know about Interior Architects as one of the leading commercial design firms, you should. As a result, their designs are gorgeous and totally Instagram-worthy. That way, their designs are easy to spot while browsing Pinterest or any other social media. Interior designers focus on creating a strong visual brand with integrated modern technology.

Commercial Interior Designer Bangalore

Smallwood is one of the leading commercial interior design companies, renowned for creating thoughtful spaces that speak to you. Their designs are sustainable, modern and creatively designed to leave a lasting impression. Not surprisingly, Smallwood has received various awards and recognitions over the past 40 years, including the 2019 IIDA Best of the Best award. Therefore, it is easy to expect stunning commercial projects in the coming years.

WHAT WE LOVE: Smallwood is undoubtedly the most promising design group around, and we’re head over heels in love with their hospitality design projects.

Headquartered in Minneapolis, Nelson Worldwide is an award-winning commercial interior design firm with convergent design approaches. Moreover, they attach great importance to human behavior before designing a space. As a result, all of their designs are built on an understanding of how psychology and character influence design. Interior design today has certainly become more than just aesthetics, and the designers at Nelson Worldwide know how to make people feel warmer in their spaces.

WHAT WE LOVE: We’re amazed by the futuristic appeal they subtly bring to each project.

The Advantages Of Engaging Commercial Interior Designers

Method Architecture is a tight-knit group of talented people who claim to offer ego-free design. So, if you are a design lover, Method Architecture projects will surely appeal to you. They are clean, modern, sustainable and comfortable. In addition, each project features a unique juxtaposition of material play that creates a stunning space. Method Architecture has left no stone unturned in creating corporate interiors.

WHAT WE LOVE: Breweries are a specialty

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