How Many Interior Designers Are There In Australia – Our job is always to inspire you, and as one season ends and another begins, we get closer to the unveiling of new trends in the design world, more design fairs and new ideas. If you’re looking for interior designers and architects and inspiration for incredible projects, you’re in the right place. These are the top interior design studios and architecture firms in Australia that you urgently need to know about!

Adrian Amore Architects, or AA Architects for short, is a full-service architecture practice that works on projects in all phases of the process, from sketches to construction. It is a design-centred practice that prides itself on delivering unique and innovative architectural outcomes for its clients. Each project offers a unique set of possibilities for exploring ideas and concepts. The practice strives to address these possibilities through a rigorous design process, seeking to produce results tailored to the client’s needs, while staying true to its architectural vision. AA Architects have won several awards, including the Australian Interior Design Awards for Excellence and Innovation, which is evident in the passion and technique used in each project.

How Many Interior Designers Are There In Australia

Anouska Hempel is one of the most famous designers in the world. Her work spans architecture, interior and furniture design, haute couture, fashion, garden and product design. With full control over the living environment, Hempel creates a sense of harmony between theatrical world and daily life – designed for a holistic experience. Whether it is a classic or a modern feeling, the fusion of the West and the East runs through her designs. She leads a team of architects and designers able to provide all aspects of architectural, interior, product and landscape design services. She also has a team of highly qualified artisans and artisans producing high specification interiors to her standards, creating a unique atmosphere and magic.

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Arnoldlane is a boutique interior design practice based in Sydney. Founded in 2002 by design partners Kathy Arnold and Christopher Lane, the company’s mission is to balance aesthetics with function, achieving design quality in everything they do. Arnoldland takes a fresh, pragmatic and collaborative approach to a client-centred interior design practice. Each project is seen as an opportunity to offer unique design solutions and aesthetics to its commercial interior, hospitality or residential clients. Their commercial projects include the Coca-Cola headquarters in Sydney and the Park Regis Hotel in Melbourne. While their focus is on commercial interior projects, Arnoldland’s residential work is also noteworthy, having been featured in design magazines, international publications and national awards.

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Bates Smart provides architecture, interior design, urban design and strategy services across Australia, with over 250 studios in Melbourne and Sydney. Known as one of Australia’s oldest construction companies, Bates Smart has been in business for 166 years since 1853. Their winning projects transform the cities in which they operate, as the firm works to create urban spaces and environments that cater to the public. Some of their most prolific projects include the Melbourne Public Library, the Four Seasons Hotel Sydney or the Melbourne Hilton Hotel.

Established in 2004, Camilla Molders Design is an interior design and decoration studio specializing in residential interiors. The studio works with clients on all aspects of the design process, often with architects and builders, to create functional yet beautiful spaces with furniture, fabrics and artwork that subtly reflect the client’s personal taste and style. They aspire to create spaces that push the boundaries of design while balancing function and aesthetics with a strong focus on craftsmanship.

Flack Studio was launched in 2014 by David Flack. The interior design studio prides itself on delivering products that are impeccably detailed, well-crafted and functional. Together with their clients they create something honest and unique, viewing the design process as a journey they take together. Gio Ponti and Vincent Van Duysen are design legends who inspired the studio, whose signature style revolves around a mix of nostalgic modernism and mid-century modern design.

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Gensler is an American design and construction firm headquartered in San Francisco. In 2012, for the second year in a row, it was the highest-grossing U.S. construction company. Founded in 1965 by Art and Drue Gensler and partner James Follett, the firm initially focused on corporate interiors but has since diversified into a variety of architecture and design formats, including commercial office buildings, retail centers, airports, educational facilities and entertainment complexes. Today, the architecture and design firm has 46 operating offices in 16 countries around the world.

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Greg Natale is a top interior designer who uses bold colors and patterns to create warm, layered, and livable spaces. Greg offers a generous and unique perspective on the creative process, sharing his passion, experience, advice and philosophy behind his carefully tailored, refined style. In 2001, he founded Greg Natale Design. It was the tail end of the minimalist movement, and Natale chose to go for a more luxurious look. His first major project was the Gonano apartment in 2002, which featured repeating decorative motifs on the walls, shutters, bed linens and artwork. Based in Sydney, the firm is responsible for the interior design of residential, retail and commercial spaces, as well as the exterior design of residences.

Led by Meryl Hare and Associate Dimity Chitty, Hare + Klein’s team of creative designers has ensured the studio has remained one of Australia’s leading interior design studios for almost 30 years. The award-winning practice has built a reputation for approaching projects in a thoughtful and collaborative manner. They provide a complete interior design service from concept to completion, providing professional solutions that exceed expectations and add value to projects. With extensive experience in both residential and commercial projects, Hare + Klein always meets the needs of their clients, realizing their design visions in a modern and contemporary style.

Hassell Studio is a leading international design firm with studios in Australia, China, South East Asia and the UK. The company’s design values ​​are shared among the staff of all Hassell studios worldwide, thus guaranteeing the best quality in all projects worldwide. Clients bring in projects of increasing complexity, requiring a culture built on collaboration, creativity and innovation in design thinking and delivery. Openness and empathy for clients ensures that their interests are at the heart of everything Hassell designs.

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Layan is an Australian design practice whose philosophy revolves around empathy for the human form, scale and proportion, ensuring each project is designed with an inherent tenderness and intimacy. Their projects enhance the presence of the surrounding nature without destroying its integrity, with the goal of creating a natural environment. What makes their pieces stand out is the extreme attention to detail and the incorporation of local artisans in their creation. Layan Design Group’s commercial projects include the Ritz-Carlton Hotel and Louis Vuitton Café.

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Marc Newson is considered the most influential designer of his generation. Working across a wide range of disciplines, he has created everything from furniture and homeware to bicycles and automobiles, private and commercial aircraft, yachts, various architectural commissions and iconic sculptures for clients worldwide. His work is in the collections of many major museums, including the Museum of Modern Art in New York, the Design Museum and V&A in London, the Center Pompidou and the Vitra Design Museum. Newson’s work has set numerous records at auction and now accounts for almost 25% of the total contemporary design art market.

Massimo Interiors was created by Massimo Speroni. The Milanese-born designer’s elegant approach to design lies in his masterful orchestration of scale and texture. His projects are heavily edited, often shying away from predictability, always opting for something more outlandish. A sense of fascination runs throughout his work, drawing from both classical and contemporary references, deftly incorporating them into new and original contexts. Massimo hand-paints each item using the same procedure as the great Italian masters such as Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo.

MorrisCo Design is an interior design firm that works with established and emerging brands to create innovative interiors. Founded by Alexandra Morris, the company focuses on creating stylish bespoke spaces for each client, from a retail space to a restaurant or bar. MorrisCo Design delivers inspiring and innovative design concepts based on the client’s vision, then provides the builder with a practical construction plan and delivers the final project. The firm’s aim is to develop creative interior design concepts that maximize space, resulting in incredibly contemporary and modern interiors.

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Nic Graham & Associates is an Australian interior design company founded by interior designer Nic Graham. The company’s pieces are contemporary but always inspired by mid-century vintage, imbued with a real sense of warmth and comfort. Nic Graham & Associates has been based in Sydney since 1999 and has a partner studio in China. A medium-sized team of design assistants and design technicians focused on unique hotels, restaurants and

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