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When it comes to making your home a beautiful place to live, one must consider the cost of interior design. Quickly read the price tag for your 1, 2, 3 or 4 BHK home.

How Much Interior Designer Charge In Bangalore

You all want to feel like you’re walking into paradise when you walk into your homes, right? A house is a place that needs to attract with its beauty and comfort and its interior design. For more information about interior design costs and how to design your home read this blog!

Cost Of 3bhk Apartment Interior Design

If you want to furnish your home it is important to know how much interior design costs, so let us walk you through. When it comes to interior design costs for your home, you should be aware of the type of materials, finishes and decorations you want your home to have. The square footage of your home also plays an important role in determining the value of the interior of your home. The prices of interior design for villas, mansions and houses are different. Interior designers can charge anything between 3 lakh to 7 lakh or more depending on the type of interior you choose and the size of the project. It is also important to remember that the cost of interior construction should be 10%-15% of the property value and for large buildings such as villas, it should be around 30%-35%.

If you have a flat and you are looking to build a 3BHK flat the cost is based on square feet. This can be found anywhere between 7 Lakh to 12 Lakh and if it is the best. And you are looking to install the place which can go up to 15 Lakh depending on the quality of the laminate, design, finish and paint.

A beautiful living room covered with stone, a false wall with a wooden panel and a white lamp

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If it’s a 2BHK flat, the price for the interior is around 3.5 Lakh to 7 Lakh for the quality. And a typical house can cost anywhere between 7 Lakh to 10 Lakh. Again it all depends on the square footage, finish and what you want to use. The price of the interior will increase based on the style and structure as well.

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The 1 BHK flats are typically priced between 2 Lakh to 3.5 Lakh with a standard finish. If you want an interior with a special finish, it can go up to 5 Lakhs.

The living room is the most needed and the most spent place in your home. So if you want to sit back and relax in comfort and style it’s important to know about the size of the living room interior. You need to budget INR 20, 000 – 50, 000 for a living room with interior and furniture. And for an investment it can be seen between INR 75, 000 – 1, 00, 000 Lakh.

This is about as much as we pay for interior design. Let me know what you think! Send us an email. Can’t wait to hear from you!

Before comparing the price of different interior models, you must define your needs and have a clear understanding of your budget and your own style. Next, look for interior designers who have experience with your style and fit your budget. Get a final quote and compare the services included in each package. Be sure to check what is included in the price and check for any additional costs that are not included in the quote.

Interior Design Cost In Bangalore

It is important to clarify what services you are looking for before hiring an interior designer. Outline your budget and timeline and make it clear to the interior designer. Collect pictures of the interior designs of the houses you want to give the designer a proper understanding of your style and what you want. Make sure that the designs created by the interior designer are not only beautiful but also functional. This will help you get the best value for your money when hiring an interior designer.

When you work with famous brands like, you can be sure that there are no hidden costs. Our expert interior designers share a detailed description after understanding your needs and create realistic 3D images for your project. There are no hidden costs in our final quote.

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The most common sales model used by interior designers is the fixed fee model where the fee is fixed after four Final discussion and agreement on scope of work. In the hourly pricing model, the interior designer charges an hourly rate for their services for the duration of the job. Value-added, percentage-based, and estimated-value are other cost models used by interior designers.

Definitely! Even if you’re on a tight budget, hiring a builder is worth it because they’ll help you avoid costly mistakes. They come with a lot of experience and business connections to make the interior of your home the best it can be and within the budget and schedule. This will save you time and valuable effort and give you a home you will enjoy living in.

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Buying a home is just the first step; interior design is what turns a flat into a home. Interior design not only makes your home beautiful but also increases your comfort and usability – things most of us need considering our busy lives in a metro city like Bangalore. If you have been wondering what the prices are in Bangalore for various apartments, you have come to the right place! This guide will help you to understand the factors that affect the cost of interior design as well as the estimated prices for Bangalore houses of different categories.

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A 1BHK may look small, but if it is laid out properly, it can look as beautiful as a big house. While you are planning a 1BHK, you should use space saving measures. Here is the estimated cost of 1BHK interior design in Bangalore:

All prices mentioned above do not include 18% GST. These prices are an estimate. The cost of 1BHK for design in Bangalore can vary depending on labor charges, materials and finishes, design, and size of your home.

Most of the houses in Bangalore are 2BHK, because they are cheaper than bigger houses. In addition, there is enough space for a small family. The table below will help you understand the house price in Bangalore for 2BHK:

All prices mentioned above do not include 18% GST. These prices are an estimate. The total 2BHK price range in Bangalore may vary depending on

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