Why Major Interior Design – Illinois State University is a large institution with many majors and schools for incoming students to choose from. Large college campuses can sometimes tend to overwhelm the minds of those deciding what they want to study in college, but ISU is also home to many smaller, more intimate programs. The Interior Design program is one of those majors. Housed in the College of Applied Science and Technology and the Department of Family and Consumer Sciences, many students don’t realize they can study interior design until they do some research themselves or learn about the major through other students or friends.

Some students currently involved in the Interior Design major have discovered that it is something they can study after they have already identified a different major, but are now actively promoting it to those who might also be interested.

Why Major Interior Design

“I officially decided I wanted to major in interior design after talking with an older girl at ISU who I knew was in to major,” said Interior Design Chair and Ambassador Katie Lane. “She gave me great advice about the program and what I would really like.”

Environmental & Interior Design Major

Once students enroll in interior design, they work towards becoming a certified designer by taking studio and design classes, most of which reside at Turner Hall on campus. These classes include: hand drafting, lighting, drawing, and computer lessons, history of interior design classes, classes that focus on how interior design directly affects people, various studio classes, and portfolio classes that prepare students for their time after graduation. All interior design majors are also required to participate in an apprenticeship, conducted during their junior or senior year at ISU.

“We learn all about space planning, the interactions between people and the environments in which they live and work, the rules and regulations of interior design, how to present them to future clients and many design topics such as sustainability, lighting and ergonomics,” said Lin. “My major prepared me for a great internship this summer at a design firm in Chicago and I know I’ll keep getting more great experience just until I graduate.”

ISU is home to one of only five interior design programs accredited by the Interior Design Accreditation Board in the state of Illinois, something interested students may want to consider when searching for schools to attend or majors to enroll in. Smaller major also allows students to form bonds with each other and their teachers and have a one-on-one approach to their learning.

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“My favorite part of majoring in interior design is the feeling of family,” said Head of Interior Design and Ambassador Alicia Jack. “We’re a smaller program and the people you get into are [the ones] you walk onstage with… It’s a really nice feeling to know you’ll always have someone there.”

What’s! That! Major: Interior Design

Those who feel they might be interested in interior design are encouraged to visit Turner Hall and check out the portfolios created by interior design students or take an introductory class to get a feel for the major. Contact the Illinois State Department of Family and Consumer Sciences for more information about the interior design program.

REBECCA DAVIS is a features correspondent for The Vidette. Any questions or comments regarding her article can be directed to [email protected]. Follow her on Twitter @VRebeccaDavis When I think of college, the first things that come to mind are STEM majors. I’ve never given much thought to any other types of majors, even though the University of Nebraska-Lincoln has over 150 majors to choose from.

Digging through the list of majors, I discovered several unique areas of study that I had never heard of. This sparked a curiosity to learn more about what UNL has to offer.

In order to understand the interior design discipline, some common misconceptions must be debunked. Like most people, I didn’t fully understand the work of a major. I thought she was mainly decorating, which could not be further from the truth.

Design For Major Home Renovations

The biggest myth, in the words of associate professor Nate Bicak, is that interior design is exactly what you see on HGTV. It’s much more than that.

According to Bicak, the Interior Design major is built on critical thinking, spatial reasoning, design, and experimental phenomenology. Ergonomics and human psychology are just some of the factors influencing the field of interior design. All human senses are involved in interior design, as interior design is the creation of a sensory experience.

“Interiors are constructed moments. We see things, we touch things, we smell things, we hear things — I think all of these are important ideas encapsulated in what interior designers do,” Bicak said.

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For coursework loads, hands-on learning activities set interior design apart from other majors. Studio courses in the center of specialization. While freshmen and sophomores learn the basics of abstract thinking and design, juniors and seniors apply this knowledge to create models of their own designs.

Video: Discover The Interior Design Major At The University Of Northern Iowa

Apart from learning design and critical thinking, students take classes on building materials. This may include wall and floor coverings, drywall, and other room features.

Bicak teaches a course on creativity at UNL’s Innovation Campus. In these classes, students are assigned material making projects to learn how to work with wood, metal, and plastic.

“All first-year students in the College of Engineering take a Design Thinking course to help with that, but it’s really been a constant challenge over the years,” Wesling said. “Just like cooking or playing an instrument, critical thinking takes practice.”

While I find the most unconventional, I’ve found there are unique activities that range from class projects to travel opportunities.

Skills For Becoming An Interior Designer

“We went on some great trips to well-designed spaces around town and also to manufacturing sites like a custom furniture store and countertop store,” Wesling said.

In addition to local excursions, interior design students have access to a unique study abroad program. According to Bicak, during a student’s junior or senior year, interior design students are given the opportunity to study architecture in Rome during their junior or senior year.

Apart from the artwork, it is the sense of community that builds the identity of the interior design department. With only 32 sophomores, Wessling has the close-knit environment of the major.

“I really enjoy how collaborative it is,” Wesling said. “I spend a lot of time with people in my studio, so we’re constantly dismissing ideas from each other, even for solo projects.”

Art Major, B.a. & Bfa

“The discipline is a lot of meeting people where they are, understanding a lot of different walks of life and how people use space,” Bicak said. The Interior Design program is part of the School of Building which is located within the College of Technology. The curriculum is based on professional practice in the field of interior design. The degree prepares students for professional practice as an interior designer in the fields of commercial and residential design, with opportunities in the fields of construction and graphic design.

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The Bachelor of Science in Interior Design degree, implemented in 2016, emphasizes design as an integrative, interdisciplinary education that includes interior design, construction, and graphic design courses for a holistic approach to the interior design profession. The Interior Design curriculum takes a creative problem-solving approach that involves applying materials and processes to create environments, promoting sustainability and global design standards, developing an understanding of global awareness and diversity, and improving quality of life while protecting health and safety. and public welfare.

Students in the Interior Design program have access to construction school laboratories that house some of the best industry-supported software and equipment. The Construction School offers access to a dedicated interior design lab as well as all of the construction labs. The Interior Design program seeks to prepare graduates to enter the various fields of a network of professionals in the field of design and construction.

Outcome 3: Demonstrated ability to evaluate, select, synthesize, and apply information and research findings to design solutions using creative and critical thinking.

Inspiration Boards: A Major Key To Success For Your Decorating Project

Outcome 4: Demonstrate proficiency in presentation skills and discuss work in a professional manner with the ability to justify and advocate solutions in relation to natural, social and economic issues.

Outcome 5: Demonstrate social responsibility by designing sustainable indoor environments that support indoor environmental quality and improve the quality of life for occupants.

Students have access to many student organizations such as the International Interior Design Association, the Design Build Institute of America, the National Association of Home Builders, and the National Association of Women in Construction. Speakers and field trips accompany these organizations and provide networking and business opportunities.

Employment opportunities are virtually unlimited with 100% placement for graduates looking for work. School of Construction Expo is an annual event in which interior design students meet with company representatives to discuss career opportunities and provide field insight. Graduate salaries typically start at $40,000 to $55,000 per year.

The Complete Guide To Interior Design

The mission of the PSU School of Construction is to provide high-quality construction education and to develop professional leaders for

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