Christmas Crafts To Make At Home – When it’s Christmas time, there’s nothing better than decorating your home with hints of the holiday season! Wreaths on the door, homemade decorations on the tree and roasted chestnuts on the fire…

Most holiday-themed DIYs are aimed at kids, but what about some Christmas crafts for adults who can’t get enough of the holidays?

Christmas Crafts To Make At Home

Grab your partner, sit down with the kids, or take these crafts on yourself! Here are twenty of our favorite Christmas crafts for adults.

Easy Toilet Paper Roll Christmas Crafts For Kids

Mason jars are things that most people have around the house and are the perfect crafting medium for any season. These adorable little winter companions are easy to make and even easier to enjoy.

Scatter them around the house as little reminders of Christmas or add twine and hang them on your tree! To bring these jar snowmen to life, you’ll need eighteen silver jar rings, white spray paint, floral wire, a snowman ornament, needle nose pliers, and a hot glue gun.

Simply spray the rings and tie them together in the shape you see above with floral wire. Glue the selected ornament on top and you have a beautiful little snowman! It couldn’t be simpler.

The best kind of Christmas decorations are the ones you can’t find in the store. Use these DIY flannel trees to bring a touch of Christmas warmth to your home.

Christmas Wine Cork Crafts That Will Make You Smile

For this incredibly simple project, all you’ll need are these cardboard trees. Also, your favorite flannel fabric (we recommend choosing two or three types for some variety), rustic metal stars, a hot glue gun, and your best pair of scissors (try these).

We invite all wine lovers! Whether you’re a fan of holiday mulled wine or looking for a cute way to pour wine at your next Christmas party, this is the craft for you.

Change the colors to match the wine: white for white, red for red, pink for blush.

This is a scratch sewing project, so it’s a great craft to try if you’re trying to get better at sewing. You will need a yard of fleece fabric, a quarter yard of Sherpa fabric for the cuff (we recommend this one).

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Easy Christmas Crafts For All Ages

Looking for something cheap and easy? These Christmas felt ornaments make amazing holiday gifts or decorations, and are super easy to customize to your taste.

You’ll want to download the template from Easy Felt Crafts and print it out, as this makes the shape. Then choose a felt fabric in your favorite Christmas colors.

Cut out pieces of felt and lay them on top of each other, then sew a simple embroidered design through the layers to hold them together (and add some embellishment). Thread in some of those beads as you go for a little extra personality.

There’s nothing better than an affordable Christmas DIY project, and that’s what this Christmas mailbox is all about! Based on the Dollar Tree Mini Mailbox, this is the ideal craft to customize and place near the entrance of your home as a “Welcome!” to your guests.

Easy Christmas Crafts Ornaments. Felt Star, Christmas Tree And Ball On A Brown Wooden Background With Copyspace. Sewing Workshop Stock Image

In addition to your miniature mailbox, you’ll need red acrylic paint, a round wooden disc, Christmas-themed leaves of your choice, a ribbon bow, bird flower arms, a small wooden dowel, and the ever-present hot glue gun.

The great thing about this craft is how easy it is to customize. If you want something traditional, you can opt for a red plaid bow or go for something more elegant with black and silver accessories!

Suitable for small and large hands, these beautiful fleece hand warmers make amazing socks for the big day. Pair them with another small gift and they would make a great party favor for your holiday festivities.

All you will need is the fleece material of your choice, matching color thread, rice for stuffing, a funnel, as well as baking thread and cardboard for labels. I love this twine for Christmas projects, thanks to the candy pattern.

Adorable Christmas Mason Jar Crafts You Can Make Today

This is the ideal Christmas craft to choose if you have something waiting around the house and are looking for a cute new decoration for your tree. They take about five minutes to make.

Also, they require very little supplies, and they’re (pardon the puns) cute as a button!

Scour around your home for the supplies you’ll need to get these little guys onto your tree ASAP. One thing you’ll definitely need is an illusion cable, and if you’re not used to crafting on the fly, you might not have it on hand.

If you’re not really into sewers, but love fabric and craft decorations, this is a seasonal craft that will tickle your fancy.

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Make These 25 Cheap & Easy Christmas Crafts Now

The great thing about these felt gnomes is that you can customize them to your heart’s content. Arrange them inconspicuously around the house, line the fireplace, or let them stand guard on Christmas night! It all depends on you.

Outdoor Christmas decorations need to be durable enough to withstand the weather, and at the same time, they need to be super cute. This usually means spending a lot of money to get the right balance between the two.

But, with this DIY wooden Christmas tree for your porch or front bench, there’s no need to empty your bank account!

Set aside an afternoon for this craft and choose a day with good weather (it should be dry). You will need wood, sandpaper, a hot glue gun and the paint of your choice.

Christmas Craft Ideas

In addition, you will need a jigsaw or scroll saw, which can be found here. If you want to use a standard saw, then you can, however, it will take a little more time to put this craft together.

Simply cut the boards to the desired size, paint them, glue them into the shape of a Christmas tree and decorate with any Christmas ornaments you find lying around!

Sometimes the best craft for Christmas is something that takes you back to your childhood. Do you remember the mornings of running down the stairs to grab your socks, unwrapping presents before breakfast, the smell of hot cocoa and the floor littered with wrapping paper?

Bring back those memories by creating your own custom Christmas stocking. If you are looking for something traditional to decorate your fireplace, you can choose some classic Christmas fabric.

Best Diy Christmas Ornaments — Homemade Christmas Ornaments

Or you can go the more refined route with simple fabrics. These socks also make amazing gifts for family members on the big day!

One key item you may not have around the house is a rotary cutter and matching mat, but you can pick them up here.

Speaking of more refined crafts, this Scandi-inspired Christmas DIY is perfect for bringing the natural, minimalist flavor of Christmas into your home. Rough natural textures combine with soft white felt in this beautiful, unique piece.

Perfect for the grown-up home that wants to avoid some of the “cheese” that many Christmas decorations carry with them.

Crafts For Christmas Break

If you’re reading this crafting blog, you’re probably pretty crafty already. So why not express your craftiness in Christmas tree decorations?

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These adorable balls of yarn can be made in two different ways. So you can choose your preferred method based on what you may already have from other crafts.

One method is based on this transparent ornament, while the other uses a white foam sphere like this. Both use the tried and trusted crafter’s companion, the hot glue gun, as well as lightweight yarn and wooden skewers.

These stylish little home accessories only take minutes to put together. But they make for really thoughtful gifts or a simple way to bring the scent of Christmas into your home.

Easy Christmas Crafts For Kids

Many DIY diffusers use pre-made diffuser oil, but this craft teaches you how to make your own. So you can use it all year round with your own choice of fragrance.

Diffusers find their home in refillable Christmas baubles, similar to the one I linked above.

If you liked the look of the Scandi felt from number eleven on this list, but wanted something a little more portable, this is the one for you.

Each of these trees has its own little wooden stand. Which makes them the perfect craft for a group on your mantel or a dot on your kitchen windowsill.

Christmas Crafts For Toddlers And Preschoolers

These felt trees are also in 3D, so they make a perfect winter scene from all angles. For this craft, all you need to do is print out the tutorial template.

Next, cut out enough shapes in your chosen felt fabrics and attach them to the wooden dowels using a hot glue gun. Simple!

Here’s another mason jar craft to put all those old jam or pickle jars to good use! This craft is perfect for sprucing up some basic pillar candles, adding a touch of Christmas cheer to even the smallest feature in your home.

Even better, they’re amazing for cleaning up the last bits of ribbon, lace, and decorative twine from your crafting stash. The ultimate waste breaker!

Quick & Easy Diy Christmas Decorations You’ll Love To Make

Pull out your favorite baubles, ribbons, ornaments, countless sizes of jars, and your favorite candles to bring this DIY to life. This craft is even better with Christmas scented candles

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