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We have some of the most creative and cute crafts for toddlers just for you. Do it with your child today.

Cool Art Crafts To Do At Home

Entertaining young children is hard but rewarding work, so before we promote our crafts for 3 year olds we just want to say good luck to all parents! You are all doing a great job.

Crafts Project Ideas For Elementary School Kids

Now let’s move on to the good stuff – crafts for your 2 and 3 year olds.

In general, painting, building and crafting are great for developing children’s motor skills and helping to develop their vocabulary. Being messy with your toddlers has great benefits and not to mention a lovely bonding activity.

It is important to choose craft activities that are suitable and designed for young children. Many craft boxes and sets contain small species that can be a choking hazard, which is why we’ve collected these safe, fun and educational crafts for toddlers.

All the crafts in this article are parent approved and toddler tested! Plus many of the crafts below are budget friendly and use items that are already in your craft stash like pipe cleaners. We have a mix of kits to buy and activities you can try with the craft supplies you already have.

Easy Craft Ideas For Kids To Make At Home (mom Approved)

We’ve also collected lots of craft ideas for kids and a list of crafts for teenagers so you can keep the whole family entertained during the summer holidays. But for now, here are some crafts for kids that will start to fuel your child’s creativity and curiosity.

Play dough is a great craft for toddlers because it’s easy for little hands to manipulate and squish. Make your own play dough for your children to play with with this easy play dough recipe.

Pipe cleaners are incredibly versatile and can be twisted into a range of interesting shapes, from rainbows to snowmen!

Colored rice is a great sensory play activity and it’s very easy to make your own. The rice is colored using food colouring, so it is safe for your child to put in their mouth.

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Earth Day Crafts And Activities That Kids Will Love

Whether you’re playing pretend or preparing for a party, paper crowns will add royalty to your child.

You can cut out the shape of the crown and help them decorate it with stickers and glitter!

Bubble painting is one of our favorite craft activities for rainy days! It is easy to set up and can be used to create many interesting effects on paper.

Handprint art is great fun for little kids who haven’t developed enough discipline to enjoy finger painting. With the help of an adult, toddlers can create their own imaginative hand art.

Awesome Projects For Tween And Teen Boys (ages 10 And Up)

Salt dough can be made using common, inexpensive ingredients that you probably have in your home. It is made with flour, salt and water, but you can also add food colours.

Salt dough can be baked to make ornaments, so you could use it to make decorations with your child!

Crafts for 3 year olds don’t get simpler than this mosaic kit. It is a step up from coloring in and will test your children’s matching and gluing skills.

There are six colorful characters to decorate and over 400 sticky foam pellets to get creative with (a safer alternative to glue!)

Arts, Crafts And Activities To Do With Kids

Affordable crafts for toddlers are a parents dream! I Hearts and Craft egg carton flowers are a cheap, fun activity that uses materials around the house to create something cute.

Your child will love coloring these woodland creatures and with a little supervision, you can teach them to sew too! It comes with a plastic needle, colorful thread, pens – plus you can choose which woodland animal you want.

This is a great craft for 3 year olds as it will help them develop their motor skills.

Get the kids gluing and sticking with our easy-to-follow sun catcher tutorial. It’s a perfect craft for little kids and can be done on a rainy afternoon.

Fun Craft Ideas For Nursing Home Residents

Painting is a great way for toddlers to practice coordination, ready for when they start holding pens and pencils.

Stamps are a traditional but great craft for young children. You can buy stamp kits from all over the web or you can make some for your child using our how to rubber stamp tutorial.

Our free printable coloring pages are suitable for both adults and young children. Sit down on a rainy afternoon with your children and let them color these friendly little faces.

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There are plenty of crafts for children that only use paper plates. Swans, elephants and even bees can be made from this household item!

Easy Summer Kids Crafts That Anyone Can Make!

Have a cardboard box lying around? Instead of throwing it away, you can turn it into a castle! Learn how to make a cardboard castle with .

Another craft for toddlers that uses simple items. Learning 4 Kids explains the benefits of flower printing on their website, but we love it because it’s such a simple activity that uses minimal equipment!

Follow Baker Ross’s tutorial to hand print these sea life puppets. Use your toddler’s hands to create his favorite animal and then add a puppet show to his new creation.

These easy wooden thread beads make the cutest toddler craft ever. Have them practice shapes and colors as well as threading with this affordable kit from Amazon.

Rainy Day Pinterest Crafts To Do With Your Kids

Get out into nature with this easy craft for toddlers. Collaging is a great way to allow children to explore different textures and understand the natural world.

Mother Nature has some great natural suggestions for your collages so you can skip all the sequins and glitter and opt for a more eco-friendly approach.

Practice weaving with your children using these colorful paper fish. The kit comes with everything you need to make these rainbow creatures.

This is a great craft if you have kids of multiple ages. The older ones cover the yoghurt pots with the tissue paper and thread the bells through and ask the younger ones to paint the outside.

Outstanding Christian Craft Ideas For Kids

Toilet rolls can be turned into a huge range of crafts for 3 year olds. Even a fire-breathing dragon!

Use Baker Ross’s tutorial to make this fiery creature and check out our toilet roll crafts for easier crafts for little ones.

Color this friendly snail with your child and then use the Arty Crafty Kids tutorial to create this boo peek snail.

This glittery salt dough handprint would make a keepsake gift for someone special. Use our easy recipe for salt dough and simply put your hands in it.

Simple Afternoon Art Projects

What kid doesn’t want to be a superhero? With these printable mask templates from Itsy Bitsy Fun your little ones can create their own costumes.

The idea for when you run out of ideas! Ask your little one to decorate a hook, then fill it with strips of paper suggesting fun activities they can try. Great for rainy days – and you can adapt it to their age and interests too. Get the tutorial at 5 Minutes of Fun.

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When you need a quick, unprepared creative activity, why not make fun farmyard scenes with this Usborne sticker book, which has over 130 stickers?

It’s never too early to start making handmade Christmas cards! We can’t resist this sweet legged reindeer from Emma Owl.

Art Projects For Toddlers

Part craft, part science… all fun! Little ones will enjoy creating this strange substance, coloring it with food dyes and exploring what happens when they give it a squash.

How cute are crafts for kids that mimic adult crafts!? We love this mini block printing kit for kids on Etsy. You can also turn their creations into cards afterwards.

Kinetic sand is great fun for young children to play with. Follow our tutorial on how to make kinetic sand and then use them to write little scenes, shapes and even words into the sand.

We are going to school with this craft for the little kids. Let them get creative on the walls of the house or patio with these fun chalk art ideas.

Quick & Easy Kids Crafts That Anyone Can Make!

Getting young children involved in art and craft activities is a great way to keep them entertained. It also encourages them to develop their creativity and improves their coordination.

Many of our toddler craft ideas can be made using affordable materials you may already have in your home. We’ve also included some fun kits that include everything you’ll need for an exciting arts and crafts session for kids.

Create spooky and cool decorations with the kids this October! Check out these easy Halloween crafts for kids to prepare for a great crafting session.

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