Halloween Crafts You Can Make At Home – Trick-or-treating is only half the fun. Take your kids out for a spooky night with these easy Halloween crafts that little monsters will love.

Give a kid some Halloween candy and they’ll be content to trick-or-treat for a few minutes; But give a kid some glue and construction paper, and they’ll make adorable Halloween crafts for hours to come. From creepy pipe cleaner spiders to paper lantern bags to witch crafts and everything in between, it’s time to have some Halloween crafting fun. Don’t worry – these crafts are easy and fun for even your littlest monsters.

Halloween Crafts You Can Make At Home

While there are so many things that go into the spookiest day of the year including everything from Halloween costume ideas to Halloween decor to Halloween party ideas to Halloween party games (like bingo) – Halloween crafts are just as important for kids. While you’re crafting, consider learning about Halloween trivia and what exactly Halloween is. Now is the time to fill your home with fun Halloween songs and easy Halloween activities for kids. Enjoy!

Fun Halloween Crafts To Do With Your Kids

You don’t have to spend a lot on Halloween to have all the fun, thanks to cheap Halloween decorations and easy Halloween crafts for kids. This little creature will look as natural on your crafting table as if it were hanging upside down in a cave. To create this creepy paper bat, wrap a recycled toilet paper roll in black cardstock. Cut out a bunch of paper wings and add googly eyes for a full bat-iful effect.

This Halloween craft is also delicious? It’s like killing two bats with one stone! For this edible craft, insert popsicle sticks into marshmallows and dip in melted candy coating. Next, have your little monsters decorate these little monsters however you see fit. Plan your costume with this guide to DIY Halloween costumes!

Boo! Did this origami pumpkin craft scare you? Fear not, because it is very easy and can be done by even the tiniest trick or treater. Paint a small paper plate orange and cut out some shapes for eyes, a nose and a creepy smile with black paper. Have a green pipe cleaner on hand and watch your little one build his own pumpkin by gluing all the elements together. Next, try our simple no-carve pumpkin decoration ideas.

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While we’re not sure this Halloween craft wins any surprise for the spookiest, it definitely ranks in the top three for the cutest! Wrap the thread around a small piece of the capua at least 50 times before removing the capua and tying another piece of thread around the middle of the bundle of yarn tightly. Highlight with googly eyes and some pipe cleaners. Discover the origins of your favorite Halloween monsters.

Easy Halloween Crafts You Can Make In Under An Hour

A creepy crawly spider climbs over the water spigot…made from a mason jar lid and clothespins? defy! Ask your child to paint six clothespins black to make the legs of the spider. Next, cover the lid of the mason jar in Modge Podge and cover it with black parchment paper. Attach black clothespins to the cap and create a face using googly eyes and a smile. Once your mason jar lid spiders are complete, it’s time to take them on the road to visit the best pumpkin patch in every state.

There’s just something about all things fluffy, cute and fuzzy that we love – and that’s why we can’t get enough of this cotton ball ghost craft. After cutting the ghost shape onto a white block using a template or freehand design, have your child stick cotton balls onto the silhouette. Add a pair of black paper eyes and a smile to complete the craft. Make the most of the candy this Halloween in one of the best Halloween costumes for families.

Is this your little monster or the real Frankenstein? It can be hard to tell when to slip on a paper Halloween mask. Cut the cast into a mask shape – If your child wants a cat mask, be sure to consider the ears when cutting. Next, have your child decorate and color the castock to create the perfect Halloween mask for them. Dress your kids in one of these inexpensive DIY Halloween costumes anyone can put together.

Calling all ogres and orcs! They’re sure to love eating these delicious Jack-o-lantern Pop Krafts as much as they’ll love making them. After shaping the marshmallow mixture into pumpkins and adding a wooden stick to the bottom of each, have your kids make stems, vines, and jack-o-lantern faces using Tootsie Rolls, AirHeads, and icing. While you’re at work, see if you and your child can figure out these spooky Halloween puzzles.

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Of The Best Halloween Crafts

It’s bi! It’s a plane! No…it’s a Halloween witch! Create the illusion of a witch flying through the night sky with this fun craft. Once the child has assembled a miniature witch on their popsicle stick broom and a paper plate drawn with a scene of the night sky, have the parents cut a slit along the bottom of the paper plate using a craft knife for the witch to slide in easily. From there, it’s time to play! Move the charming doll back and forth as she sails across the full moon. Speaking of, what do you call a witch’s garage? Check out these hilarious Halloween jokes to find out.

What’s better than a Halloween activity for kids? One that uses recycled materials, of course! For this craft, kids can tear off pieces of white, orange, and yellow construction paper from scraps of paper you already have. From there, stick the cutouts into a candy corn shape (either using a template or hanging free). While you create your masterpieces, here are some of the best Halloween movies for kids to play in the background.

Coffee-obsessed moms will love this craft, because the main tool needed to create this adorable spooky ghost is a coffee filter. Wrap a coffee filter around a straw to form a ghost shape and tie at the base of the straw with black ribbon. From there, create the apocalyptic face of your dreams (or better yet, nightmares). If you’re looking for some decor that will come straight to your door, check out these Amazon Halloween decorations that are worth buying early.

Make no bones about it – this skeleton Q-tip is one Q-T! For this super simple Halloween craft, have your child stick Q-tips onto a black piece of construction paper in the shape of a skeleton’s body. Then add the adorable skeleton head from the printable template to complete the craft.

Diy Halloween Crafts For Kids

All you need is construction paper, glue, and a long piece of string for this festive Halloween activity for kids. After pre-cutting circles from orange and black paper and small rectangles (to form stems) from green paper, have your child draw faces with black and white colors. Once you have finished decorating, fold the stems in half and stick them to the string.

This adorable bat craft will let your child’s creativity shine. Have them decorate the coffee filter with washable markers in oil to create a bat wing pattern. Then draw eyes and a smile on the clothespins. Once both parts are completely dry, slide a clothespin into the middle of the portafilter to form a bat shape.

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Halloween (or any holiday, for that matter) isn’t nearly as fun without the official calendar countdown. This year, create your own with easy templates for this charming countdown calendar craft. Once the templates are printed, all you and your child have to do is cut and stick! Remove a link for each day he crawls closer to the 31st.

With this quick and easy pumpkin door hanger craft, a door knob doesn’t need to be left out of decoration this Halloween season. Have your child decorate orange cupcake wrappers with googly eyes and black sponge shapes to create their very own original jack-o-lantern smile. Glue a strip of green ribbon to the back of the cupcake wrapper to double as both the pumpkin stem and the hanger piece.

Easy Paper Halloween Crafts For Kids Of All Ages

Halloween rocks! So what better way to show that than by creating some actual Halloween rocks? You and your child can have fun picking stones from the back to use in this craft. From there, all you’ll need is paint—the classic Halloween orange and black—and creativity to finish it off.

These toilet paper roll ghosts are ready to haunt the neighborhood. Paint a recycled toilet paper roll white and add some faded features with black pen or paint. From there, glue some pieces of white tissue paper to the bottom of the roll to create the impression of a fly. For an extra special touch, tape a piece of black string at the top so these little ghosts can hang from anywhere.

This craft is as simple as it is fun. Using permanent markers, have your child draw faces on brown paper bags. Watch how bags turn into smiling ghouls right before your eyes. Share some of these Halloween quotes at your next party to get everyone in the spooky mood.

Flying head black cat craft will not bring you bad luck. To make this adorable kitty craft, cut out template shapes using black construction paper. Then it’s time for that

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