How To Build A Non Toxic Home – Keep harmful toxins and chemicals out of your home and live a clean and natural life with these easy tips to help you keep a non-toxic home.

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How To Build A Non Toxic Home

These days we spend more time at home. In fact, we spend almost all of our time here. It is therefore important to keep ourselves healthy and at our best. Having a non-toxic home can help. Over the past couple of years we’ve really taken the decision to try and keep an eco-friendly and non-toxic home. And honestly, all it takes is a simple swap to make a difference! Splater Ball Gun Ammo 10,0000 Beads 7 8mm Gel Ball Blaster Ammo Refill Ammo Orbez Gun Ammo Water Beads For Kids Non Toxic, Vases, Plant, Diy And Home Decor

Before you think, “I really can’t afford to buy new things for my house right now.” Do not be afraid. Much of what I am going to tell you can be done with items that you may already have in your home. And if you don’t, I’ve got some budget-friendly suggestions to help you on your way!

For years I had said that I would stop burning candles in our house. Candles are full of harmful substances that are released into the air when burned. Not only that, they leave a dark residue on the walls. After we started to rebuild our house, I made a decision to stop burning candles for the safety of our house.

I’m very into scent, so I use an essential oil instead of a diffuser. All diffusing includes water and essential oils. Just make sure you use good quality, 100% pure essential oils and safe candles! Plus, essential oils have a lot of aromatherapeutic benefits!

This is what I just started doing and I’m kind of obsessed. There are many cleaners on the market full of unspeakable chemicals that might do a great job of cleaning, but they aren’t as breathable.

Busting The 5 Myths About Non Toxic Home Renovations

Did you know you bought those essential oils for your diffuser? Well, you can use these to make your lists! Make Tea Tree Oil All-Purpose Cleaner with a few simple ingredients and you’ll be clean

This was hard for me because water bottles are so damn convenient! But we invested in a Brita Pitcher and filled it constantly in the fridge. Not only does it cut out the use of plastic, but it filters out chemicals, chlorine and other toxins.

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Water is safer and healthier to drink with a filtration system. Plus, if you’re feeling motivated, you can buy a really cute reusable aquarium to make getting your daily H2O limit easier! PS: I put them in my shop, La Vida Viva Vinyl!

We are container storage junkies! I stop using it in the freezer, pack lunches, and plan meals. But in the past year we have changed the glass containers, buying them, and the individual containers.

The Best Non Toxic Candles And Why You Should Switch

I also like to store ingredients and leftovers in large, quart jars with a storage lid on top. Yes, these lids are plastic, but they are BPA free, won’t melt, and are freezer safe!

We have never, ever, ever used plastic curtain screen mainly because we just can’t stand the chemical smell that everyone seems to have. Yuck! So instead, we use a fabric spray line.

There is no chemical smell when you take them out of the package. Plus, you’re easy to clean. Just throw it in the washing machine!

Many weed killers and pesticides are full of harmful chemicals that are harmful to people, health and the environment. Plus, you can easily DIY your own versions!

Easy & Non Toxic Produce Cleaner To Make At Home!

But the weeds combined with white vinegar, the vinegar cleans, and you can easily kill the salt. And to make your own pesticide, all you need is water, essential oils, and more! Get the full DIY here.

This is one fun thing for me because I love plants! Not only do they bring a natural vibe inside, but some houseplants are great air purifiers! Here are some plants that will keep the air clean;

And there are tons more! The best part is that most of these air purifying houseplants are also low maintenance. So even those who love projects can easily plant their care!

The older I get, the softer my skin seems to get. So I shopped mostly for natural skin care products made for anti-aging and sensitive skin. It’s approaching 40, but it’s made me more mindful of what I’ve put in

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Home — Latest — Laura’s Natural Life

It is a great time to open the windows and air the house. It’s probably one of the easiest ways to find fresh air and release some of the bad stuff (juju, air, etc.). Plus, your home will feel and smell fresher!

Keep a shoe tray by the door and kick those shoes off when you enter the house. It’s a lot of stuff that stays in the bottom of your shoes

(seriously, look at her – so fat)! Also, dusting and vacuuming is always important to keep allergens and other icky things at bay.

I’m basically obsessed with vacuuming. Chore is what I love (I know I’m a gamer). We even have two vacuums! A cordless Bissell for quick vacuuming around the house and our regular Hoover for tougher vacuuming jobs.

The One Simple Thing You Need To Do To Create A Non Toxic Home

O little hunter. It’s definitely cute. But if the dog doesn’t shed, he sure sheds a lot! All of that pet dander and hair has to go somewhere (hence the two vacuums), so don’t forget to clean your pet’s crate and blankets.

Toss the bed and blankets in the wash, along with any other toys. You can wipe down the rest of your buddy’s fur to get rid of dust and bacteria! When this young family weighed their housing options, they wanted something that was non-toxic, environmentally friendly and affordable. A tiny house on wheels was the perfect solution and they set out to build a beautifully designed home, built with high quality, healthy materials.

This tiny house show on wheels was built collaboratively as part of a healthy tiny house building workshop where people came together to build their own homes. The workshop was conducted by Ben Garratt of Tiny Healthy Homes in Vancouver and attracted workshop participants from all over the world. These workshops are a fantastic way for people to get stuck into a building project and learn under the guidance of expert craftsmen, allowing people to eventually build their own tiny houses.

All the materials that go into building this tiny house have been sourced to be eco-friendly and non-toxic. Tiny Healthy Homes specializes in building for people who are chemically sensitive, meaning that inside these homes there are no volatile compounds or anything that irritates the people who live in the home.

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How To Have A Non Toxic Home

Entering the house you are greeted by a warm wooden interior. Pine boards cover the walls and ceiling and are stained using hemp oil. The little house has a wonderful woody scent with no sweetness from the oil. A large sofa is conveniently placed at the end of the house, giving a more comfortable place to sit and watch the world go by, while capitalizing on one of the properties spectacular golden setting.

The kitchen is designed to be functional and open. A large counter space with a breakfast bar (the photo shows the incomplete kitchen with the final bench still fitting) a substantial sink, oven and washing machine. A number of appliances are cleverly built into the stairs to save space in the kitchen by allowing for extra cupboard storage.

Off the kitchen lies a large bathroom complete with vanity, shower/bath tub and combined toilet. A second door was also built into this room providing the family with an alternative access to the house. In the future they plan to build a large deck to surround the house and include an outdoor hot tub.

Upstar’s bedroom floor is extended to allow enough space for both parents to sleep, while also having enough space for the child to sleep in the same space. For now, this gives the sleeping loft a spacious and open feel.

One Savvy Mom ™

A child’s cottage, which shares a room, gives the parents the opportunity to be close to the child, and watch it at night. The space was designed so that a growing child could easily close off part of this space, giving the child his own room in the future.

Be sure to check out the full video tour above to see more details of this beautiful home construction!

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