How To Make Homemade Ice Cream Sandwiches – Let me show you how easy it is to make homemade ice cream sandwiches! You can stock your freezer with these tasty treats all summer long!

I love summer, but it gets hot and we’re always looking for ways to cool off! So this past Memorial Day weekend I made these delicious homemade ice cream sandwiches for us to enjoy and stock our freezer for weeks to come.

How To Make Homemade Ice Cream Sandwiches

The official start of summer is still a few weeks away, but the heat is here in Dallas. I have a feeling it’s here to stay! We already consume a ton of ice cream as it is, but in the summer we eat it almost every day!

How To Make Ice Cream Sandwiches

Whether we’re licking it off a cone, spooning it out of a bowl, sipping it through a straw, or eating it sandwiched between two chewy cookies, it’s a summer staple we just can’t get enough of!

Creamy ice cream is sandwiched between two chewy chocolate chip cookies for a simple yet irresistible hand-frozen treat! These individual sandwiches are easy, so fun to eat – the perfect poolside treat!

I made this ice cream sandwich recipe with chocolate ice cream filling. But feel free to change things up a bit and just make them with your favorite ice cream flavor. Works just as well with vanilla ice cream, cookie dough ice cream, or brownie ice cream! The sky is the limit.

Once you make them for your family and friends, there’s no going back to the store-bought version because the homemade flavor and texture will blow them away! They will beg you to make them again and again!

Ice Cream Sandwiches Recipe

The great thing about this recipe is that it makes several, so you can serve a crowd or stock your freezer for treats all summer long!

Whether you sip it through a straw, eat it in a pie, or eat it in a delicious sandwich, ice cream is simply divine. We All Scream for Ice Cream is a collection of my favorite ice cream recipes of all time. Enjoy!

To store, wrap each sandwich tightly in plastic wrap and return to the freezer until ready to serve.

If you make these homemade ice cream sandwiches, be sure to take a photo and share it with me or tag me on Instagram @ so I can see.

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Delicious Homemade Ice Cream Sandwich Recipes: Chocolate Raspberry And Pb&j

Let me show you how easy it is to make your own homemade ice cream sandwiches so you can stock your freezer with delicious treats all summer long!

Megan is the author of the bestselling Beautiful Boards and its next-level sequel Spectacular Spreads. She started blogging in 2012 and has over 700 original recipes on The BakerMama. She truly enjoys sharing her easy, family-friendly recipes, creative food ideas, food board creations, and fun spreads to encourage others to get into the kitchen and make something memorable to enjoy together in their close ones. Learn More There’s nothing quite like a chocolate chip cookie, except for two chocolate chip cookies sandwiched together with ice cream. These Cookie Ice Cream Sandwiches use a quick, no-refrigeration cookie dough recipe that produces soft cookies perfect for freezing. I highly recommend using mini chocolate chips and be sure to freeze the assembled sandwiches for at least 3 hours before serving.

Have you ever heard of Chipwich? Growing up, they were my favorite ice cream treat: two soft chocolate chip cookies sandwiched with creamy vanilla ice cream and rolled in tiny chocolate chips. I can’t find them as easily these days, plus I love making my own frozen treats (Strawberry Banana 3 Ingredient Candy, anyone?!). So sometimes I’ll make a homemade version.

Cookie Ice Cream Sandwiches are a favorite summer treat, and I’ve made several variations over the years. One of my top picks as a sandwich “bread” is this recipe for Chocolate Chip Cookies. They’re always a hit, but cookie dough requires refrigeration. It’s a long wait and certainly worth the effort, but a quicker cookie recipe is obviously more convenient.

How To Make The Perfect Ice Cream Sandwich $5 Dinners

Today’s recipe is the Basic Homemade Ice Cream Sandwich Cookie. This is my recipe for giant chocolate chip cookies made with small chocolate chips and smaller portions. (And, if you’re comparing, this is basically my popular recipe for chewy chocolate chip cookies with just softened butter!) They’re soft, which means they won’t be rock hard after freezing. The cookies are also nice and flat, which makes sandwiching (and eating as a sandwich) very easy.

Chilling the cookie dough prevents spreading and also helps the dough develop a better flavor. You don’t need to refrigerate this cookie dough, though, because there’s enough flour to absorb the liquid so the cookies won’t spread. And the slightly more developed taste is not so important, because we are turning baked cookies into something else!

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Notice two slightly special ingredients: cornstarch and an extra egg yolk. Cornstarch helps produce a super soft cookie that’s the perfect “bread” for a frozen cookie sandwich. And an extra egg yolk keeps the cookies fragrant and tender. 1 egg is not enough for this dough, and 2 eggs are plenty.

Mini chocolate chips are perfect for ice cream sandwiches with frozen cookies. When frozen, the smaller chips are not as hard as regular chocolate chips. They’re just easier (and nicer) to eat, plus you get to enjoy more chocolate in each bite when you use smaller chips.

Easy Diy Ice Cream Sandwiches For Kids

A medium cookie scoop is the perfect size for portioning out your cookies. This recipe makes 24 cookies, which means you’ll have 12 ice cream sandwiches.

Once all the cookies have cooled completely, you can assemble your ice cream sandwiches. There is no need to soften your ice cream before starting this step, but if your ice cream is particularly difficult to scoop, give it a few minutes to soften slightly.

Invert the cooled cookie and place 1 large scoop of ice cream, about 1/4 cup or 45 g, on top. Use your scoop to gently spread the ice cream to the edges. Place a sandwich cookie on top, then take the assembled sandwich and gently press it together in the very center to make a compact sandwich.

Roll the ends in small pieces of chocolate, sprinkles or even finely chopped nuts. This little extra is not only tasty, but also functional because it holds the ice cream in place.

Chocolate Cookie Ice Cream Sandwiches Recipe

And if you like sugar cookies, follow my sugar cookie recipe and add 1/2 cup (about 75g) sprinkles to the batter after it’s mixed. (Or omit the sprinkles in the dough.) Cut the chilled rolled dough into 2.5-inch rounds. After the cookies are baked and cooled according to the sugar cookie instructions, assemble your ice cream sandwiches using the assembly instructions below.

If you need more cookie inspiration, today’s cookies join 25+ others on my page for a collection of summer cookie recipes. Have fun!

This recipe produces a soft chocolate chip cookie that is perfect for making cookie ice cream sandwiches. You don’t need to refrigerate this cookie dough! For best results, I recommend using small chocolate chips and freezing the assembled sandwiches for at least 3 hours.

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Sally McKenney is a professional food photographer, cookbook author and baker. Her kitchen-tested recipes and in-depth step-by-step tutorials give readers the knowledge and confidence to bake from scratch. Sally was featured in Homemade Ice Cream Sandwiches are chocolate chip cookies with a layer of creamy homemade vanilla ice cream in between for a delicious frozen treat! Once you make my no-churn ice cream for this treat, you’ll want to immediately make another batch to enjoy on its own!

Easy Chocolate Chip Cookie Ice Cream Sandwich Recipe

Ice cream sandwiches are a perfect summer treat. In fact, we are currently in the middle of July, the month in which the most ice cream sandwiches are consumed. So instead of going out and buying this frozen treat, make your own!

Ice Cream: You only need four ingredients and no special equipment for churn-free ice cream. Be sure to get sweetened condensed milk (not condensed milk) to use.

Room temperature ingredients: Using room temperature ingredients (especially the butter and egg) will give you the best results when making these chocolate chip cookies.

Cocoa: I tested the sandwich cookies with both hollandaise and regular unsweetened cocoa powder. We all preferred the regular unsweetened cocoa powder to the Holland processed one. However, you can use both.

Top 10 Best Cookies For Homemade Ice Cream Sandwiches

I’m not going to lie, the process of making these ice cream sandwiches takes some time and patience. But, it’s worth it! After mixing the cookie dough, roll it out on a sheet of parchment paper into a 12 x 15-inch rectangle.

Place the sheet of rolled cookie dough in the refrigerator to chill for 25-30 minutes. Placing the dough in the fridge lets it firm up, making it easier to work with. You will need to do this for each sheet of cookie dough you roll out.

When you’re ready to cut the dough into rectangles, you can use a 4 x 2 inch paper template to help yourself, or use a cookie cutter that size. After you cut out the rectangles, roll out the excess dough and put it in the fridge to chill again until you’re ready to cut out more cookies. I was

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