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Creating an effective raw food system is at the heart of easy, stress-free raw food preparation. Here are eleven things you can make, buy, or set up in order to make raw food simple.

How To Make Raw Cat Food At Home

If you’re new to making raw cat food, you’ll need to do a little research and find a recipe you trust. We recommend the following recipes:

Leopard Magic Bengals Homemade Raw Cat Food Information And Photos

Once you have chosen a recipe, you will refer to it again and again as you buy your ingredients and prepare the raw food. Most of us will probably pull it up on a smartphone, but when you’re cooking raw, a phone screen isn’t the most practical choice.

I hate touching my phone screen with my hands covered in flesh. This is why I like to print out my cat food recipes. It allows me to read the entire recipe without ever having to stop and scroll, and if you accidentally get some raw meat on it, you will feel relatively comfortable throwing the piece of paper. If you really want to go the extra mile, tape your recipe to the counter so it’s always available and easy to clean.

Most raw cat food recipes are written by passionate people who go into great detail about why each ingredient is included and what purpose it serves. Recipes are usually several pages, so they are not suitable for printing or quick reading. All this information is great, but once you have a foundation of knowledge, you will want a simple recipe that is easy to read in the kitchen.

To make it easy to reference the recipe while you’re cooking, we’ve created a 1-page PDF that gives you just what you need to know when you’re in the kitchen and ready to make raw food. Our recipe is adapted from the Feline Nutrition Foundation’s “Easy Raw Cat Food” recipe. Our version differs in the addition of gelatin in the boneless version of the recipe. Powdered gelatin is used to replace the collagen found in real bone. We use a 1:1 ratio of eggshell powder and gelatin powder, according to the recommendation in the raw food recipe on Raw Food for IBD Cats.

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Why And How To Feed Cats Raw Beef

2. Find out how much food your cat needs and add raw cat food preparation to your calendar.

This step might be difficult to pull off when you’re first starting out, but once you’ve determined how many days of meals you get from a given recipe, use those numbers to create a schedule. You can do this on a physical calendar or create a recurring event on Google Calendar. If you choose this option, add a reminder so you don’t forget.

How many times have you gone to the grocery store and discovered there were no livers or hearts available? While muscle meats are usually easy to find, these organ meats are often elusive. Becoming a regular buyer of organ meats requires some thought and planning.

Go to your favorite place to buy meat and ask when they receive the shipment, then come in that day to pick it up. You could also ask them to put the meat aside so you can pick it up whenever you’re ready.

Raw Homemade Kidney Care Diet For Cats ⋆ Health, Home, & Happiness

If you want to take your sourcing skills to the next level, try ordering your meat online. Ordering your meat online makes it easy to get everything on your schedule and allows you to get what you need without ever leaving home.

Stores like My Pet Carnivore sell raw meat for use in pet food. They sell a variety of meat products, including ground meat, which makes your process even easier and can be a good choice for those who do not have a meat grinder. There is a difference between ground beef sold by one of these companies and ground beef you find at the grocery store. Ground meat sold for raw consumption is, at least in theory, consciously prepared for uncooked consumers. Ground meat in the supermarket is almost always wet under the assumption that it will be cooked eventually, which means that the equipment is not necessarily clean and the product may contain more pathogens.

A food scale spells the difference between a poorly balanced recipe and consequent anxiety and calm confidence in the fact that your food has just the right amount of each ingredient. Before we bought a food scale, we measured our ingredients using a postal scale. As you might imagine, it was frustrating and imprecise. Buying a small, lightweight food scale revolutionized our cooking process.

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I recommend using a simple flat scale without a bowl. Built-in bowls are restrictive, and around here, we like to feel free. Here is a link to the food scale we use. It is sold on Amazon and when we bought it, it cost less than $10.

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IF you can’t find a food scale or need to make cat food before you have one, don’t guess or measure by volume. Go to the grocery store or butcher and ask someone who works there if they can weigh the amount of meat and organs for your recipe. They will likely be happy to give you just the amount you need.

The Tasin TS-108 meat grinder has a 1200 watt motor and is possibly the only meat grinder that works for making raw pet food.

Most grinders are not designed for bones. Even the commercial grinder used in the meat department of your grocery store is not used to grind bones. When I called local butchers and grocery stores to ask if they would grind meat and bones for me, the staff acted like I was asking them to put a truckload of nails through their equipment.

I tell you this to show how difficult it is to find a grinder that is made for grinding bones. Even grinding chicken wing tips will void most warranties. There is only one meat grinder that is still recommended for making cat food and grinding small bones. It is Tasin TS-108, available only at One Stop Jerky Shop. It costs $169.99, which is about average among meat grinders of this strength. The Tasin-108 #12 Electric Meat Grinder has a 1200 watt motor and can grind approximately 200 pounds of meat per hour. It can handle the soft bones of chicken, rabbit, duck and other small birds. Eating these soft bones will not void the warranty.

Homemade Cat Food: Benefits, Tips & How To Get Started

This is a simple-sounding suggestion that can make a massive impact on your raw food preparation experience. Most cutting boards are too small to handle several pounds of raw meat at the same time, and this results in meat sliding off the edges of the board and you feel disgusted by everything. Investing in a generous-sized cutting board allows you to cut large amounts of meat with confidence. The one we use measures 18″ x 12″ x 1/3″ and, while not currently available on Amazon, looks similar to this one.

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You might wash your hands 20 times during the typical cat food preparation process. If you find constant washing frustrating, try wearing disposable gloves and changing them every time it’s time to handle anything that might not be contaminated. I personally don’t like to throw away a lot of gloves, but if it makes food prep easier for you, this might be a good option.

When we started making raw food, we stored it in quart-sized plastic bags. While these were great for saving space, they were frustrating and messy when dining. Plus dozens of Ziploc bags were going into the trash every month. After realizing how effective the bags were, we switched to small covered containers like the ones in the photo on the left.

They are easy to fill without getting any raw food on their outer surfaces, easy to portion at mealtimes, and are dishwasher safe so you can use them again and again. They are clean, cheap, and reusable.

Lotus Frozen Raw Cat Food Pasture Raised Venison 24 Oz The Pet Beastro

Small plastic containers work for us, but you will need to find what works for you. Choose containers that fit in your freezer, minimize your costs and waste, and help make food storage clean and easy.

Not really a “hack” since many of us know that music can increase productivity and reduce the feeling of wanting to do something else, but this is still worth mentioning because it can make a big difference. Play your favorite music and use this time to recharge and have fun. Once you’re comfortable and confident in your process, you might listen to an audiobook or podcast for a productive, enriching experience.

Vitamin premix makes your job much easier. You’ll just grind or chop the meat of your choice, then mix in a supplement mix and maybe some salmon oil capsules. It shortens the process of making raw cat food from an hour-long affair to just a few minutes and takes some of the worry out of the process. Our favorite raw cat food premix is ​​EZComplete, which is one of the only products that has been nutritionally analyzed. While each finished

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