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After a long day, there is nothing I enjoy more than a big bowl of ice cream. Sure, frigid winter temperatures are looming, but it’s not just the cold weather that’s stopping me from enjoying one of my favorite desserts. (Two scoops of chocolate, caramel drizzle, and whipped cream on top are my ultimate.)

How To Scoop Ice Cream

Since this is a year-round treat (at least for me), I’m starting to realize my tools need a major upgrade. Yes, tools. Getting the frozen confection out of the container can sometimes be like digging for gold when preparing ice cream. if you want ice cream like me

The Best Way To Soften Ice Cream

You want it – who has time to wait 15 minutes for it to defrost? — Then having the right shovel is crucial.

It looks like TikTokers agree with this. A self-thawing ice cream scoop has recently gone viral on social media apps, and it seems like a game-changer for ice cream lovers like me. So I ordered one on Amazon to see if it was worth the hype.

Cutting to the chase: It took me almost 22 years, but I may finally have found an ice cream scoop that I actually like.

You may be wondering what makes a good ice cream scoop? Sliding the ice cream seamlessly out of the container with minimal force is a good start. It doesn’t require much scraping or pushing, just one simple motion to separate one scoop from the rest. My old forklift didn’t check the boxes. It’s made of pink and red plastic and has a round shape, so it can be difficult to get a perfect spoon. Best of all, if the ice cream is too frozen, it won’t even make any dents.

How Much Is A Scoop Of Ice Cream?

Cue the Onesource Exclusive. What makes this kitchen tool special is that the handle contains a sealed, heat-conducting defrosting fluid that defrosts the ice cream as you scoop it. According to the brand, it eliminates compression, making the scooping process more efficient, and you can even scoop more ice cream than other similar appliances—we’re talking “an average of 24 single-serving scoops per gallon of ice cream” .

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At first, I was a little skeptical because the spoon didn’t look too different from other spoons I’ve used before. The top is slightly curved, but that’s about it. But I like the sturdy, durable feel of the aluminum handle.

To use, I angle the tip of the ice cream scoop down. The Kitchen Tool dipped into frozen ice cream with ease, and to my surprise I barely felt any resistance. While I can’t say it created my ideal ice cream scoop shape, it still did exactly what it promised, so I’m impressed!

As a result, I had no trouble getting a fairly even scoop—a huge improvement from what I’ve been through in the past. When my old scoops fail, I usually pop the tub of ice cream in the microwave for a few seconds to soften it up. It thawed my dessert pretty quickly, but the microwave completely changed the consistency of the ice cream. However, with Onesource spoons, this dessert retains its integrity and consistency throughout every step of the process.

Ice Cream Scoop

You don’t have to just take my word for it. Five-star reviewers love that it’s well-made and easy to use. “Seriously, it doesn’t look like much, but this is the best ice cream scoop; trust me, I’ve tried a lot!” raved one shopper. Another satisfied customer is happy that her husband no longer breaks her old spoons. “In the 11 years we’ve been together, he’s broken at least two dozen ice cream scoops. Not anymore!” they said. “I love the simple, one-piece design. The nicely shaped rim creates a classic round scoop, perfect for ice cream cones.”

Now I understand why this ice cream scoop is so popular on TikTok. / Casey Clark

While the spoon itself works great, I don’t like the packaging. Since it’s a little under $15 on Amazon, I’m not expecting it to come in a gold box or something, but I do wish it came with more instructions or a more detailed product description on the box. Also, the spoon is hand wash only, so don’t accidentally put it in the dishwasher.

Overall, I can confidently say that this ice cream scoop will be a regular item in my kitchen from now on. If you’re the type of person who likes to scoop ice cream out of the tub, I won’t stop you. But if you’re in the market for a spoon that’s as convenient as it is functional, this $15 option won’t disappoint.

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This Luxury Ice Cream Scoop Easily Cuts Through The Most Frozen Pints

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It doesn’t take much to scoop ice cream. Arguably the hardest part is waiting for frozen treats to thaw enough to allow you to scoop them up with a spoon. If you’re as much of an ice cream fan as I am, and equally impatient, you’ll probably be able to slice off a small slab of ice cream, or even microwave your pint of beer — though I wouldn’t recommend either option.

However, there is a tool that will help you scoop your ice cream right after you take it out of the freezer: the Zerol Ice Cream Scoop.

Scoop Ice Cream Cone

What makes this scoop unique is that it has a heat-conducting liquid inside the handle that harnesses the natural warmth of your hands to effortlessly create smoother, easy-release ice cream scoops. Not to mention, these spoons come out light and airy, not compressed like other spoons.

Place the Zeroll Ice Cream Scoop in the dishwasher. It’s made of corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy and should only be hand washed with mild soap and water and dried immediately.

So if you love ice cream but don’t want to wait for a scoop, try the Zeroll Ice Cream Scoop. Sure, it’s a small solution to a rather small problem, but now you can have ice cream too (right now).

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Also featured are some of Van Leeuwen’s best ice cream flavors and mini ice cream makers.

Corn Ice Cream

If you enjoyed reading this, check out these 9 great ice cream brands that ship across the United States.

These #1 best-selling pillows are on sale on Amazon: “I slept so well, I didn’t hear the baby cry” Refreshing and delicious – ice cream is ideal for keeping you cool when the weather is hot. And what’s more satisfying than a perfectly round custard dessert? While rustic ice cream still tastes good, these tips on how to expertly scoop ice cream will take your frozen dessert game to the next level and impress your dinner guests. So read on to learn how to use an ice cream scoop with confidence!

Before we discuss the complicated scooping action, perfecting the ice cream is an important aspect of dessert preparation. You need your ice cream to be cold and firm, but not too hard.

It’s a good idea to know the exact temperature of your refrigerator. Different utensils tend to be different, which can affect when you need to remove the ice cream to get it to the ideal scooping temperature. Designed to keep your freezer at -18°C (0°F) to keep ice cream (and any other food) fresh and safe to eat.

How To Soften Ice Cream

This advice may sound like it contradicts the last point. Still, temperature is key to expertly scooping ice cream. While you’ll want to store iced desserts at -18°C, that’s not the best temperature for enjoying creamy, rich ice cream.

The ideal eating temperature is -15 to -12°C (5-10°F). You don’t necessarily need a thermometer to check — though you can if you want. However, you will need to let the ice cream thaw slightly so that you get a smooth, plump ice cream.

The ideal texture is firm but flexible. If you eat ice cream from a cardboard box, a gentle squeeze on the side of the package should help

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