Stuff To Make When Bored At Home – Do you need some things to do when you are bored for your kids? I have a fun activity to help you keep them busy! Bingo I’m Bored This is the perfect thing to help!

There is nothing more annoying than your kids whining about being bored! My kids have learned not to tell me that or they will be put to work! They have learned to keep themselves busy quite well over the years. If you homeschool your kids, they’re probably used to a little boredom every now and then, like mine.

Stuff To Make When Bored At Home

However, most children these days live very structured lives. If your schedule suddenly becomes less full (like when the corona virus cancels everything in the country) it may take them some time to get used to this slow pace.

Fun Dinners To Make If You’re Bored Of Cooking

I’m Bored bingo can be used during spring break or summer break. If you have the kids at home right now during the virus outbreak, this is a good way to keep the kids busy while learning!

We all want to limit screen time in our children’s lives because we know the damage of too much of it. These are screen-free activities that kids love! Download this printable list of things to do when your kids are bored today!

This I’m Bored bingo game is meant to be played together as a family. Hang it on your fridge and work through these activities over the course of a week or so. Depending on their age, children can do many of these activities easily without adult help.

Most of the activities in the bingo game are linked to projects or activities on my website. I have a PDF download of it available for you in my subscription library.

Fun Activities To Stop Kids Saying… ‘i’m Bored!’

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Here is the list of activities included in the I’m Bored Bingo game, including links to activities that will get you moving quickly!

Try rainbow science – we’ve done some cool rainbow science activities over the years. Try one of them!

Learn how to clean pennies – this is a fun experiment where kids can test different materials to see which one will clean pennies the best!

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The Best Recipes To Bake When You’re Bored At Home

Create an Escape Room – Ever wanted to create your own escape room? This post gives you instructions on how to make one!

Make Shapes with Licorice – Make a fun eating math activity by learning shapes and angles with licorice!

Make a snack – I have some fun visual recipes for kids. It’s a healthy peanut butter ball snack! This is my kids favorite to make at our house.

To a karaoke song – did you know there are tons of karaoke songs with lyrics on YouTube? We love to do this in our house!

Diy Crafts To Do When Bored

Make a music video – what child doesn’t like to sing and dance to his favorite song? A great memory maker, for sure! Check out this one my kids and I made during covid! 🙂

Try Origami – Make an origami basketball game, or try origami jumping frogs. I also have a lit up origami firefly!

Camping in your living room – or your backyard! This is a great activity to do any time of the year with kids!

Make a battery of coins – – with just a few coins you can turn on a light bulb! cool right?

Things To Do When You’re Bored At Home

Paint or Draw – I have a whole bunch of fun art projects that kids can do on my site. Do you have artistic children? They will love it.

Make a Fortune Teller – Kids love making these fortune tellers (also called scavenger hunts). Plus, all you need to do is a few pieces of paper!

Try a new book series – I have a whole bunch of book lists on my site for all different ages and levels.

Need even more boredom busters for kids? Check out my Bored Box – with over 180 ideas to keep kids busy this summer – or anytime!

Toddler Activities To Do At Home

We use cookies to ensure we give you the best experience on our site. If you continue to use this website we will assume that you are satisfied with it. OK, bored and stuck at home? Check out this list of things to do when kids are bored, without a screen! This is a great list of things for kids to do when they are bored at home.

Your kids don’t have to spend all their time off from school in front of the screen. If the kids are bored, help them out with these boredom buster ideas to keep them busy and entertained!

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Sometimes kids just need a new idea to kick boredom out the window. Use these ideas to continue playing, using their imagination and learning. They might even come in handy with these fun ideas!

Most of these “I’m bored” ideas use materials on hand and won’t cost you a dime. Help kids find their best boredom busters at home.

Fun Things To Do At Home Alone

Adults, you can use this list too! Find something fun to do instead of shopping or spending money when you’re bored this summer or year round!

“B” – was helpful or kind? “O” – playing outside? “R” – Read a book or learn something new? “E” – exercise? “D” – Did you do something creative – build, create, play, cook? Fun things for kids to do: “I’m bored” “B” list – was it helpful or kind?

Better yet, print out this free printable I’m Bored Checklist and tape it to the front of the fridge. When someone says “I’m bored!”, direct them to the list for something fun to do (without a screen or spending money)!

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Things To Do When Bored Printable

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All cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the site’s functioning and are used specifically to collect the user’s personal data through analyses, ads, other embedded content are called non-necessary cookies. User consent must be obtained before enabling these cookies on your website. Simple and easy things for couples, teenagers and adults to do when they are bored. Options for girls and boys, mostly at home but some travel outside the home. Good ideas when you are alone, with friends or with a boyfriend or girlfriend. Perfect for a summer night alone or a winter afternoon as a couple or any time of the year! Some can be done on a rainy day and some without money. Way more than 100 creative, fun and cool ideas.

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Two weeks ago I wrote a post about fun things for kids to do when they are bored. It included a huge printout with over 200 ideas and suggestions for younger kids – maybe ages 4-10? – do when they are bored. There were many things about it, including playing pinball and experimenting with seeds and making pencils in the sun.

What To Crochet When You Are Bored

Several readers emailed me after this post to request a similar post for older kids—ages 10 and up—because, as a group, they’re generally not interested in playing with dolls or doing simple science experiments. I could see where they were coming from and promised to write such a list.

It was much harder than I imagined when I promised. Our tweens and teenagers tend to be so righteous about everything. They want to play video games and Snapchat and everything they do in front of screens, but having fun without screens is a much bigger challenge.

Our tweens and teenagers spend a lot of time in front of their screens, and mine is no exception. I allow too much screen time for my comfort level, but I need quiet for work, and I can’t have kids bickering in the next room while I’m on a conference call. Peace is not negotiable.

Bookmark this list of fun things to do and refer back to it every time your teen or tween says those scary words. Give them a choice. Most items are linked to a full description or tutorial, but some are not self-explanatory.

Easy Crafts For Toddlers

If you prefer a printable card-based version that you can let your kids practice on their own, click here to access it.

The Ultimate List of Fun Things for Tweens and Teens to Do When They’re Bored – 200+ Ideas

I hope you can print this list, laminate it and hang it up

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