Warriors Cast Then And Now – The 2022 Toronto International Film Festival kicks off today, and the best of the festival will be on the ground to report and review.

This year’s lineup features new movies from Jordan Peele, Florence Pugh, Lee Jong-ji, Brendan Fraser, and more. So, whether you’re looking for heart-pounding adventures, neck-splitting comedies, tear-jerking dramas, or nerve-wracking thrillers, we’ve got a must-have for you.

Warriors Cast Then And Now

, and Knope has teamed up with Stop Motion director Henry Selleck for a collaboration that promises to blow our minds. Selleck has made a significant cultural impact with his films

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(No, Tim Burton didn’t direct it!) Peele and Selleck co-wrote the screenplay, which is based on an unpublished book Selleck wrote with horror writer Clay McLeod Chapman.

Just in time for the horror season, it’s the wild tale of two hell-raising evil brothers, Wendell and Wilde (voiced by Peele and his comedy partner Keegan-Michael Kay) and a goth-stricken teenager (Lyric Ross). in which he is caught. Their disaster. We also hear that Angela Bassett is lending her voice to a badass nun. What more could you ask for?

It is sure to attract audiences thanks to its well-known leading lady. Oscar-nominated Little Women star, MCU scene-stealer (Opens in a new tab), family goddess of Instagram stories, Florence Pugh has enchanted us on screens of every size. Now, he travels to Chile with director Sebastián Lelio for a provocative adaptation of Emma Donoghue’s 1862-set novel.

Follows a floor nurse (Pugh) tasked with solving the mystery of how an 11-year-old girl (Kaila Lord Cassidy) survives without giving up food for four months. Is it a miracle? As religious fervor grows around her, it’s up to this caregiver to save the child from an increasingly volatile scenario. Between Pugh’s acting chops and Lily’s gift for creating compelling drama (see Disobedience

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Fresh off its world premiere at the Venice Film Festival, where it received an impressive 13 minutes of glory,

Co-stars Brendan Gleeson and Academy Award-winning writer/director Martin McDonagh, known for his brand of black comedy. (see also:

This time around, Ferrell plays a friend who’s faced with the sudden and absolute rejection of his best friend (Gleeson). Could their platonic breakup lead to bloodshed? Look, we haven’t seen it yet, but based on McDonough’s work as a filmmaker and playwright, we’re betting things are going to get hilarious and downright wild. And we can’t wait.

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Before the legendary Dora Milaj existed, there were the Agoji, an all-female warrior group that protected the African kingdom of Dahomey in the 1800s. As General Naneska, Academy Award-winning actress Viola Davis leads an impressive cast of actors from around the world, including Lashana Lynch ( No Time to Die ) and John Boyega as the King of Dahomey. Critically acclaimed director Jenna Prince-Bythewood (The Old Guard) is sure to bring the same gripping action sequences and thoughtful personal stories to this stirring historical fiction as these female soldiers resist the threat of European colonialists. .

Tiff Movies You Won’t Want To Miss

Can’t wait for the second season of Netflix’s hit thriller series? Then look forward to this South Korean spy thriller, which is also the director’s debut

Charming leading man Lee Jong Jae. Jung-jae also works as government agents opposite Jung Woo-sung, who have considerable history between them; They must overcome their shared past and suspicions to uncover the conspirators who tried to kill the president.

Set in the 80s, a time when tensions between North and South Korea were already sky high.

It’s hard to believe it was only three years ago that writer/director Rian Johnson brought his sensational, star-studded whodunit to TIFF for its world premiere. Now, he’s back with a new couple and a new murder mystery for Benoit Blanc (a returning Daniel Craig) to solve.

The Warriors Filming Locations

This time the southern gentleman detective will be investigating on a charming Greek island. Joining Craig in the killer hijinks are Edward Norton, Kathryn Hahn, Leslie Odom Jr., Jessica Hancock, Janelle Muni, Madeleine Klein, Kate Hudson, and Dave Bautista. So start placing your bets now on who has blood on their hands…and what “Glass Onion” means.

In the 90s, Brendan Fraser was a leading man who could do it all – intense drama (

, Fraser makes headlines as a troubled man grieving the loss of his lover, trying to reconnect with his teenage daughter (Stranger Things’ Sadie Sink), and struggling with an eating disorder that causes his compulsive It causes a bang and a purge. Director Darren Aronofsky (

) adapted from Samuel D. The Hunter Game (opens in new tab) has raised eyebrows on social media for its 600-pound lead portrayal, as well as Fraser’s casting choice and having him act in a prosthetic body suit (in new opens in a tab). Fear-phobic reviews outside the Venice Film Festival world premiere have fueled these concerns. For his part, Fraser told Vanity Fair (opens in new tab) that he partnered with the Obesity Action Coalition to do justice to his character’s mental space. Awards season buzz is building for Fraser, and we’re on board for at least that part.

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Gavin O’connor On ‘warrior’ 10 Years Later And Plans For A Sequel

With season 2 of OMitB drawing its final curtain a few weeks ago, you might miss its zippy blend of comedy and crime, with just a hint of self-referential smarts. If so, this TIFF world premiere could be on hold while we wait for Season 3.

) stars as a socially awkward college student so interested in solving mysteries that he has his own true crime podcast. So, naturally, when a classmate (Alex Wolf as a local self-care influencer) goes missing, Susie is on the case! Tweets and Trains are sure, as is the cast with notable comedy names such as Jim Gaffigan, Jeffrey Owens, Ken Marino, and body-stealer (and heartthrob) Rachel Sinnott.

Who better than the king of parody (polka) to take a peg down on the infamous musician biopic subgenre?

Grammy Award winner “Weird Al” Yanukovych co-wrote the comedy with his helmer, Eric Appel. And, of course, the curly-haired icon even makes a cameo in the film. But the title role goes to Daniel Radcliffe, who has used his post-Potter years to create such crazy and brilliant comedies as The Swiss Army Man and Miracle Worker. Who could possibly be a better choice to play the vicious (opens in new tab) adorable clean (opens in new tab) accordion player’s evil, sex-crazed ego maniac?

The Warriors (1979)

Writer/director/actress Sarah Polley is adapting the critically acclaimed novel (opens in new tab) by Mary Toews, which centers on the troubled female members of a remote religious community.

. For her latest, she brings together famous actors Jessie Buckley, Rooney Mara, Frances McDormand, Ben Whishaw, and Claire Foy for a very timely (and true) story about how reality meets belief—and is short Where they lead, we will follow.

The 2022 Toronto International Film Festival (opens in a new tab) runs from September 8 to 18. Check out our TIFF coverage.

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Swinging is traditionally defined as couples exchanging partners with other couples or continuously bringing other units into bed.

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A cult classic, wrapped in style and a very unique brand of machismo. It tells the story of ragtag gang members who turn the whole town against them after they are tried for the murder of a powerful, charismatic gang leader named Cyrus.

Cyrus hoped to unite dozens and dozens of disparate groups into one group that would run the city. As he put it simply: “You are standing right now with nine representatives of 100 groups. And there are more than 100 more. That’s 20,000 hard house members. Forty thousand, counting friends, And 20,000 more, not organized. But ready to fight, 60,000 soldiers, now there are not 20,000 policemen in the whole city, can you eat them?

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