What Do Home Inspectors Make – Hands down, the best side gig in the country. You will earn an average of $500 per review. Pretty good pocket change for night and weekend work. You will earn about 32 bucks an hour. incl

. Depending on how good your marketing skills are, you could earn over $100,000 a YEAR if you made it your full-time profession.

What Do Home Inspectors Make

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Printable Home Inspection Checklists (word, Pdf) ᐅ Templatelab

Home inspectors earn an average of $78,900 per year or $37.93 per hour. The average full-time self-employed home inspector earns much more, up to $100,000 per year! (TBM-2018).

Your salary as a self-employed home inspector depends largely on how well you market and how many inspections you want to fit into your schedule, but even a part-time home inspector can make a killing. How much will it cost? Not much, even to become better. Certification alone won’t get you there. ATI training will get you there.

You can make a ton of money as a self-employed home inspector, but you won’t get it right away. No shortcuts! It takes more than certification. At ATI, we want to make sure you get the right training and guidance to get you a good starting salary in your first year and beyond.

Whether you’re looking for a new career in home inspection or a part-time job, it all starts with the right training.

What Home Inspectors Can And Cannot Tell You

Fortunately, you are in the right place. ATI’s program is comprehensive, nationwide, and our support doesn’t stop after graduation like our competitors. Click here to sign up now and get started today! Buying a home is a big investment and that’s why we need to make sure we have your home inspected. But there are many different aspects to a home, so we break down our inspections into an organized home checklist. Regardless of the type of home, how old it is, or where it was built, our inspectors follow a specific procedure to be very thorough and maximize the time spent on the inspection.

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At Scott Home Inspection, we use mobile site inspection software that includes this checklist, and we add our findings to each category. As you can see in the graphic above, the sum of all these categories should cover every part of the average home. There are a few less common sections that aren’t part of the graphics, but we wanted to be as general as possible. Let’s take a closer look at each part.

The outer section of the report is where most checks begin. In this category, we look at the general state of external ground systems. This is one of the most important categories because exterior systems protect your home from the elements. What we cover includes the following:

The foundation of the house is the foundation for the whole house. We do our best to find any foundation issues or potential problems with the home. This includes a visual inspection of the exterior foundation wall, footing or foundation, concrete slab defects, and cracks or subsidence. Foundation problems can be one of the most expensive repairs, so it’s important that a good inspection is performed. We consider the following categories:

Questions To Ask Before You Hire Property Inspector

Everything above the house is just as important as below. The roof and attic are some of the most requested objects during the inspection. The roofing material is checked visually during the inspection, and we always visit each attic. This also includes attic ventilation and all flues and flues that pass through the roofing material. Here’s what we’re looking for:

Next on our home inspection checklist is plumbing. During the inspection, we check every fixture, faucet, and drain in the home. We look for leaks, pressure issues and known problematic piping materials. Water damage is a big concern when buying a home, so it’s important to get the full picture. This also includes hot water heater systems. Here are the plumbing items we’re looking for.

From the main panel to every outlet in the house, electrical is an important component of the home inspection checklist. There are many different aspects of home electrical and we have faced every scenario. Here are the items we check:

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An HVAC system inspection is a major part of the home inspection process. We inspect both systems, perform full operational tests and do a visual inspection of the units themselves. We also look at the thermostat and controls. Here are a few items we look at during an HVAC inspection:

How To Become A Home Inspector In Texas

A home inspection is mostly about the larger bills and major systems, but we also pay attention to the cosmetic condition of the interior during the inspection. These include holes in the walls, general problems with the floor or damaged wall covering. All of this is documented in our interior section:

All permanent appliances in the home are inspected during the home inspection. This is a limited evaluation where we run the devices to find proper functionality. Below are the devices we test:

If the home has a garage or sprinkler system, we will always check these items. In the garage, we are looking for the settlement of issues and the operation of the garage door. With a sprinkler system, we help identify critical features and shut-off locations, and we’ll perform a short test in all zones. Here are the categories:

As you can see, by following this simple home inspection checklist, we can be sure that no items were missed during the inspection. This allows our inspectors to be thorough but also efficient when it comes to your next home purchase. There are also many extras you can get during your home inspection that aren’t listed, including: Radon Testing, Sewer Testing, and Mold and Air Sample Testing. This will help you better understand problems that cannot be seen visually.

Types Of Home Inspections Buyers Should Know

Also, if you’re visiting a home during an open house, our friends at Redfin also have a good article to check out – What to Look for When Buying a Home .

If you choose to have us inspect your future home, you will receive a same-day electronic report (sample reports) outlining these categories in this order. This will help you and your realtor easily understand and analyze the problems that are identified.

If you are interested in having Scott Home Inspection perform your pre-purchase home inspection, you can get more information here. You can also try our very easy to use online planner. You can choose a time that works for you online and we will call you to confirm all the information.

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Scott Home Inspection is Colorado’s top rated home inspection company offering home inspections, energy services and boulder rental license inspections. Click your service to learn more.

Home Inspector Checklist & Tips For Sellers

Chris Scott is an ASHI Certified Home Inspector with years of experience in Boulder Home Inspections, Air Door Testing, Duct Leak Testing, and Boulder Rental License Inspections. Chris is also the website coordinator for Scott Home Inspection.

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Few people will buy a house without seeing it first. After all, any smart buyer would like to see for themselves what they are getting. However, a person who buys a home without a home inspection does so without fully understanding the potential problems.

Inspections are a good idea even for newly built homes that meet building codes. Home inspections in such cases are an added safeguard against construction defects that would otherwise require costly repairs down the road.

Do I Really Need An Inspection On My Brand New Home?

A home inspection is a visual inspection of its structural integrity and foundation. The inspection includes the roof and walls, as well as the home’s systems, such as plumbing, various electrical items, heating and air conditioning. Equipment is also checked. The inspector will look for evidence of water damage, mold growth, and other common occurrences

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