Diy Ideas Secrets – Adding hidden storage to your interior home spaces can be done for two main reasons. For example, you want to add more space to your home to keep extras tidy, or you want a hidden storage space to store your treasures. So go with these 30 unique DIY secret ideas to achieve all kinds of secret storage needs, you can make a secret closet, compartments and safe. These hidden storage ideas for the home target the most overlooked space in your home that you never thought of using for storage. From building hidden cabinets, to invisible drawers and completely invisible storage units, these hidden storage projects will guide you through it all.

For some genius inspiration, check out this collection of 30 of the best DIY secret storage ideas that are too creative to win her heart. Whether you’re looking to stash your pantry in the kitchen or create the perfect secret place to stash your expensive jewelry, you’ll find ideas for all your common secret storage needs. Adding hidden storage will also be a smart strategy to keep your spaces neat and clean while getting extra storage for your home.

Diy Ideas Secrets

Diy Ideas Secrets

Adding hidden storage to your space can be as easy as building a floating shelf with hidden drawers or building a coffee table, bed, headboard or even a chair with built-in storage. Here you will get instructions to add all types of this cache. Build mirrored cabinets with hidden storage, and build pantry and laundry sliding or rolling cabinets to fit tighter spaces.

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You can build stairs with hidden storage drawers and wall frames with built-in hidden storage cabinets behind.

Check out these 30 Hidden Storage Projects to learn more about increasing internal storage space by adding hidden storage.

Sometimes you want that hidden storage to hold all the accessories and stuff you don’t want everyone to use. So it can be done in many different ways, like building this floating shelf with a built-in storage compartment. The lower storage compartment is supported by heavy metal chains and beautifully presents the items stored inside. To make this project you will need wood, 2 cabinet hinges, wood glue, small nails, 1′ of small chain, eye screws, magnetic cabinet lock, heavy duty keyhole picture hangers, and your choice of paint. teachable

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There are always some places in the house that are targeted for installing some amazing hidden storage options. You’ll love this sliding closet built in hidden refrigerator. The entire small cabinet comes on wheels and can be easily removed with a light pull. This hidden storage will help manage pantries even in a small kitchen space and is quick and easy to set up. To build this incredible sliding grocery cart, you’ll need custom wood boards, 3-inch wheels, wood dowels, wood glue, handles, and wood screws. teachable

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Meet your bedroom storage needs with this hidden bedroom storage. To build this sophisticated platform bed, build a base using IKEA cabinets and build the top of the bed using stairs. Here you’ll get absolutely free plans to build this durable, longer and beautiful platform bed with hidden storage — the best IKEA hack for getting hidden storage and a beautiful sleeping space at the same time. The best part is that the entire build will cost you nothing. All beginners can build this unusual storage bed. ohyesblog

Are you on a mission to increase your internal storage space? There are many different ways to do this shared here. This elevator tv cabinet construction is one of them. You can open the front of this TV cabinet to reveal hidden storage inside. This idea will be shaken when you want to create a dust-free storage of all computer devices and accessories. When building this cabinet, you can leave some hidden holes to make wire connections to the TV, if any. You need a firegelli lift, hinges, maple plywood, glass wood glue, maple edge tape, wood panel molding, piano hinge, IR repeater to hide components, IR receiver, pulls and drawers and more. needed. This tv lift cabinet will cost you around $1200 to build. teachable

Conquer living room storage desires with a purpose-built coffee table. The design provides hidden internal storage and can hold most of the extras and essentials in the living room. The corners of the table are painted in an elegant white color, while the top part appears in a rustic wood tone. The top is hinged and can be opened to reveal the internal storage space. To build this awesome storage coffee table design like a pro, you’ll need 1x4s, 1x2s, 1x3s, 1x8s, and project board. One of the best DIY secret ideas. whiskey and white

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Diy Ideas Secrets

You’ll love the hidden storage space added to the wall mirror cabinet, the perfect hidden way to organize your precious jewelry. It will also prevent your jewelry from picking up some dirt. To easily replicate this wall mirror cabinet you will need 1x6s, 1x3s, 1x8s, 1x2s, ½” x 3 ½” board, ¼” panels, pot hooks and a mirror. You will also need 2″ drawers, coat hooks, wood glue and this wall mirror cabinet ball drawer to complete. The whole project is easier to do and will make a bigger difference in your space. sawdust2puntos

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This project will share some awesome hacks to add awesome hidden storage to your laundry room. The project involved adding some nice display shelves and a sliding storage cabinet to the space between the two washing machines. This storage cabinet can be easily removed to reveal hidden stashes of laundry and soaps. The whole project will be completed in no time and move on to larger laundry decorations. You can even use leftover wood to make this project easier. One of the best DIY secret storage ideas that anyone can easily copy. with treasures

Want to add hidden storage to interior walls? Then floating wall shelves can be an ideal choice. So, follow the instructions here to install hidden storage on floating wall shelves. Check out this sample shelf that comes with a removable front and you can easily store special accessories and items on this floating wall shelf. A shelf allows you to display your dishes, picture frames, arts and crafts, and other decorative items on it. To replicate this floating wall shelf’s hidden storage, you’ll need 8 vintage drawer fronts, pop boards, Minwax red oak stain, rare earth magnets, E6000 glue, and wood glue. teachable

You will definitely fall in love with this great hidden storage idea that involves building floating shelves. The idea is to build floating wall shelves with built-in storage drawers. You’ll need 1x2s, 1x3s, plywood, wood screws, a saw, a level, and nails to easily complete this incredible hidden storage shed. Floating wall shelves will swing out to display your items, while hidden items can be stored inside hidden drawers that create great shelf fronts when closed. One of the quick and easy secret solutions for all home enthusiasts. nejusthouse

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Get instructions here for building a rustic yet beautiful wooden coffee table with hidden storage. It will help organize all the accessories of the living room and everyone will have a lot of love. To complete this sturdy and beautiful storage coffee table, you’ll need 2x6s, 1x3s, plywood, hat molding, drawer slides, pulls, unfinished knob furniture legs, custom screws, and nails. This coffee table comes with a large internal storage drawer that provides ample hidden storage space to keep all your worries hidden. One of the best hidden DIY furniture ideas. fake engineer

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Keys aren’t for everyone. They should always be hidden, so they won’t be easily accessible to anyone, especially children. So, follow the instructions and guidelines here to create an instant nice cache for keys. The idea is to hang the keys on the wall with coat hooks and then cover them with a picture frame that can be hinged to the wall to cover the keys. Here’s another creative twist: add a magnetic board to the back of the frame to store receipts, invoices, and other hidden documents. The whole project is very easy to do and will be completed in no time. So, to complete this project, you’ll need some hinges, magnets, magnetic boards, picture frames, pot hooks, custom key tags, and a little creativity. plank studio

If you want to add some quick hidden storage to your bathroom, install this mirrored storage unit. Great wood brings character and rustic elegance to any bathroom and comes with a mirror front. It’s easier to build an entire mirror cabinet with free plans and instructions. You will need 1x6s, 1x4s, ¼” hardwood plywood. Full length beveled mirror, 3M painted wood filler, painters tape,

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