Asos Shipping Takes So Long – I’ve been getting a lot of emails about how I placed my Asos orders, so I’ll answer most of the questions I get in this post.

Asos now delivers to Nigeria and they offer two modes of delivery. There is a standard offer which is free and takes up to 9 working days and there is a fractional offer which costs £20 and takes up to 4 working days.

Asos Shipping Takes So Long

I’ve used Asos a lot so I’ll tell you some of the things I’ve learned from the experience.

Asos Order & Package Tracking

To order from Asos you must have an internationally accepted MASTER or VISACard. You cannot place an order on Asos using a VERVE card.

To place an order, you must enter the name on the card, the card number, the expiry date of the card and the card cvv code which is the last three numbers found on the back of the card.

PLEASE NOTE THAT ORDERS OVER 100 POUNDS WILL GET TO YOU WITHIN BUSINESS DAYS, SO BE VERY CAREFUL. This happened to me 3 times before I figured out the problem. The main reason for this is that Asos sends orders of less than 100 pounds via Royal Mail which is the UK’s domestic postal service and which means that Nipost is responsible for giving you your order (which to me is very important. something is wrong) smh.

With orders of less than 100 pounds, you don’t have a tracking number and this makes it difficult for you and Asos to track what’s going on and at the end of the day, no one can really tell. to what is done at your command.

Asos Makes Major Change To Delivery Costs

The last time I had this problem, I sent an email to Asos telling them that I had not received my order and they replied that I would have to give it another 9 working days for it to be shipped. through my local postal service (NIPOST) and in that same letter, they suggest checking my local post office to make sure the order isn’t there.

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I decided to check the post office so I went to the one in Lekki phase 1, Lagos because I was staying in Lekki at the time but there was nobody there. They sent me to the post office in Adeola odeku, Victoria Island so I went there to ask. I gave my order number and name and after a long look, the person I was assigned to came back and told me he didn’t know anything. I called him and told him to please help me be careful. I gave him my phone number and home address and lo and behold I got a letter from him the next day telling me that my unit had miraculously come out.

I went to the office that day to pick it up and asked him why it wasn’t sent for pickup and he told me they couldn’t send it because there was no phone number on the unit. and their husbands went with them. banned from going where I live. The whole story was unclear but I thanked him profusely and ran off with my package. I learned that day to buy from Asos when I gain 100 pounds or more.

You are asked to pay for customs if the order is sent through SKY NET and with all orders sent through this company, you will receive a tracking number.

Modern Cotton Stretch 3 Pack Sports Brief

SKY NET is a courier service that delivers all Asos orders of 100 pounds or more. They also process all Asos orders sent for delivery.

They are fast and never exceed the expected delivery date (I have never had a problem with them). They are the only ones you pay a regular fee for. They usually send you a text showing how much money you need to pay before your part arrives and they also give you a proof of payment.

You don’t have to pay a Nipost delivery person a single Kobo after he delivers something to you. I say this because they lied to someone I knew before without giving him a document.

With some orders, you may have to pay a standard fee depending on the weight of your order. So, the bigger your order, the bigger your payout. The highest I paid for duty was about N1, 800 and the order was the same size as the box in the first picture with some other items in a plastic question bag.

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Black Friday Returns Policies At Prettylittlething, Boohoo, Asos And Missguided

I know someone who ordered a lot of shoes, the whole thing came in 5 different boxes and he was asked to pay N10, 000 for duty (scary right?). I’ll just try as much as possible not to put things that might be too heavy in one order.

I also found out after several attempts that the items from Mango are not available for delivery in Nigeria. I don’t know why.

Asos has recently changed the company that handles their shipping in Nigeria so the standard fees are ridiculous in my opinion. I personally now make sure my orders are under 50 pounds. The post office in Enugu is very good so my orders won’t get lost if they are sent for normal delivery that doesn’t come with tracking. This new company is handling delivery on all Asos orders over £50.

I had serious problems with them during Christmas because they charged me a ridiculous amount for duty and during our fracas, I learned that this new company charged you 25% of the amount you paid for the order as duty so please be very careful.

Why Won’t Asos Deliver The Refund That I’m Due?

“But I will not stop speaking of the God of Jacob, and singing to him” Psalm 75:9. Image: True Images/Alamy

Can you ask Asos customer service why they won’t refund me the shipping fee on some clothes I bought but later returned because they were the wrong size?

Although he agreed to refund the cost of the items, he refused to refund me the £4 shipping fee. He said he was working within the consumer contract law, but my research was different.

In a long online chat, I was told that no one will refund the shipping fee because the clothes arrived on time.

Of The Best E Commerce Shipping Policy Examples We’ve Seen

I have repeatedly pointed out that delivery times are unreasonable, and the Consumer Contracts Regulations 2013 state that delivery charges will be refunded.

I know it’s only £4, but this problem must be bothering other people who are short-changing.

Your message is a good reminder of the rules of online marketing, which is about an ever-growing company.

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As you say, customers can get a full refund – including the original shipping cost – according to the stated rules, if they cancel the order within 14 days.

Asos: Overly Beaten Down Online Retailer With A Robust Margin Of Safety

Customers who decide an item is not suitable can return their purchase, unused. If the item is faulty, or not as ordered, the customer must pay the return shipping costs. Remember, however, that if you chose a more expensive next day delivery the seller will only refund the price of their original offer.

It is not clear why Asos, which announced last week that it has three dollars during the lockout period, refuses to refund you.

His own website is very good on the subject. However, this may have changed after we received your complaint. The company has confirmed that it is in its position to return your shoes to customers, and has paid your £4.

“We will discuss this with our customer care team to ensure that the process is followed if the order does not qualify for our standard free delivery, and therefore can be returned in the return shipping section of a reward,” he said. .

This Is What Actually Happens With Your Asos Returns

This isn’t the first time Asos has been exposed to a lack of refunds. What do you know – and other social networks?

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If you’re looking for casual clothes at a reasonable price, Asos is one of the best online retailers to check out. Along with the beautiful clothes, the brand has a good return policy. In order to get your money back if you need to return an item, there are a few things

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