Comfortable Sofas For Living Room – These days it would seem safe to say that we all accumulate endless amounts of hours sitting, working, lounging, binge-watching and let’s admit that it probably eats most of our meals on our sofas. So we figured now is the best time to share all the tips and tricks of what to look for to find the most comfortable sofa for your lifestyle (if you need one). If there’s one person who’s been on the hunt for the sofa that’s stylish and comfortable, it’s Emily. She has finally found ‘the one’ and fingers crossed can give her the metaphorical final rose. Hey Bachelor fans, am I using this correctly? It was a soft saga. I am personally so excited for it to arrive since I’ve seen the floor model in the store with her 3 times now but I have yet to see her in the beautiful powder blue krypton fabric. So now that Emily and I have acquired all the comfortable sofa secrets from our extensive research, I’m giving them to you today (and yes that means dimensions!). We’ve also included EHD’s tried and true favorites that we keep coming back to and talk about what makes them special to the people who own them. Let’s just say we have a lot of nappers on our hands 🙂 But if all these don’t hit your style spot, we have a bunch more options at the end for you. Hope you are as excited to read this post as I am to write it. 🙂

But before we get into our recommendations, let’s take the time to figure out what type of sofa will work best for your lifestyle and the way you like to lounge…

Comfortable Sofas For Living Room

Photo by sara ligorria-tramp | From: How to Design a Walk-Through Room – Discover – The Portland Family Room

Our Comfy Sofas

The dimensions you choose for your sofa will not only play a factor in the style but also the level of comfort it will offer. One with a higher seat/back height and shallow seat depth tend to lean on the more traditional side. Make them a better fit for a formal setting. On the flip side. A really low to the ground, deep-seated sofa will feel more relaxed, casual and look like it’s straight out of the 60s/70s era. In the middle of the two lies the more modern, contemporary style and is one that most of us are looking for…sophisticated yet cozy. So what exactly are the dimensions you should be looking for you ask?

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Sofa length: This is the one dimension that will be determined more so by the amount of space you have rather than your preference for comfort. Standard sofas will come in sizes anywhere from 72″ – 96″ while love seats are more in the 48″ – 72″ range. Emily believes that if you have the space for it, an 84″ long sofa is ideal because even someone who is 6’4″ will be able to sleep comfortably until their next binge-worthy show.

Seat depth: in my opinion, this is the most critical dimension of a sofa, too shallow and you feel like you can’t relax but too deep and you’re a little kid again with your feet dangling in the air. The average seat depth is between 21-24″. If you like to sit up, 20-22″ is ideal for you. Those of you who like to lounge/lay down then 23″ too

Don’t confuse your seat depth with the sofa’s overall depth. The seat depth is the space you occupy when you sit, it measures from the front of the seat cushion to the back cushion rather than to the back of the sofa.

Living Room Interior With Comfortable Sofa Stock Photo By ©belchonock 186161448

Seat height: Most sofas, accent chairs and dining chairs have a standard seat height of 18 inches. A sofa can be anywhere from 15″ to 20″. The main factor you should consider is how much is your seat depth? If you have a deep and low to the ground sofa, it will make it very difficult to get out of it. If you want your sofa to be 24-26 inches deep, try adding an inch or two to make it easier, if that’s not an issue and you like the style over everything else.

Back height: The worst feeling is to sit down on a comfortable sofa only to lean back and feel it hold too short with little to no support. That’s why a good rule of thumb is to find a sofa with a back height of 30″ – 36″. The deeper the sofa the lower it can be in this range since you will naturally want to sit in a more relaxed position and need less height.

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Arm height: Last but not least the place where we lean and lay our heads on, the armrest. Look for a sofa with an arm height between 7″ – 9″, this is measured from the top of the seat cushion to the top of the armrest.

Once a two-cushion fan, Emily has now opted for a single-cushion cushion cover with a 5″ soft foam density wrapped in a down feather filler on her Moreno sofa from Lawson-Fenning.

Most Comfortable Sofa Sets (सोफा सेट लकड़ी ) Online

The softer your foams density is the more it will compress and lower when you sit down so take this into consideration when choosing your cushion construction and preferred seat height.

After the first time I went to Lawson-Fening Emily asked if I saw her dream sofa (the one above but come in a different fabric :)). The Moreno sofa is sleek, modern and still has a traditional touch thanks to the curved arms. With a little help from the LF team, Emily was able to tweak it to the ideal dimensions for her: 96″ length, seat height 17.5″, seat depth: 23″ – 24″, arm height 26″ (about 8.5″ above the seat cushion) and a back height of 31″ just enough for support but low enough to lounge. She is perfect and I think Emily is

The sofa has been in an on-and-off relationship (currently: on) with Emily’s LA living room for over three years now, but there’s a reason it keeps finding its way to one another. It’s pretty cozy just ask my boyfriend who is napping on it as I write this, for real.

I love a deep sofa because if I had my choice of positions to be in for life, it would be horizontal on a pile of pillows. But it’s not so deep that you feel like the sofa is eating you. It’s squishy and fluffy but just firm enough to support you and the arms are at the perfect height to lay my head on during day naps.

Mocha Microfiber Contemporary Comfortable Living Room

We also used this beauty’s neutral friend in the Portland Project’s media room. Our own, Sara, slept on it when the whole team took over the house for our reader event. I can confirm that she got a very restful sleep because it was very difficult to wake her up the next day then again that lady loves her sleep.

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Let’s just say I’ve fallen asleep on my couch more times than I’d like to admit. It’s the perfect amount of plush to curl up on but not too plush that you sink into and have a hard time getting away from. Plus it held its shape so nicely (and I wear it a lot). Let me also say that I am now and probably forever a pro one pillow-er. I love that there isn’t an uncomfortable dip in the middle of my sofa when I lay down. Now I have a hard time getting comfortable on a multi-cushion sofa. One and done 🙂

From a first glance, you might think that the sectional is not squishy enough, but I would be happy to say that you are wrong my friends. It is one of the most comfortable sofas, there is just the right amount of “kiss” on the seat and a little extra on the back, so when you fall back onto it, it gives you a little hug. I mean Emily has used it in three different houses now for a reason.

Photo by sara ligorria-tramp | From: How to make your smallest room the most comfortable room in your home + Sara’s TV room

Sectional Sofas Around $500 That Are Absolutely Nap Worthy

I love this sofa so much I got it for our first living room (which now lives in my brother’s apartment), then I got one for my mom’s living room, and then we got the velvet one for our TV room. If that’s not a solid recommendation, I literally don’t know what is. The leather is so nice and gets really soft and wonderful with time. And the velvet one we have in our TV room right now is the perfect size for Mac and I to cuddle up on and watch TV.

When I chose this sofa for my living room, I was willing to sacrifice comfort if necessary because it was so beautiful. My boyfriend and I joke that

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