Hold My Hand Lyrics Akon – For the record – Michael Jackson’s latest single ‘Hold My Hand’ came out on Monday morning. Last week, Jackson’s family questioned the authenticity of Michael’s voice on the new song ‘Breaking News,’ but ‘Hold My Hand’ appears to be a step in the right direction, despite no something to be denied in Jackson’s high notes.

The song, more R&B than pop, more chorus than club banger has heavy vocal support from Akon, who wrote and produced it. Originally recorded in 2007, the song was recorded, then released in 2008, only to be finished by Akon after Michael’s untimely death in June of 2009. The song is available for online shopping, and will be featured on Jackson’s first posthumous album, ‘Michael. ,’ which drops on Dec. 14. While Will.i.am, who is otherwise known as ‘Michael’, took Sony to task for releasing music without MJ’s final input, the band said The King of Pop received a mysterious handwritten note. Michael said that ‘Hold My Hand’ was the first single for the project.

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Hold My Hand Lyrics Akon

The musicians don’t need an ear to hear the music mix. Michael’s voice acting is like a back seat, because there is a verse or two missing. Check out a song like ‘Will You Be There’ from 1991’s ‘Dangerous.’ Even with the Cleveland Orchestra Chorus backing him, it was Jackson’s voice that stood out the most. Even in other duets, there is a unique exchange between the singers. That doesn’t happen in ‘Hold My Hand.’ Akon’s beats and production are MJ’s, and it’s hard to hear the difference between them at times.

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Make no mistake, ‘Hold My Hand’ is a beautiful and soulful song with heartfelt lyrics that stay true to Jackson’s world peace mantra. The song is slated to become a top-charting single and gain significant radio airplay in the coming weeks and around the holidays. The question remains if this is a real Michael Jackson song, or an Akon song with Michael Jackson on it. Jackson was very serious about what he sang about – Paul McCartney, Slash, Stevie Wonder, Diana Ross, his sister Janet were some of his short list. Although he expressed his interest in working with guest appearances on ‘Michael,’ the songs should not be released with his seal of approval. Michael Jackson fans have to accept the songs for what they are because Jackson – a purist when it comes to his music, voice and performance – has no final say.

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