Leather Boots Tight On Top Of Foot – Cowboy boots fit quite differently from shoes and other more common footwear. Because of the way cowboy boots are made, they have a completely different fit and feel than any other type of shoe. To ensure a proper fit, “it’s really best to be able to try the boots on before you buy,” says Mike Frees of Jackson’s Western Store. There are so many options with cowboy boots that even the smallest differences can be quite significant when it comes to a comfortable fit. Here, Mike shares some of his boot fitting secrets, hoping you can find them useful, even if you live so far away that it’s impossible to drive to Jacksons.

After browsing the store and choosing the style and brand of cowboy boots you want, it’s time to put them on. Here are the steps to fitting cowboy boots that will ensure you’ll be happy with them for years to come:

Leather Boots Tight On Top Of Foot

Depending on the brand and style you like, you may need to go up or down ½ or a full size. If you like a cropped toe (pointy toe) style, sometimes you’ll need to go up ½ size to make sure you have enough room for your toes. With wide, square toes, you’ll definitely have more room for your toes. Justin and Boulet tend to run a bit larger, so you may need to go down a ½ size with these brands. Jackson’s Western Store offers boots from baby sizes to men’s size 18 and widths from D (medium) to 3E.

How To Stretch Shoes So They Fit Better Than Ever

It’s generally easier to sit on a bench or chair when trying on boots. Cowboy boots take a little effort to put on, especially when they are brand new, but using pull tabs or pull holes helps a lot. You should notice a slight “popping” sound when you pull on your boots as your foot goes through the instep. Make sure you wear the type of socks you plan to use when wearing the boots, as using store-bought shoes will not give you the same fit as a regular sock. After wearing both boots, walk around and see how they feel.

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This is one of the most important parts of ensuring a good fit. The leather will stretch to some extent after the boot has been worn for a period of time. Once the shoe is “broken in”, the fit will dissipate. The shoe should fit tightly around the foot itself, but not uncomfortably tight. If the boot is “roomy” and not snug to begin with, it will loosen and become uncomfortable until the boot breaks.

Cowboy boots should slide a little in the back heel when walking. The boots are made in such a way that there is nothing to prevent your heel from lifting up a bit. As you wear the boot, the sole will become more flexible and the slippage should dissipate to some extent. A decent slip is ⅛” to ¼”. If your heel slips ½” or more, the boot is most likely too big for your foot. It’s also a good idea to size up or down in the same shoe style to compare both fit and heel slip. Maybe even try another boot in the exact same size and style.

While standing with your normal weight evenly distributed, the ball of your foot should rest comfortably on the widest part of the boot. If the ball of your foot is too far back or forward, you should try a different size.

The Best Custom Barefoot Shoe Brands For Difficult Feet

It’s important to try on several brands of cowboy boots to find the one that fits you best. Each company has their own custom-made “pads” or foot molds for their boots. This is why some brands are bigger, wider, smaller or narrower. Keep in mind that you may not be able to wear a particular brand comfortably.

“The biggest mistake people make is buying their cowboy boots too big or too small,” says Mike. “When they buy too big, it’s usually because they’re not used to the fit of the new cowboy boots. That element of fit is really important and some people mistake the fit for being too tight.’

“When they buy too small,” he continued, “it’s usually because they’re not used to the heel slipping when they walk, so they assume the boot is too big and go down a size.

Mike has seen many challenges in fitting boots to different foot types and knows how to adjust to almost anyone so you leave the store with a great fitting boot. Here are some common problems it encounters and what to do about them:

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The Right And Wrong Ways To Stretch Calves Of Leather Boots

Big calves. Like big calves, some of us have high feet. Here, Jackson’s can stretch the foot area so you can get the boots on and off more easily. “We’ve had many customers claim they can’t wear cowboy boots over the years because of a large foot or calf, but very rarely do we find we can’t fit them into something.

High step. Like big calves, some of us have high feet. Here, Jackson’s can stretch the foot area so you can get the boots on and off more easily. “We’ve had many customers claim they can’t wear cowboy boots over the years because of a large foot or calf, but very rarely do we find we can’t fit them into something.

My boots are too big. Wearing thicker socks can help if the boots are not too big. Adding an extra insole can also close some of the space and help your feet fit better.

My boots are tight. Stretching the boot can often make a significant difference when they are too tight. Most people would agree that cowboy boots become more comfortable when they are “broken in” and that is what stretching the boot does. “It doesn’t change the size of the boot, it makes the leather more flexible and less stiff,” Mike said.

Ways To Stretch Boots

Regardless of your foot size or shape, style preference, or favorite brand, you’re almost guaranteed to find a pair of cowboy boots that fit well at Jackson’s English & Western Store. We have over 4,000 pairs of boots in stock – the largest selection in Michigan – and employ expert fitters with decades of experience ready and willing to help you. Stop by today at 1110 W. Superior St. in Wayland, Michigan and bring home the best fitting cowboy boots you will ever own. All links on this page that lead to products on Amazon are affiliate links and I earn a commission if you make a purchase. Thanks in advance – I really appreciate it!

One of the concerns I have when buying cowboy boots is if they will stretch and mold on my feet, what if they don’t and stay tight and stiff forever? Not only will I feel like I wasted good money, but my feet will hurt all the time. So I decided to try different boots and see what would happen.

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Cowboy boots are made to stretch and mold to the shape of your feet. The leather is quite flexible and in a week or two the boots should expand and fit your feet comfortably. Tip: Wearing new boots with thick socks helps speed up the stretching process.

It’s important when buying boots to know how much you should expect them to stretch. You don’t want to buy tight boots and assume they will expand and fit your feet, but after weeks of wearing them, they never do. So, let’s take a look at how cowboy boots should look when new and also after you’ve worn them for a while.

Do Cowboy Boots Stretch And Mold To Your Feet?

After buying a new pair of cowboy boots, it takes time for them to stretch and fit your feet. If you buy boots without understanding how they expand, you will likely end up with uncomfortable, ill-fitting boots.

How much cowboy boots stretch depends on the specific brand, but generally leather cowboy boots stretch about a quarter of their original measurements. However, they only stretch if they fit your feet properly to begin with, and some parts of the boots don’t stretch at all.

When shopping, it’s important to know which parts of the boot are stretched. There are at least four parts of cowboy boots that you should be familiar with before choosing a size, the toe, the heel, the instep, and the ball.

For starters, you should be aware that cowboy boots don’t stretch much in terms of length. So if any of your toes are in contact with the end of the boot, the boot is too short for your foot and is not the right size.

Why Do Cowboy Boots Hurt My Feet: What You Can Do About It

Remember that there should be enough space around your toes. When you’ve broken in your boots, the distance between your longest toe and the inside tip of the boot should ideally be three-quarters of an inch.

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