How To Know If Furniture Will Fit Through Door – I love tiny houses! In my opinion, they are efficient and clean quickly, which makes them easy to keep tidy. They also often have narrow hallways and sharp color changes make moving furniture a real task. Many old houses have enclosed, steep stairways up or down. Sometimes the stairs to the basement have a turn or are positioned under the stairs to the second floor. That usually means a stepped ceiling where things can easily get tangled. I have been in countless houses where the front entrance has a built-in closet or a sharp turn right inside the door. It is a tight squeeze for long furniture like sofas and dressers. There can be many obstacles that make furniture difficult.

There’s really nothing more frustrating than getting a large sofa stuck on a narrow staircase when you’re tired of moving or at the final end of your project. Before you make an impulsive decision on buying your next XL sofa, here are some important questions to ask when buying furniture for your small home.

How To Know If Furniture Will Fit Through Door

Some sofas have a solid frame where the front legs and back are part of the frame system. This means that the foot does not come out. Other sofas have back legs attached to the frame and removable front legs. This can sometimes give you enough clearance to maneuver the frame around and through exterior and interior doorways. Then there are options that have all removable legs that give you the best opportunity to fit the sofa through small doorways. This brings me two questions:

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This question can make all the difference in a tight space. If the feet come out, it usually means that the frame is shallow enough to pass through small doors or enclosed staircases. If the back cushion is loose, this will make it easier to get through narrow doors. The attached back cushions can be compressed with a little plastic wrap but take care but don’t try to jam them into the door as you can tear the upholstery. Like cutting wood for a project, measure twice to buy once. This means knowing the size of all the lines against the dimensions of the furniture. Again, measuring the space will make this job easier.

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This is a great choice for upholstered furniture as well as cabinetry and display pieces. If you know that you can get a sofa as a sectional and you know that the sofa, being a solid piece, will not fit on the enclosed basement stairs to the media room, then consider the sectional version.

The sections will usually make the same dimensions as the sofa but it will be easy to move individual pieces into a complex space much easier than trying to move a solid piece. You will end up with a few more legs showing but it is a small consolation to be able to have a comfortable piece where you want it.

If you are buying accent furniture or display cabinets, ask if the furniture company if the furniture comes from KD or knock down. It’s just a code for unassembled It’s easy to transport some furniture in a box instead of transporting fully assembled pieces. Assembled furniture takes up more space and can potentially be damaged in the transportation process. This is usually the case for accent furniture such as side tables and some upholstered chairs but, larger pieces of furniture such as wall units or media displays often come in boxes. It’s easier to put a box or multiple boxes on your vehicle than one assembled piece. You can make multiple trips to pick up items if needed as well.

Won’t Fit Through The Door?

Many specialty furniture stores have free design services and the first thing an in-store designer will do is measure the space to make sure the furniture will fit. This ensures that they will not have to contend with “not fitting” when the furniture has been delivered and gives you peace of mind that your furniture will fit in the space and go through all the paths it needs to travel there.

Sometimes the cost of delivery outweighs the frustration of trying to maneuver your furniture into a tight space. The delivery team are professionals who have seen it all. They know how to negotiate tight turns or how to tilt and pivot equipment to get the job done. They also know what pieces can be removed so they can get the furniture in position without damaging the walls or furniture.

Many times, the delivery fee comes with the added benefit of a year of service and the peace of mind that if you have a problem with the furniture, you’ll be able to fix it at no extra cost to you. The store’s delivery team is, for the most part, insured and any damage to your furniture or property can be repaired due to insurance. If you damage furniture or your own home is new, you may be out of price to repair the home and furniture as well. That will definitely cost you more than the price of delivery.

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Larger online retailers often have assembly options when you purchase your furniture. In this example, if you buy your equipment online you can add in the assembly service, so you don’t have to tackle the job yourself. When your furniture arrives, a person comes to assemble it for you. You get your equipment delivered AND put together. It’s a no brainer, if you ask me!

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If you’ve been reading my weekly posts, you’ll know that accurately measuring your space is my battle cry. It literally cuts down on a lot of problems that happen. The first problem to solve is disappointment. You can make the best plans to transport the furniture, have the best team of friends and relatives to get it home, only to learn that your new sofa can’t be turned inside the front door or it doesn’t fit. very. It’s worth a few extra minutes to figure out what the clearance is with the door on and off the hinges.

Getting furniture into a tight space doesn’t have to be a guessing game. If you have a small entryway or a challenging path through the house, always ask:

If you need extra help figuring out how to measure your space, including doors, I’ve got you covered! Small Spaces Big Style, How to Measure Your Space in 8 Simple Steps. This is a FREE short, value packed, guide to the most important first step in any makeover project: knowing exactly how much space you have. It will also show you how to measure the entrance and what to think about to get the furniture through all the ways you have.

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Furniture Measurement And Fit Guide

Thank you so much for spending a few minutes with me this week! I appreciate your time and I hope you return a tip or two for moving furniture into your small space. If you liked this article, make sure you click the heart below to give it some love and if you think a friend could use this advice, please share it with them by clicking one of the share buttons on this page. Until next week my friend, stay amazing and keep dreaming big for your small space!

PS Let me know in the comments below if you’re having trouble moving large pieces into complicated or small spaces. How did you finally get furniture in? Do you need to take the door off its hinges or change the furniture in some way? What will you do differently the next time you need to move things?

Michael is the Principal designer and blogger at Michael Helwig Interiors in beautiful Buffalo, New York. Since 2011, he is a spatial planning expert, offering online interior e-design services for people who live in small houses, or for those who have awkward and complicated layouts. She is a frequent expert contributor to many National media publications and news outlets on topics related to decorating, interior design, DIY projects, and more. Michael happily shares his experience to help folks avoid expensive mistakes and decorating disappointments. You can follow her on Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook @interiorsmh.While we are sure that the sofa you choose will look great in your home, it is very important that you are sure that it will fit. That’s why before you put your

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