Post Your Apartment For Rent – More than 65% of New York City residents are renters, so whether this is your first time looking for an apartment or your 10th, you’re not alone. Our guide to renting in NYC shares everything you need to know about the ins and outs of renting, from how much rent you can afford to tips for breaking a lease -lease (hey, it happens!). Other topics covered in this guide to renting in NYC include how to find the best apartment for you (and roommates if you need them), what to expect at a lease signing , paperwork and fees you need to rent a place, if you need to use a broker, and more.

There is no doubt that the pandemic has changed the housing market in New York City. And even though the rental market is changing, renters can still find some deals — depending on where they look. But, unfortunately, the bargains are nowhere to be found. For example, the amazing concessions that landlords offered last year, significant rent reductions and free Wi-Fi, are now rare. So we know if you are wondering how to negotiate the rent of your current or future residence. Here’s everything you need to know to get the best deal.

Post Your Apartment For Rent

The most powerful weapon you can use in how to negotiate rent is knowledge of the market. Knowing the general direction of the market is good, but you need concrete numbers when you go to the table. Otherwise, you may make the mistake of asking for something unreasonable.

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Researching current asking rents in your current (or future) building and neighborhood are good places to start. To do this:

Another great resource for research is the Data Dashboard. There you can find the median asking rent for neighborhoods and boroughs. Remember, this will give you the “middle” number for your area, and rents in your building or desired location may be higher or lower. However, having this knowledge will help you make a competitive offer.

“Leasing can always be a negotiation, but you need to do your research and understand what the market is like,” says Laura Cook, founder of the LC|NYC Team at Keller Williams. “Put yourself in the owner’s shoes and think about what they can give you that will help you stay.”

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If you need help optimizing your search here’s how to find the best rental for you at.

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A year ago, many landlords lost many tenants and were willing to sign two-year leases at much lower prices, according to Karen Davidson, co-founder of the Davidson Martin Team at Compass. . But you should not expect that in the whole city. Prices have risen, and landlords are trying to recover their losses in 2020. What to do?

Cook and his partner, Adam Wolfe, have two pieces of advice for prospective tenants. The first is to offer an early move-in date. Landlords trying to fill a vacancy often jump at the chance to get a tenant as soon as possible. In return, you can ask for a discount on the rent.

But keep in mind that Manhattan apartments today receive many applications the same day they are listed. Make sure to have all your paperwork ready so you can apply as soon as possible. “Landlords probably won’t be open to hearing an offer without a formal application,” Cook said.

Their second piece of advice is to look for apartments that have been on the market for a long time to get a concession. The first thing to do? Assess the situation by speaking with the listing agent. “We get questions like this all the time: do you have applications?” said Adam Wolfe. “You can ask questions like that to try to get a feel for the situation.”

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Listings share how long an apartment has been vacant under the heading “Days on Market.” You may have less bargaining power when it comes to listings that are more than 10 days old. “If a property has been sitting at the same price for two or three months, the landlord may be more willing to negotiate,” Cook said.

Some landlords who offered rental concessions and discounts at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic are now raising rates for tenants who are renewing.

If you’re in this situation, it’s time to go back to your research. If there are several other units in the neighborhood at a lower price than the landlord is asking, you may want to consider making a counter offer. However, if your lease renewal price is lower than similar units in your building and on your block, it may be more difficult to strike a better deal.

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Here’s an idea that might help if you’re not ready to move: Cook explains that landlords may be more willing to give you a lease concession if you offer a lease term that is end of summer. which ends in November. You can get a shorter lease of six or seven months until the rental season warms up.

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Perks like free Wi-Fi or home upgrades were more common a year ago when landlords had trouble filling their units. Now, it might be harder to get something big in exchange for resigning your lease. But you might consider asking to waive the amenity charges. Some buildings require tenants to pay a fee to use areas such as the gym, pool, or parking garage. “Maybe that’s a chip you can play with,” Cook said. You can also try asking to replace an old appliance. It doesn’t matter how the rent is negotiated.

Technically, you can ask for anything you want in a lease negotiation. But you need to do your research first. If you are unsure, consider working with a real estate agent, especially if you are planning to move into a new unit.

“If you have a good agent who can break down the market for you and teach you how it works, then you can work together on how to get the best deal,” Cook said. To get started, contact an agent for a rental listing.

Finally, remember, no matter what you’re negotiating – lower rent or benefits – all negotiations must be documented. And, if agreed, make sure it’s in writing and signed by both parties. With New York City inventory hitting its highest level in 14 years and net effective rents still declining, according to a new report by real estate appraisers Miller Samuel, it may be the most It’s a great time for renters to get a good deal on an apartment. This week, we’re taking a look at the best rentals on the market under $3,000/month. From a Brooklyn studio with an open space and on-site laundry to a bright corner one-bedroom on the Lower East Side, find out how far $3,000 can take you in NYC today.

Apartments For Rent In New York, Ny

80 Winthrop Street, #R2 Prospect Lefferts Gardens A beautiful studio in the heart of Prospect Lefferts Gardens has a one bedroom apartment that is often lacking: closet space. Not only does the house have four large closets, the studio, currently asking $1,800/month, has a separate kitchenette and three windows overlooking the building’s common garden. Residents of the co-op building recently transformed the common yard into a plant-filled garden with seating. In addition, there are two laundry rooms, a package room, and a bicycle room.

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Gramercy Park For $2,900/month, a one-bedroom apartment is available at the full-service co-op, The Pennsy, a unique building that was originally an ice cream factory in the 1920s. The pad, located at 215 East 24th Street, has three levels with an entryway, a tall loft bed, and a separate kitchen and dining room with a breakfast bar. Off the living room, with over 12-foot ceilings, is a Juliette balcony, accessed through sliding glass doors. Pennsy offers residents two laundry rooms on each floor, on-site parking, bike room, and a large landscaped rooftop.

45 West 67th Street, #9B Lincoln Square A studio in a prime section of the Upper West Side is on the market, asking $2,950/month for about 600 square feet. Just steps from Central Park and all the culture and entertainment that Lincoln Square has to offer, the apartment has lots of natural light and views of the city thanks to two walls of windows and a windowed kitchen. New stainless steel appliances, marble baths, and hardwood floors are just a few of the perks. The apartment can be furnished or unfurnished.

Harlem A spacious two bedroom, one and a half bath apartment in Central Harlem is on the market for $2, 740/month. The living room, with enough space for a sectional sofa, exercise bike, and a nice office nook like its current layout, leads to a nice balcony. Stainless steel appliances, high ceilings, built-in closets, and cherry wood floors, along with additional storage and on-site laundry provided by the building, make this apartment unique. Additionally, it is located just a five-minute walk from bustling 125th Street and Malcolm X Boulevard, home to 2

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