Second Hand Furniture In Kent – Kent Coffey Dining Chairs “Perspecta” Line – Set of Five Kent Coffey Dining Chairs “Perspecta” Line – Set of Five

This set of five vintage walnut chairs from Kent Coffey’s Perspecta line includes four side chairs and matching stools. Good proportions and a stylish highback design make this a perfect addition to any dining room. Dining table connections are also available.

Second Hand Furniture In Kent

Condition: age appropriate wear, vintage finish wear, scuffs/scratches, edge wear, wood loss, mismatched fabric, torn/stained, repair required, see photos.

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FREE PICKUP FROM 08610 NJ- SHIPPING cost varies by location- please enter zip code BEFORE purchase for more information! Items posted without negotiating a shipping fee will be canceled and refunded within 24 hours as per the buyer/seller agreement.

Please note that these are vintage items, in fact they all show some signs of use, wear, and sometimes repairs or damage. Buyers are responsible for checking photos, descriptions, and confirmations with sellers prior to purchase.

For nationwide shipping or other inquiries please contact us today with your Zip Code and title quote for additional shipping costs.

In the NJ/NYC/PA area this price generally ranges from $100-250, elsewhere prices vary from $195-$495+ depending on the item, location, and carrier. Dimensions: Table: 64” long x 42” wide x 29” tall, single leaf 12”; Seat: 21″ wide x 19″ deep x 36″ high, 18″ seat height, 15.5″ depth

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Lead Time: We are usually ready to ship within 5-6 months (more information on lead time to complete)

This is a vintage mid-century walnut dining set from Kent Coffey’s Perspecta collection. It includes a boat-shaped table, a leaf insert, and six chairs. The table has a pedestal-style stand with brass legs on top of the legs. Dining chairs have bikini-shaped backs.

The above price includes materials, inspection, repair, cleaning, and finishing of the wood until the original color is finished. Our experienced staff, round the clock workshops use traditional techniques and materials appropriate for vintage MCM equipment. To balance the costs, they spend more time finishing the most visible areas and less time on the less visible areas. We don’t delete the entire history of the object, but we make sure that it works well, is completely stable, and performs well in everyday situations.

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The premium price includes commercial grade fabrics or vinyl from our dealers, modern fabrics, and long term durability. After placing your order, our team will work with you to find the perfect fabric for your space and needs. We have a wardrobe in our showroom and can send you samples to review in your home.

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We use commercial-grade fabrics and vinyl from well-respected manufacturers, such as Knoll, Maharam, Designtex, Camira, and others. Almost everything is made in the USA or Europe. They are rated for high wear and stain resistance in large areas. Crypton and similar technologies are available, as well as natural fibers, such as wool. We also have baby- and pet-friendly equipment.

Full and high quality leather is available for $300-$400 per hide (one hide = about 3.5 yds). Some of the latest ultra-premium fabrics will cost less. We can also order yardage in any color from the manufacturer at an additional cost based on the retail price.

You are welcome to submit your own (COM) materials. If you do, we will give you a final bill of $15 per required yard of fabric or vinyl. This credit is not used on the skin, because of the special problems of working with it.

We have additional individual seats for many popular vintage MCM dining items. If you would like to add more seats to this set, please contact us using the request information button above.

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Many vintage mid-century kitchens may allow for the inclusion of leaves up to 36 inches wide. If this set allows for the inclusion of leaves and contains less than 36 inches of them, there is a good chance that our training staff can make leaves that match. The cost is usually $200 to $350 per line of income. Please use the request information button above to inquire about the maximum size of this table and the cost of making additional leaves.

Generally you want at least 24″ of table height per chair per side of the table. For example, a 48″-60″ table can fit 6 chairs (two on each side), a 72″ table can fit 8 chairs (three on each side ), and the 96″ table can fit 10 chairs (four on each side and one on each side).

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The second part saves the part and adds it to the training session. Once completed, we will send photos and invoices for the remainder. We do not charge sales tax on purchases made outside of Ohio.

If your needs change while your unit is waiting to go to training, your deposit can be freely used as a deposit for other units without losing your time online. Due to the cost of the transaction we have, all refunds have a return fee.

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We plan to ship within the continental USA. We offer free shipping in Eastern Ohio and $99 shipping rates in Detroit, Pittsburgh, and the rest of Ohio. Shipping costs to other locations in the continental USA are based on size and distance.

We use small, hand-crafted companies with experience with antiques. Depending on your location and their schedule, your part may take several weeks to arrive. If you live in a remote corner of the country, it can take a while to find a master heading your way.

Free shipping is also available. We are happy to work with the shipping services you use, including international shipping. We work with a packing company that can prepare your products for travel.

In order to keep our daily prices reasonable, we only do sales a few times a year. They are expected to encourage purchases during rush hour and offer a few discounts. Unless you see a sale advertised on our website, social media, or email newsletter, discounts are not available.

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Our final prices are often similar to the final prices of other online sellers. We believe in offering the best prices that help us maintain the quality of our pieces and reward the talent of our creators.

To purchase an item that is not complete in “as-is” condition, please enter promo code ASIS at checkout. This will be applied to the 25% discount on all unused items in your cart. Does not apply to stereos, accessories, and items that have begun the repair process. No other tables will be used.

Our training staff completes projects as they are received. We try to make an accurate estimate of the lead time, although it may vary in exceptional circumstances. We do not offer express services.

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If you need a part in your home right away, we offer you the option to take it home while your project is waiting on the workshop line. You can use the unit and bring it back when you are ready to go to training. In most cases, you will only have two weeks. This option requires payment of the full price in advance. Due to the cost of shipping, this method is mainly used by local customers.

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Price includes finishing to the original color of the piece. We can sometimes put in a few tweaks, like making the finish a little cooler, warmer, or neutral in tone. If you want the wood finish to be lighter, darker, or to match other pieces in your room, there will be an additional charge. If you want a simple part, your best bet is to choose a part that is already simple.

In order to preserve the value and integrity of the material, whether the piece is made by a famous designer or a piece of a popular collection, we will only finish it in the color that was previously given.

Today’s furniture makers are chasing the mid-century modern look, but nothing compares to the clean lines, graphic touches, and history of the original pieces.

Our units feature solid wood floors and traditional furnishings that don’t match modern furniture. Vintage pieces are built to last and have stood the test of time.

How To Breathe New Life Into Your Second Hand Furniture

So many products are made to be disposable these days, even big-ticket items like furniture. The longevity of vintage pieces isn’t just smart for your wallet, it’s smart for the world.

Our simple, no-fuss prices always include repairs and accessories. Our team of full-time employees are very passionate about their work and in-depth knowledge of MCM equipment. Cullens of Surrey is currently considering opening a new branch in Kent County. Our store is now open in Surrey and also online.

Cullens of Surrey has a wide range of hand tools in our warehouse and warehouse. From wardrobes to cupboards, bed rails, dressing tables, chairs, and stands. The new folder is

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