Where To Buy Home Staging Furniture – Luxury real estate management for high-end builders, investors and real estate agents. Beautiful design, elegant decoration, impressive performance and a low day on the market!

This beautiful home is a new build from an investor that is completely vacant and needs a touch of class to feature the many highlights that come with making a luxury home. We’ve curated great rooms for this home including a master and jaw-dropping beauty.

Where To Buy Home Staging Furniture

This beautiful new home in Berkeley Heights is modern luxury at its finest and truly beautiful! Absolutely stunning from top to bottom we have brought this property to life with an amazing finish!

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This home has it all and is beautiful with amazing finishes throughout. It is an investment property and is located in a beautiful area. Investors wanted to reduce the holding time and invest in the construction of modern buildings.

Another great renovation for resale, this home has all the bells and whistles but lacks the warm home feel. We decorated the place with some designer furniture and it sold in 3 DAYS! Check it out!

This modern masterpiece was listed and sold in the first week! We’ve broken down this home design with stylish and fresh trends to fire it up for an open house! Sold out in the first few days on the market!

This home is something special as it is a new construction home and many luxury builders have been selected. We decided to decorate it with a mix of traditional and modern furniture, It turned out great and the buyers loved it!

Kylie M Interiors

Another showcase of quality excellence in Hoboken New Jersey is high quality real estate with over one and a half million listings. This one is designed for the high end buyer in mind with the best furniture money can buy!

This home was hot after we did it, new construction in the lovely town of Summit. Designer appliances and timeless touches make this home irresistible to buyers! See the changes for yourself!

This is truly an unforgettable project, a beautiful home with impeccable renovations and craftsmanship in this brand new home. The interior has been beautifully transformed and is truly impressive. It adds a sense of richness and elegance to the comfort and feel of the home. Sold first week on the market listed for 1.35 million! Boom!

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A stunning new construction home in Scotch Plains this home was absolutely stunning. The combination of fine craftsmanship and amazing performances made this one one to remember. It has dropped the jaws of those lucky enough to see it in a short time on the market! Just flawless 1

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This property is new investor construction in beautiful Park Ridge NJ. It was completely empty and more home than home. It took some fine tuning with the home show. We’ve curated the great room for this home, including a great den seating area. It was so much fun when we were done!

This stylish renovation is fully furnished with high quality and elegant design features. It is ready for the market and looks amazing with a luxurious interior display!

A beautiful and unique home, this home is designed in a modern farmhouse style. So we used rustic and modern furniture to tie everything together. The results are amazing, check it out!

A wonderful home purchased for renovation and conversion by an investor this property has been completely renovated and is ready to sell. We bought this one from some of our luxury items!

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LUXURY HOME DEVELOPMENT FOR THE NEW JERSEY CITY REAL ESTATE MARKET Luxurious design and beautiful furnishings make each home irresistible to buyers.

LUXURY FOR THE LIST Our furniture and design features make our property stand out from the crowd.

NEW JERSEY REAL ESTATE ASSOCIATION LISTING YOUR LOCATION Selling homes within weeks or days of the month with discounted prices, we are New Jersey’s leading real estate agency.

“Michelina’s design for our investment property is amazing! Our property was done in one day and sold quickly on the market.

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“Michelina is a very good actress. He recently did a house I listed that sold quickly. Her attention to detail and added touches made the home very warm and inviting. Her sense of style and color is perfect. He could make my house a home. I will continue to work with Michelina in the near future, she was a pleasure to work with.” ,

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The house is beautiful and those pictures are sick! I couldn’t be happier thank you Michelina!

SELL YOUR HOME FOR TOP DOLLAR See why we are your trusted source for luxury real estate in New Jersey from top sellers and investors, get your home for sale today! have included an updated inventory link below. A couple of months ago I shared some tips on building a vacant home, and since then I’ve received a few questions about the best furniture for the money, especially if you’re just starting to build your inventory. , in particular, when it comes to larger parts, where should you start and how.

No. 1 Contemporary Armchair // No. 2 Glass Top End Table // No. 3 Mid century inspired love seat // No. 4 Traditional End Table // No. 5 Slipcovered Side Chair // No. 6 Ivory Shag Rug // No. 7 Minimalist Ivory to Gray Rug // No. 8 Transitional Compact Loveseat // No. 9 Iron Metal Glass End Table // No. 10 Wingback Armchair // No. 11 Retro Round End Table // No. 12 Geometric Metal End Table // No. 13 Gray Olga Rug // No. 14 Slipcovered Loveseat

Home Staging New Jersey

AREA: Beds are cheap. Just use the metal frame and two sizes. You can always double up to make a bigger bed. Twin frames and mattresses are also easy to transport. In the beginning, to save money I used an air mattress 🙂 I did it for many years. Make sure there are too many beds. In other words, the pillow is the pillow and the larger bolster (ALWAYS WHITE) so the bed doesn’t feel like an air mattress. In the early days of my homeschooling, I didn’t even have a bed frame. I used nine medium moving boxes and placed the bed skirt on top of them. Then on an air mattress. Also, if you don’t have headboards on your list, just arrange these pillows with Euro shams until you add a headboard or large piece of art. Remember that for a queen bed, just use two metal frames and a large mattress. I even ask for a little sign I leave next to the pillow that says, “Don’t sit on the furniture.”

Nightstands are the first easy addition to your wardrobe. You can invest in a small round table (a pair) and use it in all your bedrooms or even as a table in the living room. Don’t buy them from the drawer first. A simple floating end table is the best way to start. Like one of the ones below

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You already have side tables (nightstands) and they are easy to carry. In the living room there must be a side chair. You can always use them as a pair, or as a single chair versus a loveseat or sofa. I’ve also used side chairs in my bedroom, home office, and basement. I really believe that the seat next to you is not enough. Some can even be used as dining chairs, double purpose is always the key. You can find cheap side chairs at Wayfair or other retailers. Here are my favorites because I try to be neutral and not model too much. QUICK TIP: You will also find busy homes that need side chairs for the bedroom or living room and you can have them in stock ready to rent. I also like the slipcover version from ikea because I can change the cover. Gray for more modern, white for more farmhouse.

So this is your high-ticket item and will always be the centerpiece of a room. You don’t want to look ugly. You can find beautiful pieces at low prices. Below are some good starting points. Also, you can’t bring sectionals, so you always buy 2 sofas and a love seat combo. Depending on the space, you can create the appearance of a section with side tables.

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You can never have enough rugs. Many customers have Persian rugs with a lot of red in them. I love these pieces but they win space and pictures. For this reason, have a neutral rug ready to go on your list. Easy to carry sizes like 5×7 to 8×10. I don’t use a runner. I only use rugs to add foundation to a room, to bring it all together. You don’t need it in the hallway. Use hallway art to draw eyes up and down now. Here are some current carpet trends that work well in stage homes.

I hope this helps, thanks for asking your question because it gives me an idea of ​​what it is

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