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There’s never a bad time to give your space an update, and it doesn’t have to be a major renovation. A single piece of furniture, even a small one, can transform a room into something that better suits your life and style.

Which Furniture Are You

I’m a big fan of mid-century and minimalist pieces, especially pieces with straight lines and warm tones. But, I also work from home, so I want super-comfy furniture that I can melt into at my desk after a day of work.

Best 3d Printed Furniture Projects

If you’re looking for a piece of furniture to pump up your space, look no further. We’ve rounded up 10 of Amazon’s best sellers, each with close to thousands of 5-star reviews, that people won’t believe you bought from the mega online retailer.

Everyone loves a nice couch these days and that can include a futon. Whether it’s for a dorm room, your first apartment, or an inviting guest room, this chic Novogratz futon—you won’t really know it’s a futon!—marries form and function in an elegant and comfortable way. It has a wooden frame and legs, the fabric is easy to clean, and it comes in a dozen different colors, from olive green and mustard to pink and camel faux leather.

You’ve probably seen these shell chairs in magazines and Pinterest images, and they’re popular for both affordable prices and high-end designs. They’re practical, easy to remove, comfortable for most bodies, and these four sets will arrive at your home already assembled. What not to love?

Anyone feeling brave can order them in different colors including orange and red. Also, they can be used in patios or craft rooms in addition to the dining area.

You Can Score Entryway Furniture Up To 50% Off At Wayfair Right Now

Furniture like an island, whether permanent or temporary, enhances the feel of any kitchen, even a small one when strategically placed. This Hodedah rolling kitchen island is on wheels, making it a great option for moving around or pushing it against the wall as needed.

This contemporary kitchen island features a built-in spice rack, towel hanger, drawers and cabinets, allowing you to conveniently store pantry items, pots and pans or small countertop appliances.

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I think Amazon’s entire Vasagal line is great, and I can speak from personal experience – a close friend of mine actually bought several pieces to decorate her apartment. The look of each piece is modern yet warm, perhaps due to the textured-looking wood and rich colors.

The Lowell nightstand has a slatted door and an open shelf (or two, if you use the adjustable one behind the door). There’s plenty of room for a small speaker, stacks of books, and a salt lamp. Depending on your choice of stain, this nightstand has either contemporary or rustic appeal.

Pieces Of Furniture You Don’t Actually Need In Your Living Room

This comfortable and smooth recliner is great for relaxing and lounging. It can be a standalone chair in a living room or combined with identical chairs in a theater room. The seat reclines at three angles, keeping you comfortable while watching TV, gaming, reading or even sleeping.

The fabric is also easy to clean, so you don’t have to worry about greasy fingers from your buttered popcorn. Go traditional with black, or spice up your space with a bright cherry red.

One of the most visible signs that I had truly grown up was when I bought a bed frame and stopped sleeping on a mattress on the floor. Not only is my back much happier, but my bedroom looks much better.

If you’re ready to upgrade or are in the market for a frame and headboard, this chic, contemporary upholstered frame and headboard combo is perfect. It’s affordable and durable, and reviewers say assembly is easy. Reviewers also say the frame holds up well over time.

Baby Furniture Buying Guide: What Do You Really Need For The Nursery?

A horizontal dresser can double as a bookshelf, TV stand or even a baby changing table if you don’t have much space.

Made of solid pine, this dresser has six drawers and boasts a caramel or walnut finish. Reviewers confirm that the drawers work well, slide smoothly, and that the product is built to last. There are also three-drawer and two-drawer coordinating pieces.

Finding a media console that can hold your gaming system and speakers is an unexpectedly difficult task, especially if you own a large television. However, this retro-chic console is over 5 feet wide.

With 11 different color and finish combinations, the overall vibe of this TV stand can range from contemporary to 70s glam to very yellow. Its front has an open side with shelving and a holding cabinet with doors, so you can display photos or plants while simultaneously hiding cords and extra remotes. The stand legs add a nice mid-century touch.

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Best Online Furniture Stores To Bookmark Now (2023)

This powder-coated, upholstered ottoman is adorable and can be used in many ways: a footrest, extra seating in a living room, place for blankets, a seat on the vanity. With it’s under $100 price tag and 12 different color options, this ottoman makes a great budget buy for a college dorm room or apartment.

Despite the recent popularity of minimalism, it’s not always easy to find dining tables with clean lines and light wood finishes. But look no further: This 47-inch solid pine wood table comfortably seats four, but can squeeze six. You can get it in three different finishes: natural pine, espresso and dynamic white tabletop with natural stain legs.

Reviewers say it’s easy to set up and incredibly impressed with the customer service — apparently the company includes “three greeting cards to send to the people you love, just to say hi. It’s such a rad idea!”

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Buying Custom Furniture Can Be Easier (and Cheaper!) Than You Think

Product experts at Reviews have all your shopping needs covered. Follow Reviewed on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for the latest deals, reviews and more It is not uncommon to order a piece of furniture and upon arrival realize that it is completely wrong for your room A red couch that looked amazing in the showroom can overwhelm your small space. And the last thing you want to do is invest in a heavy piece of furniture that you have to pay back.

To help visualize that couch in your living room, furniture retailers and interior design firms are creating new apps and online programs that allow you to experience furniture at home using virtual and augmented reality.

The new tools generally come in three flavors: 3-D features that enable you to virtually place furnishings in your room using your cellphone’s camera; styling apps that let you take a picture of your space, strip it of all the furniture, and drop new options as you shop online; and interior decorating services that do it all for you, choosing furnishings on your behalf and creating 3-D renderings of your room from photos you provide.

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To see how well they really work, I tried a few from the comfort of my bedroom and living room—both of which needed a refresh, if not a whole new look. Some were harder to use than others, but each offered a glimpse into the future of online furniture shopping and interior design.

Black Owned Furniture Companies & Home Décor Brands You Need To

For $69 per room, this online interior design service offers two amazingly lifelike 3-D renderings of your space. The process is simple. Provide feedback on the room you’d like to design with a rough budget and take a quiz to help you determine your style, select photos of rooms you’ve painted. (Because ModC is an online software program, you can use your cellphone or computer.)

Then, you take eight photos of your room (one from each corner and one from each wall) and upload them to ModC. In 10 days or less, you will receive an email indicating that your renderings are waiting for you in your Modsi account. If you like an item in your room, you can add it to a shopping cart. A personal shopping service coordinates shipping and delivery, ensuring you only have to enter your address and credit card once.

The style quiz, which determined that I was a “mod enthusiast,” was fairly spot on: “You go for Danish modern design and streamlined furniture, but incorporating some traditional pieces for comfort strikes the perfect balance.”

The 3-D renderings I found were not only surprisingly realistic, but also fun to explore, with each room outfitted with two sets of new furniture to scale and presented at different angles, including top-down and 360 views. And while a few pieces of furniture weren’t my first choice, most of them appealed to me.

Distinct Coastal Furniture Pieces You Must Own

The first bedroom design was similar to my current setup, replacing my simple teak bedroom set with a Tate upholstered bed (from Crate and Barrel) and Kulla night stand (from the article) with a “soft mid-century look,” as described by Modsy Design, which I was emailed when the rendering was complete. A marble wool rug (from West Elm)

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