Why Am I So Smart – At the height of the COVID-19 epidemic, Matthew Hongoltz-Hetling discussed the widespread backlash against masks and vaccines to discuss the growing medical liberty movement in America. started writing the book. But after meeting a series of people who join that movement, his efforts are to sell miracle cures and nutritional supplements, evade the law when possible, and help people head to prison when they can. It focused sharply on motivations, hardships, and personal life. What? The book, titled “If It Sounds Like a Quack,” explores the snake oil market and the magical procedures sold by those who claim to have found the only true cure for anything that can afflict you. digging deep.

Marina Nitze is a professional hacker who fixes broken systems. She is not a computer or technology hacker, but a social phenomenon that emerges when people come together to form organizations, institutions, services, businesses and governments. So she’s hacking the bureaucracy and trying to teach you how to do the same. In this episode, she shares various insights from her book Hack Your Bureaucracy.

Why Am I So Smart

Feeling stuck? Need some momentum to break out of the loop that’s holding you back? This episode features professor, author, therapist, and speaker Britt Frank. He is an expert in trauma and treats people with unique and powerful techniques and approaches to help clients break free from blockages.

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How to deal with procrastination by Margaret Atwood, how to avoid the first instinct fallacy, the benefits of impostor syndrome, how best to avoid falling prey to the Dunning Kruger effect, like a preacher or a prosecutor or a prosecutor How to avoid thinking like a politician, you can think like a scientist instead. That’s just the beginning of this episode’s conversation with psychologist, podcast host, and author Adam Grant.

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In this episode, astronomer and world-renowned science communicator Phil Plait joins us to discuss his new book, Under Alien Skies. In it, he actually describes (through the human eye and real physical experience) what it’s like to travel to Saturn or Mars. , asteroids and distant stars. We also cover his recent surge in UFO sightings and his famous speech at his Amazing meeting more than a decade ago. In it, he called on all science communicators and critical thinkers to treat those who believe in pseudoscience with empathy and respect, not contempt or contempt. Vitriol. And it traces the history of James Randy’s popularization of the Big S Skepticism movement.

Is a hot dog a sandwich? Well, it depends on your definition of a sandwich (and hot dog), but the odds of your conception of a sandwich being the same as everyone else’s are surprisingly low, according to the latest research in cognitive science.

This episode explores how understanding why that question became a global debate in his mid-2010s can help us understand some of the global debates that haunt us today. Find out what helps.

If You Are So Smart (and Successful), Why Aren’t You Happy?

Our guest is psychologist Celeste Kidd. He studies how we acquire and conceptualize information, form beliefs based on those concepts, and generally make sense of the torrent of information that blows our brains every second. doing. In her latest paper, we see how conceptual disagreements can lead to semantic disagreements that can lead us to say things we pass each other (such as arguing about whether a hot dog is a sandwich). I am considering that there is I’ve been interviewing a lot of people lately for different roles within the team. And one of the questions I always get at the end of the session is, “Why did you change jobs at your current company?” “Is this a tech company?” “You worked for some big tech companies, what happened?”

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Almost three years ago, I got a great job offer at one of Thailand’s best tech companies. I felt like I had accomplished a lot and probably convinced myself that all the hard work over the past few years was finally paying off. So without much thought I moved to Bangkok to live near my family and friends. I also have a Siberian Husky named Latte. I was happy

It’s been a year and I’m still living a good life, but I still don’t feel the fire inside me. I have very little passion for what I was doing. I started asking myself,

“Is this the life I wanted?” “Is this the legacy you want to leave behind?” “Why is there no fulfillment in my heart?”

I Am So Smart

I didn’t know what part of me was missing. I had a hard time. I’ve talked to a few friends and colleagues and he’s probably one in 20 who can fully understand me. We then struggled to solve this problem together.

Living in Bangkok means you have to face traffic jams every day, but it also means you have plenty of time to listen to good podcasts. I started listening to different podcasts for inspiration (thanks to her Spotify for great content). I stumbled upon one of the podcasts talking about a book called ”.

. It made a part of me search for the meaning of life and whether happiness can last.

At the time, I was also fortunate enough to work as a career coach, speaking to alumni, inspiring and mentoring them on how to get out of college and into their first jobs. I found myself becoming more inspired and energized after each session (I am not an extrovert by any means. I often lose a lot of energy at parties and gatherings. I have). I didn’t know it then, but a year later.

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It’s Not That I’m So Smart, It’s Just That I

Currently, I am working on a project to improve farmers’ livelihoods, exploring different ways to add value to his 500 million smallholder farmers around the world.

Yes, we’re a digital team working like any other tech startup, but we’re happier than ever 🙂

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Why Am I So Smart

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