Why Furniture Moving – “Heavy”, “massive” and “strangely shaped” accurately describe common furniture. Comfy chairs, stunning dining tables, and plush sofas are examples of furniture that will require heavy lifting when it’s time to move. Antique chests, family heirlooms and other furniture with sentimental value are more burdensome to move, as the slightest scratch can cause emotional trauma.

Special care is needed when moving furniture, whether it is outdated, new, or priceless to the homeowner. As an individual moving into a new home, you can take steps to prevent bites, scratches, and breakages from damaging your precious furniture.

Why Furniture Moving

The first step to moving furniture is preparation. The foundation work begins with creating an inventory of all the furniture you plan to move. Designate a place in the inventory for the current state of each piece of furniture.

Two Furniture Movers Moving A Sofa In Medical Masks

Keep a visual record of the furniture’s condition by taking close-up photos of any scratches, dents or dents. Once the move is complete, you can check the inventory again to make sure all the pieces arrived undamaged.

Along with the inventory process, decide which furniture you want to move. Often used dressers, shelves, and coffee tables can have spots on your furniture list. Not all desks, bookshelves, and tables will make it to the final count, especially if the furniture is too outdated, damaged, or worn to serve any purpose in your new home.

Heavier furniture will cost more to move. Think twice about changing such furniture. Will the grandfather clock be kept in storage without ever seeing the light of day? If so, rethink how you handle heavy loads before moving day.

Also, consider whether some furniture may need professional packing. Often, professional packing is considered essential when moving expensive antiques.

Should You Ship Or Buy New Furniture When You Move Cross Country

Abrasive particles and debris can scratch delicate furniture during transport. Take extra care to protect your furniture by cleaning the exterior before packing. Light dust can easily be done with a soft cloth or dust. It is not necessary to clean thoroughly at this stage.

Bulky furniture can come disassembled. Unpack furniture whenever possible to lighten the load and ensure safe handling. During the movement, each scattered part must be folded to protect them. An important step to take before disassembling is to take photos of the furniture so that you have visual notes to follow for easy assembly later.

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Avoid protruding parts such as table legs, hinges or decorative elements, as these will make tight corners or the narrow corridors of your new home difficult. Glass tables, glass doors, and any glass items are extremely fragile. Pack these tiny pieces carefully and pack them separately.

During the unlocking process, screws and bolts can be loosened. Store these critical parts in a plastic bag and tape the sealed bag to their household items.

Top Reasons To Buy Home Furniture When You Move

If you keep instructions handy, see Disassembly Instructions. If physical instructions are not available, online resources are helpful.

Good packing materials are needed to successfully protect furniture during moving. There are many great options, and you can easily mix and match materials. Blue furniture rugs are a solid investment for moving soft furnishings.

Bubble wrap is another accessible, protective material. Sofa and mattress covers are suitable. Furniture drawers and panels can be placed with reduced packaging or furniture packaging. Packaging paper provides primary protection. The glass panels are properly protected by a simple corrugated cardboard. Protect all your packaged furniture with high-quality packing tape.

Certain packaging materials work well with certain furniture. Wooden furniture can be successfully protected with a few foam wraps. Insert cardboard between the pieces of wood to act as extra insulation.

Top Tips For Moving Large Pieces Of Furniture

Furniture such as sofas should be wrapped in plastic or covered with sofa covers to protect them during the move. Using painter’s tape, stick a large “X” in the center of the large pieces of glass; The tape does not prevent breakage, but it is less likely to break accidentally. Seal the glass elements completely and sandwich the top and bottom with corrugated cardboard.

Once the furniture is wrapped tightly, placing it strategically in the moving vehicle adds an extra element of safety. Move the heaviest furniture to the far end of the car to encourage stability.

Dressers, tables and other rectangular items should get extra cushioning with moving blankets. After the dressers and tables are installed, their spaces can be used as open spaces for additional items. Unrolled mattresses can be protected from dirt by placing removable blankets on the floor of the truck. Wrapped quilts should be given extra protection with a packing blanket around them.

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Moving to your new place requires planning to protect your furniture. For the movers, clearly mark where each piece of furniture should go. If you spend a little time to roll it to the right place, the damage to the furniture will be greatly reduced.

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As daunting as moving day can be, relocators can take the hassle out of packing by hiring a professional experienced in both unpacking and moving. Midwest Moving & Storage has been providing top quality moving and moving services since 1983. Our licensed and insured movers have years of experience assembling grandfather clocks, pool tables, pianos, and hot tubs, among many other valuable items. activity.

Whether your move involves moving property at home or in business, Mid-West Moving & Storage has professional equipment and dedicated personnel to ensure the move and all furniture assembly and disassembly are handled with care. With over 2,500 movers under our belt, Midwest Moving & Storage is prepared to handle even the most awkwardly shaped, bulky furniture with professionalism and ease.

No matter where you live or plan to move, expert movers will move your belongings efficiently. Midwest Moving & Storage offers free quotes to businesses and homeowners to take the stress out of moving day. Call 847.593.7201 or fill out the contact form and we will get back to you shortly.

“I had a great experience with Midwest. The movers came early, prepared my entire house with protective pads and rugs, moved all my furniture efficiently and cleaned up afterward. I actually used them twice. Each had different crews. But both teams of guys were quick, professional, and efficient.” I highly recommend Midwest.

How To Move Furniture Into An Apartment

“The players did an incredible job! Our second experience with your company is just as amazing as the first. Your driver is an incredible leader. The rest of the crew was amazing. They all worked tirelessly. This move was stressful with all the school closings and job changes, but it made the whole experience so much better.” Follow these tips to keep your assets safe.

Your furniture should always be handled with care, especially when moving. Whether you’re moving across the country or on the road, you want all of your belongings to be damage-free when you arrive. Additionally, furniture tends to be among the most difficult and expensive items to pack, ship, and move. Any furniture that is damaged during the moving process can be given a special price for replacement.

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Without proper care, wooden furniture can be stained, furniture can be torn and glass can be broken. In other words, moving furniture without taking any protective measures can be complete and violent. Fortunately, with a few supplies and some simple tricks, you can move even your most fragile furniture without worrying about damage.

Want to know the best way to move a single sofa or dresser? Want to wait while your furniture is temporarily in storage? Maybe you’re moving into your new dream home and want to take all your favorite furniture with you. Whatever your situation, we’ve got you covered.

Moving Tips To Help You Make The Most Of Professional Furniture Movers

Learn how to protect your furniture when you move with our complete guide below. These packing tips will help you protect every piece of furniture you have during your move.

Be honest: Have you packed all your items in cardboard boxes and called it a day in previous moves? How about loading your couch, dresser, or refrigerator directly into a moving truck without any wrapping or protection?

It’s a common myth that all you need to pack and protect your belongings are cardboard boxes, packing tape, and moving blankets. While these items work, investing in a few extra supplies will ensure your move to a new home or storage space is seamless.

If you want to protect your furniture during the moving process, you don’t need to spend a lot of money on supplies. To purchase the following accessories for your furniture, simply visit your local hardware store or shop online:

Couch Removal & Disposal

We all know that when it comes to large furniture, it’s inevitable to deal with it. But before you start removing drawers from dressers and legs from tables, you need to take a few key steps

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