Will Furniture Get Damaged In Storage – We like to think of things in storage as safe, but the reality is that if you don’t take proper care in preparing your items, or choose the wrong storage facility, they can be damaged in storage. This is true for both full-service storage and self-storage A leather couch can be one of the most valuable pieces of furniture you own It is very important that you prepare your bed for storage and choose the right storage facility that can keep your bed in a safe and clean condition.

Leather furniture can be easily damaged by extreme temperature changes and changes in humidity The leather may be torn, split, or crushed So, if you’re using a full-service storage or cell-storage, be sure to ask about a temperature-controlled unit. Bekins Moving Solutions has a large network of temperature controlled warehouses Our warehouses can properly store all types of furniture, including leather couches

Will Furniture Get Damaged In Storage

Before storing your leather couch, you should thoroughly clean all surfaces of your couch. Removing dirt, grime and excess moisture will prevent your leather couch from growing mold or mildew during storage. Rot and mold are the most common sources of damage to preserved leather furniture

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Preparing your bed is very important to keep it in optimal condition Leather needs to be able to breathe, so don’t cover leather beds with plastic tarps. You should only use cloth to protect it from scratches Apply a quality leather conditioner before wrapping your bed in fabric Your skin should be moist but not wet Moisture will break down the leather and damage your mattress A quality conditioner will keep your leather supple and able to expand and contract with temperature without damaging the leather.

Remove any loose wood or metal legs and wrap in bubble wrap. This will prevent your scorpion legs from being accidentally broken or scratched in storage Place the legs in a box with proper labeling so they don’t get lost

If your sofa has a particularly vulnerable corner or piece of wood, cover it with cardboard and bubble wrap. Taking care of bumps and scratches will help keep your couch looking good when you take it out of storage.

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When you store your leather couch, make sure nothing is placed on top of the cushion Any heavy object left on your bed can cause permanent impactions and indentations Many people know that placing leather bedding on wooden pallets can cause it to fall on your items and damage them.

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If you need to store your leather couch, contact the moving and storage experts at Bekins Moving Solutions. Call (877) 594-1187 for more information about our temperature-controlled storage facilities.

Contact Bekins Moving Solutions today for all your moving and storage needs Unlike other movers who only offer cookie-cutter move plans, we specialize in creating customized moving and storage solutions for each client. When you move with Bekins Moving Solutions, you move your way and on your terms. If rodents get into a storage unit, who is responsible for the damage? NBC 5 North Texas responds to a customer who had rodents destroy items in her storage unit. Who is responsible?

A North Texas customer reached out to NBC 5 Responds after she found furniture and personal items inside her storage unit destroyed.

If this happens to you, who is responsible for the damage? Read on for answers and what you need to know before you rent

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The smell was the first thing he said when he went to move out of his storage unit last August.

“Not normal, just bad,” Morelan said. “One of my sons was holding a big box. He just wanted to start pulling stuff It looked like urine and feces. “

Moreland snapped photos of Cho Mark, small pellets and boxes with liquid He said he personally reported it to employees at Public Storage on South Cooper Street near Green Oaks Boulevard in Arlington, where he rented his unit.

“I wanted someone to acknowledge what happened, take some responsibility for it and help me sanitize my things so I could take them home,” Morelan said.

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He went back to cleaning himself up and left behind furniture, Christmas trees and decorations Morelan said he stopped paying rent on things he couldn’t clean himself

“I got a notification that I had to pay my rent,” Morelan said. I called again and said, I am not paying for that shed and I need someone to contact me. “

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She said a manager called once to say they would see what they could do, but Morelan said there was no follow-up after that.

Public Storage sent a lane notice Four months later, the storage unit was sold at auction for $10, which was applied to Morelan’s $800 balance.

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“If the statutory notice procedures are followed, the storage company has the right to sell them at auction,” said Clayton Hodge, consumer practice group leader at Legal Aid of Northwest Texas.

Hodges explained, “Most contracts have several types of damages that they will consider themselves liable for.

If you’re looking for damage, Hodge says there are steps you can take Customers should notify the storage unit and follow up in writing by certified mail and include a photo with the letter.

“If there’s nothing that can help you contract, sometimes being a shiny wheel can give you some improvement,” Hodges said.

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You can purchase coverage through your homeowner’s or renter’s insurance policy, but you need to make sure it covers pests. Some may limit coverage

The brochure for Public Storage In-Insurance Company says it covers vermin damage – $250 minus $100 deductible.

Morelan said he has coverage on his storage unit through his homeowner’s insurance, but it excludes animal damage.

NBC 5 Response reached out to Public Storage via phone, email and social media direct message. We stopped by the privately owned Morelan location A manager told us they could not comment

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“I imagine if I use another storage shed, I’ll check it more often,” Morelan said.

Another good idea: take a detailed inventory of your assets and keep it updated You can use your phone to take a video, just like you would for a home listing Pay special attention to the serial number

NBC 5 Responses is committed to investigating your concerns and getting your money back Our goal is your answer and if possible, solution and a solution Call us at 844-5RESPND (844-573-7763) or fill out our customer complaint form.

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How To Safely Store Your Couch

Our News Standards Submit a Customer Complaint Submit Photos and Videos Our App Competition Newsletter TV Schedule Cozy TV Some items can be stored for long periods of time in a unit without climate control capability. Regular clothing, fabric furniture, lamps, books, and metal are some of the items that can be stored in a facility without temperature and humidity control. There are some items that require controlled temperature and humidity Here is a list of 11 items that are vulnerable to heat and cold in self-storage.

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Electronics are variable in temperature mainly due to battery life If the battery cell gets too hot and too cold, it can reduce the battery’s performance. Hot and cold can crack the plastic or make it brittle over time Also, moisture can damage electronics If possible keep these items away from moisture and in a climate controlled unit

Art, especially fine art, is highly susceptible to unstable temperatures Ink may fade or melt in hot temperatures It can also cause thermal stress, moisture loss and chemical reactions in some inks. Cold temperatures can solidify the ink and make the canvas brittle

Wine and hot temperatures do not go well together because it causes the bottle to contract and expand Heat can also age wine prematurely The ideal temperature for wine is between 40 and 65 degrees

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Genuine leather does not do well with heat Heat will dry out the material and crack when cooled

Wood furniture can be affected by heat and humidity Over time, this can cause the wood to crack Cool temperatures are generally ok for storing wood furniture, just avoid water

Delicate fabrics such as lace and leather do not do well with fluctuating temperatures It is important to keep these items in a ventilated area when in long-term storage

Changes in temperature can be very damaging to old furniture Moisture and hot temperatures can damage these pieces Likewise, cold temperatures can cause old materials to contract and crack Store these preserves in a climate-controlled unit

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Temperature can change the tone of the instrument due to friction and tension Violins and guitars, for example, will sound different in warm temperatures than in cold ones It doesn’t make sense

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