Great British Interior Design Challenge – Sandi Toksvig presents a new competition series which tests the creative skills of 10 non-professionals from Britain.

Over the course of eight episodes, the artists must transform a small, unmaintained house into a magnificent home. Dreaming big but building small, our small designers work in teams to manage the house room by room, each room must be a unique design and an amazing interior from history, from Regency to Art Deco. Whether it’s small tables, toilets, curtains or food, everything in the house should be reduced to twelve of its size.

Great British Interior Design Challenge

World-renowned designer Dr Willard Wigan MBE and interior designer Laura Jackson are responsible for judging the event, guiding viewers room by room, week by week. Only when the tiny house is completed can one person be crowned the Great Big Tiny Design Challenge.

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Little fan Sandi Toksvig oversees the entire process, seeing the work up close and personal as she shrinks back to inspect the finished rooms. Sandi also visits some of Britain’s most iconic buildings as she captures over 500 years of fine interior design in all its glory.

24 Mar 22 Press Pack Article Interview with Sandi Toksvig and judges Willard Wigan MBE & Laura Jackson Sandi Toksvig presents a new series of competitions which put the creative talents of 10 non-professionals from Britain to the test. Over the course of eight episodes, the artists must transform a small, unmaintained house into a magnificent home. Dreaming big but building small, our mini

24 Mar 22 Press Pack Article The Great Big Tiny Design Challenge – Meet the Designers Beth Age: 50 Location: Southampton Occupation: Judge “I’m always looking! I always look at things and think how can I make something smaller?” Growing up in North London, Beth lived in France for 15 years teaching English to French students. Beth now works as a

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Please note that the terms apply, and are available via the link at the bottom of the page. By purchasing these integration codes you agree to their content. This video is for promotional purposes only. Please donate to Channel 4 and include shipping information. Although many would reject the frivolous output of the Marmite series, it is easy to be surprised by the complete optimization of his house ‘transformation’.

Park Central West Btr Features On Bbc’s Interior Design Masters

I Interior Design Masters by Alan Carr (BBC Two) is a Marmite programme, presented by the Marmite presenter. Some will be disgusted and disgusted, disgusted, taken by it all – it’s Changing Rooms meets The Great British Bake Off, but worse than any show – and find themselves permanently annoyed by the dismissal of professionalism in favor of amateur cock, as 10 aspiring interior designers compete to be the last one standing. on a poorly designed and poorly executed project. Others will love it, for the same reasons, except that they will see it as a fun celebration of raw talent with a fitness competition, without which there is no meaning in life. You pay your money, I suppose – albeit under duress as this is a BBC production – and you take your choice.

For the most part, I’m in the “disgusted” camp. This time, however, perhaps because we live in such a good time that my palate is confused, I found myself vacillating between the two. The opening episode of the second series saw the wannabe masters team up and need to decorate a bedroom and living room suitable for a new showroom in Oxford. As usual, the shooting when they start the process of drawing, mixing paint and pointing is combined with a special interview, where the students say things like: “I will always base my decisions on the heart,” and, “I am a good designer because I know what I like and have an eye for things what other people don’t see,” and, “I’m going to put this chair in the sink because I really like chairs in sinks.” Well, not the last one, but give it time.

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Most of the contestants seem not to have been chosen for their friendliness or charm. Or an incredible haircut. But we’re still stuck… As always with these things, you find yourself absorbed. I mean – you’ll have to wait and see how Barbara’s ambitious roommate turns out, right? To say nothing of the escalating conflict between him and his creative partner as he drills the carpentry. And are we supposed to have NO opinion about Paul’s decision to cover every wall – I don’t know what it is, really. I would like to call it “man-grass wallpaper”. You have to see for yourself.

A number of philosophical questions present themselves. How much of your personality should you be looking for if you are a pink-haired, self-confessed person who loves gold and art and has a job – and I repeat – decorating a showroom in the new town of Oxford for young couples and travelers? How, exactly, should each of us seek to be known by our work? Should we seek inheritance? Especially if it will be a grass wallpaper box?

Watch The Great Interior Design Challenge

The situation, and any growing interest, is briefly interrupted by the arrival of Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen – the high priest of the Changing Rooms and director of all years of the late 90s. But after the initial shock, it’s not so bad. The practical pony shtick is minimal, and with the formidable and experienced judge of the series Michelle Ogundehin (former editor-in-chief of Elle Decoration magazine), a real sense of design permeates the program for a short time. .

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Of course, in time, the interest in seeing things in nature will prevail. Especially if they are – as a surprising and exciting part of this initial challenge is becoming – very successful. Three cheers for the lovely John, then, whose painting of the four-poster bed was as beautiful and entertaining as it was clever. He has successfully passed the next stage.

The undeniable message of all these shows is simple – you either have it, or you don’t. You can be taught a few tricks of the trade, sure. Don’t put furniture in sinks, don’t buy wood and don’t paint if you have to paint, put window coverings in the bedroom (the last two have been removed from life – I thought Michelle was going to defend the last offender). But you can’t be taught style and you can’t be taught art. It’s amazing how the truth can’t change, even if everything that surrounds it is confusing.

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