Hard Rock Cafe Interior Design – We were commissioned to design India’s second Hard Rock Cafe, inside a striking 100-year-old tudor colonial building in the heart of Bangalore’s Central Business District. The building was originally rooted in Bangalore’s imperial history as The Blighty’s Tea Rooms and housed the Salvation Army. The cafe, which spans over 8,000 sft. is effectively preserving the Hard Rock Memorabilia brand while meeting the needs of the historic building in which it is located.

The design response was inspired primarily by the building’s rugged stone architecture and its high internal volume. We had to ease into the iconic building, the equally iconic Hard Rock brand while continuously innovating and customizing solutions in the global Hard Rock format.

Hard Rock Cafe Interior Design

Our main focus is to celebrate and highlight the unique features of one of the few remaining historic buildings in Bangalore. As a result, the 2 ft thick stone walls were exposed and the joints were meticulously welded. The brick arches have been removed from the plaster layers and the gorgeous 30 ft high Mangalore and Kerala tiled roof with sturdy teak beams and steel truss has just been cleaned, exposed and waterproofed.

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The biggest challenge for us was to integrate the two parts of the building into one cohesive unit. We achieved this by creating a central entrance hall, leading to a bar area on the east side, a restaurant on the west side and retail on the north side; thus separating the main functions of the Café while integrating them visually through a series of repeating arches. The creation of a (re)defining experience for one of the globally recognized hotel brands marked the project with both its most powerful context and challenge, thereby creating a concept that has emphasize the essence of the brand while developing a distinctive identity of its own.

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To be formulated as such a fourth such interpretation of the brand in India, the brief required the design to be expressed with individualism that extended the experience beyond the archetypal ethos. of it and also gives a colloquial flavor to its locality.

Developed as a space where its experiences will not be repeated, the interior is conceived to continue and emphasize the essence of the brand while developing a distinct character of its own.

Hard Rock Cafe Construction

This approach thus creates an interesting interplay of contrasting identities between the raw appeal of the rock world and the opulent realm of sophistication. Besides the industrial look with elegance, the interior space is wrapped in a concrete shell that is offset by highly detailed textures and materials such as wood and velvet.

The large space features three diverse seating areas, a live performance stage and a signature retail store. The challenging location underneath a theater was effectively solved by zoning under it. Performance areas and dance floors are arranged under high-ceiling blocks while the sloping edges of the upper theater house discreet functions.

With the DJ console arranged so that it is accessible from all sides, each seating area is kept at a different level to provide an uninterrupted view of the stage.

A sense of dynamism governs various design interventions for its zones – adding instantaneous mobility to the zones and its arrangement.

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Seats can be slid below the stage to create a larger area for gatherings during performances. Curtains can separate subsections in the same area to host private parties or expand the space when opened. While the color palette reinforces the brand identity with its signature colors, the material palette communicates the concept by highlighting the combination of raw and luxurious.

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The furniture and lighting elements have been custom designed and engineered to resonate with the brand without being repeated.

While the furniture is made of leather and wood, the perforated metal lamps in various configurations provide an industrial effect.

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