High Paying Interior Design Careers – Every time you visit a house that is such a perfect blend of exquisitely magnificent and functional, and you wonder what is done differently. The answer is almost always competent interior design! Interior design as a career path has the power to transform spaces completely. Interior design or interior architect as a career is a competitive and exciting career and is still in the top half of the ranking.

It includes creating aesthetically pleasing environments that are also functional. It combines various talents such as creativity, teamwork, people skills, organizational and communication skills, an in-depth understanding of psychology and human behavior, as well as science to a large extent.

High Paying Interior Design Careers

There are also different types of interior design career specializations that one can master. From residential projects to commercial, hospitality and civic projects,  interior design  suits a wide variety of clients with varied requirements and different parameters of compliance and function. Each of these fields requires a separate plethora of skills and dedication, which greatly influence the pay scale and profits that an interior designer earns. Most importantly a basic knowledge of graphic design, AutoCAD, space planning is a must.

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To enter the field, interior designers typically hold a bachelor’s degree or a minimum associate’s degree along with the required interior design program that is available in various fields for students to pursue.

The degree can be in art, architecture,  interior design, or a related field. A master’s degree is also pursued later to get a better salary package. However, this requirement varies widely from state to state. Passing the National Council for Interior Design Qualification (NCIDQ) exam is the top priority when trying to get an interior design certification.

Similarly, the need for a license and related work experience also differ depending on your situation. While some states allow people to use the label of interior designer without a license, other states mandate that they hold a license, obtained by qualifying in state-specific exams.

Many factors affect the salary of an interior designer, to begin with, the type of degree that the designer can play a major role. While it is not mandatory in all states to hold a degree in design, if you are applying for a government design role, this may affect the overall package offered to you. Similarly, some designers who focus on a niche field such as sustainable interior design or restaurateurs tend to attract a different salary than the average designer.

High Paying Jobs That Don’t Require A Degree In 2023

There are a number of fields that branch out from the interior design job market. These include the different types of roles that the interior designer himself can adorn, from residential to commercial, corporate, hospitality, institutional, and even religious space designers.

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There are also other additional roles in an interior design office, such as a designer to draw layouts and plans, 3D modeller, project manager, accountants and bookkeepers, public and media relations managers, human resources, etc. they use aesthetically pleasing and efficient housings that leave the user happy and content.

Let’s start with a government interior designer. Interior designers who are hired by the federal executive branch of the United States government fall under this branch. Having years of experience is a major bonus in applying for such jobs.

These are the professionals who are responsible for designing the interior of various government-owned buildings such as courts, assembly halls, cultural buildings, town halls, etc. , gardens, and cafes, etc.

High Paying Jobs Without A Degree Required

A notable feature of this type of interior design is that the consumer is not involved in the decision or design. In addition, in all cases, the interiors try to find an image or a symbol that is majestic, imposing, and even slightly ominous. Therefore, they traditionally feature marble, stone, high ceilings and imposing architectural elements.

Sometimes their role also includes giving a new look to older public buildings by strengthening or repairing them. Agencies such as the Veterans Health Administration, Public Building Services and the State Department are often known to employ interior designers.

It should be noted that most government interior designer jobs will be located in top-tier cities like New York or Washington DC where the cost of living is higher than other cities. So even if you earn a decent package, your net income might be lower or equal to other types of work.

Corporate designers are those who are employed by private companies or large design firms. The main workforce is spent designing different types of chic, contemporary and professional workspaces for clients of all sizes. From the small offices of 25 people to the large headquarters of the company, the design is drawn with a strict adherence to the specific needs of the customers.

Interior Designers Job, Salary, & School Information

While designing an office, various factors such as the number of locations, employees,  building codes, fire safety, etc., are at the forefront of the design goals. The offices are often also made with the socio-cultural beliefs of the company and its values ​​as guidelines.

According to Glassdoor, the average salary of a corporate interior designer is $51,775 and can go up to $70,000.

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These designers not only strictly follow building codes and insurance laws, but also ensure that ergonomics, psychology and science are used to provide a sterile, state-of-the-art healing environment for patients and physicians. Good circulation, optimal ventilation, and HVAC, and state-of-the-art lighting and equipment are just a few of the areas they focus on.

Residential designers are probably the most common type of interior design field. This is probably because as a residential interior designer you have maximum flexibility in terms of design and creativity.

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However, this also means there is a downside. Unlike commercial interior design where the client oversees the big picture, here it is often seen that clients can be demanding and interfere at every stage of design and execution that can hinder the flow and timeline of projects.

The purpose of the work is also often more since each workshop, each room, each piece of furniture, and carpet must be selected individually, depending on how you like to see, you can be exhausted or enjoy the detailed process. After all, God is in the details, and so is beauty!

Residential interior design is a full-time job that also involves the maximum amount of client meetings, discussions, approvals and communications, as each stage must be passed by the client individually.

If the design project in the works is built from the ground up, chances are there will also be outdoor living spaces to be designed. You can also in collaboration with the architect, integrate and adjust the architectural features in this case.

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According to PayScale.com, the average annual salary for an entry-level position is $47,990 with higher paying projects reporting a high of $69,000 for experienced designers.

Some residential interior designers are also involved in house flipping. This means that the whole house is made to the taste and like of the designer and the architect in accordance with the place and the market.

While this is sometimes associated with corporate interior design, commercial designers dedicate their practice to more public spaces, shopping centers, retail outlets, entertainment centers, shops, banks, etc., rather than office.

While building codes and laws are followed here too, the focus is more on a space that spreads brand identity and consumer satisfaction. They know how customers interact with spaces to promote higher steps, increased sales and positive feedback.

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The interior design in such scenarios, helps the brand to sell a product or service to the customer through their experience of the space. They help a brand connect and influence its target clientele. Wayfinding, branding, signage, and display design are some of the tools in their kit.

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Interior design in the field of hospitality mainly around hotels, restaurants, cafes, bistros and bars, lounges, country clubs, spas and fitness clubs. Since this business is driven by service, the design is often luxurious, first-class amenities and deep budget. These projects are often driven by specific styles and meet the business requirement.

For example, a luxurious oriental spa chain will follow high characteristics of the Asian heritage and experience in all its branches. Similarly in a restaurant, the interior designer must provide a well-equipped industrial kitchen, a seating area that is charming but manages the crowd well, and materials that are elegant but hold up to constant use.

Maximizing employee productivity and earning revenue through customer support and guest satisfaction are the goals of hospitality interior designers. A skilled designer will strike the right balance between high-end luxury and optimal functionality that will earn the chain loyal patrons while keeping investors and owners happy.

Interior Design Software Programs To Download In 2023

Sustainable interior designers provide design strategies that have adopted environmentally responsible interior solutions. The most significant criteria in the choice of such practices are the low footprint and environmental impact, low maintenance, as well as durability, flexibility and safety of the comfort of cost-efficiency.

These designers rely on the choice of eco-friendly building materials and sustainable design solutions in interior spaces that are non-toxic. It is worth noting that, for maximum sustainable efficiency, the involvement of a designer from the beginning until the construction of a project is good sense.

For example, the installation of solar panels reduces the use of conventional energy throughout the day. Couple this with proper insulation and suitable local materials for construction, and the result is high energy conservation. Sustainability interior designers can also indicate how to improve air and water quality to enhance the building’s energy efficiency. Common materials, such as floors, are replaced by ecological materials such as cork, bamboo sheets, etc.

Obtaining LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification from the US Green Building Council for Sustainable Designers can be a significant milestone. Glassdoor reports a median salary of $61,646 for sustainable interior designers.

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