Pratt Institute Interior Design Masters – Twenty interior design students from New York’s Pratt Institute present their final projects in its latest school show.

From a building that could purify contaminated flood water to looking at how to improve user experiences at the airport, these projects by Pratt Institute undergraduate and graduate interior design students explore how interiors affect our environment and behavior.

Pratt Institute Interior Design Masters

“Pratt Institute’s Bachelor of Fine Arts and Master of Fine Arts in Interior Design have consistently ranked as the best interior design programs in the United States and are considered some of the most prominent and influential. Coursework prepares students to engage in critical inquiry and exploration—skills that establish them as innovators with impact on the profession, discipline, and indoor environmental research.

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“The programs are architecturally oriented, with an emphasis on spatial articulation. They are designed to guide students in generating creative solutions through an understanding of craft research, light, color and materials. Through theoretical and applied research, the curriculum addresses emerging and innovative technologies, interdisciplinary collaboration. and sustainable practices. Both degrees focus on larger issues of ethical and social responsibility, diversity, equity and inclusion through an understanding of global cultural history and its context.”

“With different scales, functions and degrees of transparency, the interior spaces serve as containers to protect privacy while stimulating communication and participation. Consequently, they respond to individual lives while encouraging community interaction.”

“Activating Boundaries addresses how generic airport experiences have become passive due to the overwhelming amount of stress placed on users throughout their journey. The effects of these emotions leave the user seeking entertainment from the consumerism provided by the post-security check.

“Based on research, the stress experienced by users is increased during waiting periods and delays when there are long lines. Is there any opportunity to reuse these limits? Can stressors be transformed into a sensory experience? How can we move from independently traveling in isolation to experiencing the journey of traveling together?

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“This thesis allowed me to investigate the future of design in the midst of a global pandemic that has changed the way we perceive space and people. It investigates reconnecting people to each other.”

“By 2060, an estimated 13 million Americans will be displaced by sea level rise and coastal flooding. This thesis explores the possibilities of tides, floods and stormwater as ‘materials’ in our built environment. Here their potential is shifted from substances that destroy to resilient tools used for flood management.

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“Water in the built environment is hidden, hyper-controlled through complex plumbing systems and filtered for use. The water outside is uncontrolled and often feared. The flood water is contaminated, picking up traces of where it has been and what it has touched. sea ​​levels are rising, areas previously at risk of 100-year floods will soon be submerged at high tide. How can the interior adapt to embrace the new reality of water, instead of avoiding it?

“My project embraces the future of permanent tidal flooding. The building passively phytoreels toxic water while creating an adaptive interior form. She explores the possibilities of tides, floods and stormwater as tools for long-term resilience in coastal communities. faces an increasing risk of flooding”.

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“Fragment / Reconciliation addresses the complexities of life in a post-conflict, economically disadvantaged community struggling under the burden of the past. Following the events of the Troubles and the death of a dominant industry, a whole generation comes of age in Derry. who must navigate insurmountable unemployment rates and forge a path to peace with little or no outside support.

“To help alleviate the most pressing issue for young people in Derry, we have proposed an incubator and teaching facility to build community resilience through a network of small businesses. The center would provide the resources currently lacking to maintain its workforce and enable upward mobility within the city.

“Growth is made possible through the interactive and reflective practices of the incubator. It engages with the community on a macro scale while also encouraging individual healing on a micro scale. As the user moves through the space, they move from a collaborative environment to a self-reflective environment. one. An archive becomes the basis on which to preserve and reflect the collective memory of the people it serves. By being informed by the past, they can move forward to the best version of their future.”

“This project proposes new ways of living between space. By decomposing interior elements one by one, a layering of interior and exterior space emerges and reinvents traditional spatial constructions.”

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“This thesis focuses on the home as a ‘central agent of change’ in response to the remit between Salvadoran-American transnational identity. Here, remittance signifies the value of a cultural currency by forming a multigenerational landscape of withdrawn and reassembled rituals. emblems.

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“At the beginning of a discourse, there is agency in how the house responds to generational, cultural, psychological and environmental issues to constantly shape, design and re-examine contemporary life.”

“The Nest is a teaching center and prototype full-time detention designed for male teenagers who have committed minor crimes. It is a critique of the current antiquated prison system in New York City. It explores educational, healing and therapeutic spatial relationships and rethinks surveillance. to reform negative behaviors and support mental health issues’.

“Moments of Movement investigates how interior space can directly affect body awareness and interactions with the environment. Rather than casually moving through space, space can be designed to heighten our awareness of our bodies and their relationship to the material world.

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“The intention is to bring more awareness and appreciation to those small, day-to-day events that we often run on autopilot. While we tend to look for spectacular events, life often happens in those everyday moments in between. Instead of rushing past them. , users are asked to slow down and experience those moments.

“The thesis proposes that the body will be part of a network where interactions and movements across thresholds directly affect the environment. By raising the thresholds in a garage and adding screens, mirrors, enhanced lighting, walls and monitors, body movements will be represented as the formative material of the project. As the body moves in and between different areas of the garage, it becomes part of a network and explores the relationship between environment and agency.”

“Place identity is defined by a person’s knowledge of the physical world around them. At their core is a person’s environmental past, made up of places, spaces and features that have shaped their biological, psychological, social and cultural needs.

“This thesis looks at how the changing built environment can be used as a tool to reveal layers of place-identity. The mutual experience of change over time will inform the connection between the physical body and the spatial body, resulting in a stronger sense of self. -identity.”

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“Through the theory that performance exists every day, stage fright occurs in domestic, mundane environments. In this project, customers in a retail furniture store become performers while examining staged vignettes, subverting social thresholds and design standards, the new social and physical. relationships are formed, alleviating the stigma of stage fright.

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“Situated in the theatrical and historical furniture showroom – ABC Carpet and Home – the mounted sets that are intended to present a home setting are criticized as performative. Hired performers interpret various domestic activities, and buyers cross the threshold from audience to performer. In their quest to look at the furniture, test it and imagine it in their own homes, they become part of the show.

“An open floor plan allows programs to flow as a bed becomes a seat in a dining setting. Some toilets are for show, while others have functional plumbing. The sets have spotlights, curtains and a cover system that allows for scene changes. , while the furniture flies overhead, adding a theatrical quality to the show.”

“This thesis explores a shared harmonic environment for residents and tourists. It uses performance rituals to create a prototypical system of cultural interaction and social harmony in UNESCO-rated creative cities of music.

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“Spatial devices create new relationships between tourists and residents, combining with daily events such as dining or relaxing, and cultivating intercultural understanding through the universal language of music and integrating it into the celebration of rituals such as feasts and food.

“Rituals will create a specific spatial quality by heightening cultural experiences by controlling the transparency of sound and visualizing the vibration of sound.”

“Curating Urban Wormholes explores the city through a new lens: inserting cinematic experiences into sidewalk freight elevators that connect invisible, disparate moments in the urban landscape. Elevators function as portals to parallel universes, providing a social and cultural exchange between program and user.

“The project was inspired by the loss of authentic cinema experiences due to the pandemic and the heterotopic quality of underutilized niches in the city.

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“The network of temporary cinema installations in sidewalk freight elevators re-engages the city by activating unused spaces, ‘other’ spaces, unlocking the true potential of the city. The neat serendipity of wormholes invites rediscovery of the urban landscape.

“These wormholes have a nodular quality that gives them an existence of their past at the time of their installation, allowing them to leave behind traces in

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