What Jobs Will Be Replaced By Ai – Recently, Boston Dynamics released a video of a dancing robot. Some people couldn’t believe what they saw. It looks more like a Pixar animation than actual footage.

Should we be afraid of increasingly advanced artificial intelligence and robots? Will artificial intelligence rule the world? More importantly, will it take your job? Or maybe even steal your boyfriend?

What Jobs Will Be Replaced By Ai

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Jobs That Will Be Replaced By Ai In The Near Future

Our survey shows that more and more people are open to the idea of ​​integrating artificial intelligence into their daily lives. They don’t mind AI taking over routine tasks or getting involved in the decision-making process. On the other hand, the adoption of artificial intelligence is also full of doubts and concerns about the risks of artificial intelligence. Here are some of the most interesting trends that caught our attention.

Nearly 69% of college graduates believe AI may replace their jobs or render them irrelevant within a few years

According to respondents, cashiers, drivers and translators are the jobs most likely to be replaced by AI

People are seven times more concerned about AI’s negative impact on the job market than about fair treatment for robots

Careers Ai Cannot Replace

According to a widely-reviewed study on the future of employment (now known as The Oxford Study), some 47% of jobs in the United States are at risk due to rapid computerization.

As TIME’s Alana Semuels points out, many people of color and low-wage workers have lost their jobs due to the COVID-19 pandemic. They’re mostly “cashiers, food service workers, and customer service representatives, which are among the 15 jobs most at risk of automation,” she notes. Now, they’re having trouble finding employment again.

Incidentally, these jobs top our list of occupations most likely to be replaced by AI.

Some 65% of respondents suspect they may lose their jobs to AI within the next few years. And nearly 79% believe that rapid automation is an important issue that we should pay special attention to.

We Asked An Ai Which Tech Jobs Will Be Replaced By Ai In 2023

Work will definitely be disrupted. Because in the future robots will be able to do things better than us. Elon Musk Tesla CEO

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We asked which occupations were most likely to be automated. As a company developing AI chatbots for the e-commerce space, we are also aware of our contribution to changes in the job market. Customer service representative is one of the top jobs in the profession that may soon be obsolete.

Cashiers, drivers and translators are all hot jobs that are already being automated. Self-checkouts, autonomous trucks, and real-time translation software are part of our reality. Not surprisingly, the majority of respondents (63% and 51%) predict that cashiers and drivers are the jobs most likely to be replaced by technology.

Common use cases for artificial intelligence include customer service chatbots. They use machine learning and natural language processing (NLP) to identify message intent. Chatbots can instantly analyze messages and quickly answer frequently asked questions. Companies use them to save money and improve customer experience.

Jobs That Will Be Replaced By Robots Soon

Police, Doctors, Lawyers have been chosen as professions that will survive the AI ​​revolution. Occupations typically associated with creativity appear to be less vulnerable to the disruptive effects of AI technologies on the job market. Nearly 39% and 36% of respondents respectively chose artist and musician as the jobs least likely to be replaced by AI.

While AI is playing an increasingly important role in law or healthcare, AI and robots often play an intermediary role between experts and clients or patients.

Grace, a robot “nurse” created by Hansen Robotics, is more like a hospital receptionist than a real nurse. In any case, most patients would not be comfortable around her, which brings us to the next part of the study.

Machine learning algorithms that perform complex operations are very abstract. But that’s exactly how AI is being used in the modern world today. We use machine learning and neural networks to automate tasks based on large amounts of data.

Top 5 Jobs That Ai Could Replace In The Future

Things get a little more complicated if we want to give AI personalities and physical form. Humans are like other humans, but have an instinctive fear of humanoid machines. Our brains view robots as living humans in the most literal sense of the word, but there is something terribly wrong with them.

This common effect is known as the uncanny valley. Robots with human characteristics are more likely to resonate and interact more pleasantly. But only to a certain point. After reaching the uncanny valley threshold, their appeal declines. Instead of seeing them as humanoid robots, we see them as flawed humans.

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The most popular designs are holograms of the ghostly Cortana and Spot the robot dog. Adding more realistically human features can make the AI’s performance less appealing. Interestingly, female respondents were overall less willing to interact with a robot of any kind.

Generic robots with masculine traits were more attractive to male respondents than to female respondents. A toy-like robot from SoftBank, while described as “cartoon” and “condescending”, is still considered more attractive than a decidedly sexy sculpture by Kong Shan.

Skills That Won’t Be Replaced By Ai In The Future

Obviously, the design of AI avatars and robots is closely related to our social reality. Robot designers use anthropomorphic features to suggest qualities such as strength, helpfulness or attractiveness. These correlate with common gender stereotypes.

Are virtual assistants and conversation partners all women because society generally thinks women are better suited for these roles? Meanwhile, physical robots like MIT’s rescue robot Hermes and Boston Dynamics’ parkour robot Atlas appear distinctly male in shape and form. Is it because they are more masculine and stronger? Prof. Boss Fung, Department of Electronic and Computer Engineering, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Would you let a robot perform unassisted surgery for you?

People may still be skeptical about interacting with intelligent machines. However, they want them to perform the selected action in the future. As it turns out, convenience is the deciding factor.

We don’t mind AI doing our daily chores or helping us take care of our health and safety. However, in some fields, the idea of ​​replacing humans with robots may seem challenging.

Will Ai Take Over The World? 5 Jobs Ai Will Replace And 5 Jobs It Won’t

Stories of people falling in love with mechanical humanoids have existed for centuries. Nineteenth Century Opera “Olympia”

Is a very good early example of what we call a female robot. Despite the growing popularity of sex robots and girl chatbots, they are still considered a fetish and not widely accepted.

However, they are all quite humorous in nature. Fear of intelligent machines is a recurring joke — a pop culture reference rather than a real concern.

Some 57 percent of respondents believe that we need not worry about AI retaliating against humans. It is considered unlikely that AI will control humans or declare war.

Ai Expected To ‘raise The Quality’ Of Every Job Application, Economist Explains

The real dangers of AI relate to the misuse of the technology to commit crimes or influence the labor market.

To some extent, the real threat posed by artificial intelligence is also related to its use as a tool of power.

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Nearly 95% of respondents believe that AI will help large companies and enterprises automate business processes. But only 70% of people think that artificial intelligence will make the lives of ordinary people more convenient.

The fear of artificial intelligence is entirely justified. The degree of acceptance of the above technologies by different groups of people is also very intriguing. Fear of AI is most pronounced among the educated and women. Technology may once again prove to be a factor deepening social divisions.

The Battle Of Robots And Accountants With A Side Of Statistics

For now, the demonstration of the new robot created by Tesla and Elon Musk is just a publicity stunt. It was a man in a costume. Few worry about the invasion of their homes by Terminator-style artificial intelligence robots seeking vengeance.

For a large portion of society, the AI ​​revolution could mean a change in work or lifestyle. Anticipated disruptions to the job market, education, or transportation should be our main concern. before things get out of hand.

For this study on AI fears and trends, we collected answers from 1,225 respondents. We used Amazon’s Mechanical Turk and Reddit.

55% of respondents were men and 45% were women. The mean age of the sample is 39 years with a standard deviation of 13. Given this age and sex composition, the study’s findings can be extrapolated to the U.S. general population.

Is The Future Of Banks In The Hands Of Robots?

Respondents had to answer about 40 questions, most of which were scale-based or multiple-choice questions. The survey has an attention check question.

Has our research helped you learn more about emerging AI trends? Feel free to share the AI ​​statistics from this study. Just remember to mention the source and include a link to this page. Thank you!

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It is widely accepted that many routine or manual “blue collar” jobs have been and will continue to be displaced

What Jobs Will A.i. Replace? Chatgpt Reveals Predictions

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