When Is Interior Design Masters On 2023 – Interior Design Masters with Alan Carr has concluded its fourth series on BBC One. Alan, joined by interiors guru Michelle Ogundehin, put the contestants through their paces, as 10 new designers were looking for their big breakthrough in the fast-paced world of commercial interior design.

Monika Charchula, a furniture artist from Nottingham, has grabbed the crown for 2023, winning a contract to design a high-end cocktail bar in London.

When Is Interior Design Masters On 2023

Chief Judge Michelle previously revealed that she’s looking for energy, enthusiasm and “a sort of devilish attitude” from this year’s crop of aspiring designers. “I’m always looking for someone who is willing to listen,” she told us. “It’s only by listening that they’ll really learn because they have essentially the most intense crash course in interior design ever and they have access to all of this experience.” Those who come in and think they know everything, won’t get it from this show.’

Is There Going To Be Another Series Of Interior Design Masters With Alan Carr On Bbc?

Of rooms in four series, Michelle knows what makes the perfect space. “I think it’s actually very simple, the rooms are just supposed to make you feel good,” she revealed. “Whatever its purpose, whether it’s the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom or study, you have to be able to walk into a space and feel like I can relax or I can do whatever I’m supposed to be doing in this room. And the ingredients for this will be different depending on the shape and size of the room, the look, the budget, all these things But it’s just for

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Interior Design Masters 2023, Episode 6: Slideshow Of Duck Corpses

Interior Design Masters Series 4 is now over, but we’ve got all the gossip about the latest series right here!

Catch up on the series with our episode guide, learn more about the judges, and meet the Interior Design Masters 2023 winner below. Warning: there may be spoilers!

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If you’re a creative person who loves watching home renovation shows, then you’ll definitely enjoy Interior Design Masters – it’s the perfect mix of crafts, DIY, and interior design. And, of course, it’s a competition with a prestigious prize in store for the winner.

Interior Design Masters Winner Banjo Beale On Affordable And Sustainable Ways To Update Your Home

Contestants are asked to renovate a new location each week, and past series have included restaurant remodels, store interiors, and even beach hut redesigns. For some challenges, the contestants are split into small teams and for others they have to work separately.

It is often a real test of their teamwork and communication skills, essential for anyone who wants to become a professional interior designer. It’s a competitive show, but often the best projects are the result of successful collaboration between the contestants.

The show originally launched on BBC Two in 2019 but because it is so popular it has now moved to BBC One.

We don’t yet know when the 2024 series will air, but check this article for updates!

Full Service Interior Design

The first series is currently available on Netflix, but we have no information on when the second series will be added. Series two is still available to watch on the BBC iPlayer.

The Challenges are filmed in a variety of locations in the UK but the show is set in a beautiful brand new design center in Brighton.

Monkia Charchula won the Interior Design Masters 2023 crown! It was well deserved and we have enjoyed seeing his confidence build week after week.

Never in my wildest dreams did I think this would happen? This is the start of something new, something big! Monkia Charchula

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The newest group of aspiring designers will be tested in a variety of challenges, from model homes to shops and luxury holiday cottages. They will visit different destinations across the country and have to impress Michelle Ogundehin and the guest judges with their creative skills every week.

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Those on the losing team will have to sit on the couch and explain their design decisions to the judges, with one contestant sent home each week. We can’t wait to see what spaces the contestants will create and decorate this year!

. He is both a judge and mentor for the contestants and loves seeing their skills develop as the series progresses. She describes her judgmental style as “firm but fair”.

Michelle is delighted that the show has now moved to BBC One: “It’s fantastic! It’s so exciting to be able to share this brilliant program with more people. Love the way the audience engages as they follow our ten trainee designers. I care really them, and viewers start to too. I see it as the stories of people played out throughout their design journey. You can’t help but be captivated.”

Interior Design Masters 2023, Episode 5: Wardrobe Shaped Wardrobe

So, what can we expect from the new series? “Another lineup of amazing characters, each with their own take on what makes a Master of Interior Design,” says Michelle. “I love how they start with all their preconceptions, then they go through the mill to realize this is actually pretty hard, and then how they start considering different ways of doing things!

“They’re all really talented, so they learn as much from each other as I do if they’re open to it. Some are more open than others, though I always try to reiterate that teamwork makes the dream work! The hard part it’s that they also want to shine as individuals, and therein lies the challenge.”

What does Michelle hope to see from the contestants? “Passion and perseverance. Someone who is eager to learn and eager to get stuck,” she says. “I make them jump through all kinds of hoops so they can start to see what it takes to become a professional interior designer. It’s not easy. But the ones who win are the ones who give it their all with energy and enthusiasm.

“Of course, there are also important details like getting each project done, understanding the brief and creating something magical! Like I said, it’s not easy.”

How To Watch Interior Design Masters On Bbc Iplayer In Australia? [for Free]

Comedian and TV presenter Alan Carr took over as Interior Design Masters presenter in the second series. The show was previously hosted by Fearne Cotton. Alan is best known for hosting

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Alan’s bond with the contestants is one of our favorite parts of the show, but he admits saying goodbye can be difficult: ‘It’s so hard especially towards the end of the series because, as you say, you end up literally spending days with them and not you can help but know about them and what is going on in their family life.

“At least with the easing of the Covid rules in this series, I can give them a hug or a pat on the back when they are sent home. In the last series I felt terrible just giving a small nod from two meters away.”

With two series behind you, how has Alan’s approach to interior design changed? “I think I’ve finally figured it out. Half the battle is learning and understanding the lingo. Does my house have a story? Is there a flow? Does my front room need a pop of color? Once I understand that, I think to be halfway;” he says.

Hot Interior Design Trends For Summer 2023

“Interior design to me is like the dark arts, it’s all subliminal messaging and takes your eye to certain aspects of the room. You probably don’t realize it, but your favorite pub, cafe or shop is drawing you in because of some really clever design tricks. It’s all smoke and mirrors. I made it look like Michelle Ogundehin is a member of the Illuminati!”

We don’t know the contestants for Interior Design Masters 2024 yet but we will update this page as soon as we know! If you fancy meeting the brilliant aspiring designers of Series 4, read on…

Interior Design Master with Alan Carr S4, (left to right) Peter, Ry, Buse, Charlotte, Temi, Jack, Tom, Monika, Karl, Joanne, Darlow Smithson Productions, Ben Cross

Kicking off the new series of Interior Design Masters, Michelle sent designers to the Elephant in Castle in London!

Interior Design Masters 2023: Who Won Final After Pub Design Challenge?

They were challenged to redesign five studio apartments with a focus on sustainability. The designers have come together to create a studio flat for a range of different ages.

We also discovered the big prize: the possibility of redesigning the famous chain of bars The Cocktail Club.

Highlights: We loved Jack’s open space that exudes confidence, Temi’s children’s circus room,

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