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Who Is Jack From Interior Design Masters

We were lucky enough to get the chance to speak with Jack Kinsey after his journey on the BBC’s Masters in Interior Design programme. Jack is a finalist and in his latest scheme he has used our fantasy fabrics and pillows to transform his pub in Brighton.

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The inspiration behind my final design during my masters of interior design was the running name of the pub, “Earth and Stars.” The pub’s name gave me the perfect excuse to run wild with a heavenly theme. I chose Emma Shipley’s Lynx fabric as the perfect accent to the backs of bar stools and tub chairs because the pattern was so legendary and featured constellations.

Classic charm, I’m obsessed with Georgian, Victorian and Art Deco grandeur. I love the rich extravagance you see in the architecture and interiors. I’m always drawn to more ornate old buildings, and I love carved plaster and paneling. It’s the perfect canvas to go either traditional or ultra-modern, and sometimes the two are blended to create a gallery/gallery effect!

I needed to get out of my comfort zone and knew it would be the perfect competition for me to enter given how passionate I am about interior design.

My top 3 interior hacks always boil down to the basics: The geometry of the room you’re in.

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1. Does it have high ceilings? If so, take the color and roll it directly onto the walls and ceilings. You can do this by using paint or wallpaper to create a sense of comfort and relaxation. If you are blessed with natural light, take the opportunity to go BOLD go DARK, it achieves an immersive feeling with an instant wow factor!

2. My second tip is to look at the structural structure by adding seams and inserting paneling on potential walls and ceilings as well. Traditional paneling can elevate a room to feel more expensive and premium, while contemporary paneling can provide a relaxing, spa-like feel especially if it’s draped over the ceiling.

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3. My third design hack is color blocking, you may be wondering what that is but it’s so simple and incredibly effective; It mainly uses complementary paints or wallpapers to highlight an area of ​​a room. The simplest would be to keep the walls white or a very neutral color and then insert a noticeably brighter or darker paint color halfway up the wall thus creating a horizontal line.

Think of the bigger picture and the end result, I’ve sometimes found I’ve designed a room so luxurious you wouldn’t dare sit down or touch anything. The room needs to make you feel invited and that you both enjoy each other’s company. Don’t be precious, you have a coffee table with some scratches, maybe a second hand with wear and rust on it anyway!

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If you want to go extreme, do so with confidence, unleash your inner artist and think about how you would “organize” a scrapbook or mood board, do all the elements used speak to each other and work as a whole? Max does not become hoarded with lots of bits and objects, it creates harmonious drama and theater.

More Lynx fabric and pillows I want to create a very similar nook in my home inspired by my end. The EJS fabric-backed tub chairs and matching cushions will create the perfect homage to what the interior design masters were like to ride a crazy roller coaster!

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Interior Design Masters Contestants 2023

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This experience fueled my passion for interior designs even more; Transforming unique spaces within tight schedules and budgets was something I thrived on throughout the show’s run. The competition allowed me to realize that I could do anything with the budget and the space I was given.

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Hey, and thanks for showing up. I’m Jack, an interior designer in the heart of rural Norfolk. From this beautiful province, my love of interiors has blossomed from a hobby into a profession I am passionate about.

I was originally trained in the fine arts but soon realized after converting an old church into my first home that I loved the restoration and timeless interior design. Becoming a church has enriched me with the skills to pursue a career in interior design.

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It has since completed many residential and commercial projects such as theaters, hotels, bars and restaurants across the country. From my roots in Norfolk to other areas such as Oxford, Harrogate and even further afield in Scotland.

My design aesthetic is timeless, cutting out trends that can go back in history. I love to create a space that sings and impresses in the long run. I love mixing the old world with the world we live in today, merging the classic with the modern.

I offer a range of services from initial consultation, mood boards and 3D modeling – all the way to seeing your design become reality! It all starts with reaching out and saying hello. Just email me via the contact form here to organize a chat! He will return to our screens this month for a fourth series, with Alan Carr and Michelle Ogunden taking on their roles as presenter and judge once again.

The eight-part competition show sees aspiring designers compete to create stunning interiors for everything from offices to shops to boogie hut holidays.

Jack Kinsey Interior Design

Former ELLE Decoration Editor Michelle Ogundine returns as the show’s Head Judge, setting a new challenge each week for the interior decorating enthusiast, then judging their efforts alongside a special guest designer. Previous seasons have featured familiar faces from the world of interiors such as Laurence Llewellyn-Bowen, Abigail Ahern, Matthew Williamson and Jonathan Adler.

“Another wonderful assortment of personalities, each with their own perspective on what makes a master of interior design,” says Michelle. “I love how they start out with all their preconceived notions, and then they run through the mill realizing that this is actually very hard, and then how they start thinking about different ways of doing things.”

Each episode will see the weakest design innovator eliminated from the competition. The winner of the series will receive a career opportunity for life – a contract with a leading boutique hotel.

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So what are the qualities that Michelle wants to see in a winner? I am primarily looking for people who are open to learning, have a can-do attitude and a unique point of view. I can only bring out the best in someone who is willing to accept that they don’t really know everything, and no one wants to see design by numbers, she says.

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The best designers, whether beginners or well-established, understand that they are first and foremost in serving their clients.

It’s all too easy to fall into the trap of falling short on old favorites or personal necessities, but if it doesn’t fit the scheme, location, purpose, or brevity, you have to be big enough to change it. However, passion also goes a long way, as does enthusiasm!

Originally broadcast on BBC Two in 2019, the program has now moved to BBC One after becoming very popular with viewers.

The challenges are filmed in a variety of locations across the UK, but judging and elimination take place in an elegantly designed studio in Brighton.

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By entering your details you agree to our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy. You can unsubscribe at any time. Rutland Hall starred in the quarter-final episode of BBC One’s Masters in Interior Design – footage of Rutland Water featured heavily.

Hosted by comedian Alan Carr, the show follows aspiring interior designers as they transform ordinary spaces into innovative designs.

The episode of the Rutland Hall Hotel, which aired last night (Tuesday), featured contestants Jack, Monica, Timmy and Tom transforming a wedding inn on the hotel grounds on the north shore of Rutland Water.

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Divided into two teams, each group was tasked with decorating a hut for the bride or groom.

Jack and Timmy created a space for the bride, while Monica and Tom were in the groom’s cabin.

Tom V

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