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How Much Does Mice Extermination Cost? While some homeowners are comfortable dealing with mice themselves, others are not. The average cost of a mouse exterminator is $377, with prices ranging from $176 to $579, making it an affordable cost for many homeowners.

How Much Is An Exterminator For Mice

The pitter-patter of little feet is not a welcome sound when it comes from inside the wall—or the closet, or under the sink, or under the stove—and can send residents scurrying to find “rodent control near me.” Mice are a fact of life for many homeowners and renters, especially as the weather gets colder, and infestations do not always reflect the cleanliness of the house: Wherever there is a good water supply, there are crumbs here, and it is warm. The place for the nest is inviting for mice. While some people find mice cute, unfortunately they are unhealthy guests and can carry diseases, so it is important for residents to deal with them when they appear. But how much does professional extermination cost? According to HomeAdvisor and Angi, the price ranges from $176 to $579 , with a national average of $377 (not more than most people will spend traps and spray foam for DIY projects), but the total cost of the exterminator will depend on a number of factors.

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How do residents know they have rats? And does it matter whether it is a house mouse or a deer mouse, or another species entirely? Signs can be subtle if there are only a few mice, but as the problem grows, so does the number of indicators. If only one or two mice have been moved in, some residents may be willing to take on the removal job themselves. But if there are more than just a few mice, it makes sense to call in a professional. Professionals can be found by searching for “rat killer near me” or, if the guests are larger, “rat killer near me.”

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While the mechanism of rodent extermination is quite simple, the steps taken determine the overall cost. No two infestations are the same as the next, and different home conditions can add complexity—and cost—to extermination. For this reason, answering the question “How much does rat exterminator cost?” may be more complicated than it appears. Taking the following factors into consideration when budgeting can help customers prevent the total cost of rodent exterminators or rodent exterminators from being an unpleasant surprise.

Inspections determine the location and severity of infestations and the need for repair services. In many cases, extermination companies will provide a free inspection and consultation in order to provide a plan and estimate. Some companies charge an inspection fee but will waive the fee if the customer hires them to provide the service. While they are not free or waived, the inspection fee is in the range of $100 to $250, depending on the size of the home.

It’s rare to have just one rat living in a house, so if a resident knows one, chances are there are at least a few more. And if there are many, the problem can be quite big. The size of the infestation affects the cost because it will determine the most effective extermination method and how many subsequent visits after the initial visit are required. After all, even the best mouse traps can’t eliminate advanced infestations. Removing a small infestation can cost as little as $200 to $400, while a large problem can cost between $330 and $600.

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Mice are small and very flexible, and prefer to nest in tight spaces where they feel safe. For nests placed in areas that are difficult for exterminators to reach for bait, traps, or removal, extermination costs will be higher. A nest or runway that is more accessible is easier to handle and takes less time, so the cost will be lower.

Costs will also increase for very large spaces because there is more ground to cover. For example, the extermination of mice in a cage can cost up to $1,000, while a cage will only run $200 at most.

The extermination plan corresponds to the amount of space that needs treatment. Larger areas equal more removal tools, more setup time, more potential entry point fixes, and more follow-up. Homes that are larger than average for their geographic location may be charged additional fees to cover the cost of time and materials required to complete the project. For reference, customers can expect to pay upwards of $200 to $400 for rat extermination of a 1,000 to 2,000 square foot space. A 3,000- to 4,000-square-foot area may cost as much as $1,000.

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If the mice have taken over the shed and must be removed and abandoned, the cost of extermination will generally be less, as the whole project is limited to one small part of the property. On the other hand, a large house with a garage and outbuildings provides many hidden nesting areas and many potential entry points, which means more time and materials and higher overall costs.

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Mice can be trapped alive and moved; trapped, killed, and stripped; or disabled through other means and deleted. Trapping is the cheapest method of removal. Live removal costs vary depending on the type of property and the extent of the infestation. Relocation of trapped mice is a major expense with this method. Fumigation is the most expensive option, as the cost is assessed by the square foot and requires significant cleanup after the process is complete.

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Exterminators can keep killing or eliminating mice and rats indefinitely—and in some forest areas, this is necessary. However, in some cases, it is better if the exterminator can identify potential access points to the home and block them, which can actually protect the home. According to Emory Matts, a certified entomologist and technical services manager for Rentokil Terminix, homeowners will want to “Seal all gaps larger than one-quarter inch (6 mm). Seal holes larger than one-half inch (10 mm). Gaps or holes should first filled with rodent-resistant material such as metal wool and then placed with sealant or other suitable material. Often this exclusion process is included in the basic cost of extermination, but if not, it is worth asking about the extra cost.

After the house is sealed, residents have several tasks. This can include pruning back trees and shrubs that help rodents climb up and to the front, install a screen over the air vent to block the access of rodents, and repair any holes in the roof and balcony windows. All these measures will go a long way in preventing re-infection. The repair may be a DIY project, or residents may prefer to hire a handyman or contractor to do the work for $50 to $300.

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Some areas just have more rats than others, or have seasonal changes that bring rats indoors. In other cases, the terrain provides for large rodent populations. The size of the rat population in an area affects the number of exterminators, which may cost more due to the lack of professionals in the area. For example, the cost of rat extermination in Atlanta (where mice and rats are common) is almost $765 on average, while in Pittsburgh the average price is $192. In addition, the cost of extermination tends to be higher in cities, where licensed exterminators are in high demand and treating one unit in an apartment complex can mean trying to get access to neighboring units as part of the abatement plan. Removal directly in the city is expensive because of the distance rodents must be transported to move.

Even after getting rid of rats, homeowners still have work to do, and failure to prepare for these additional costs can result in the extermination project not being completed or causing reinfestation. Not all of these costs will apply to every situation, but it is important for residents to take into account if they are not included in the exterminator language service.

Rats can cause damage when they gain access to your home, but once inside, they can cause havoc. Chewed drywall, bitten electrical wires, damaged HVAC systems—the cost of fixing these problems can quickly add up. And if rodents have chewed through the pipes and caused a leak, costs can add up quickly as the homeowner has to cover the cost of repairing the pipes in addition to wall, ceiling, and floor repairs as well as mold or mildew damage. The inspection provided by the extermination company must give the house

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