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Buying a new couch is difficult on many levels, but if you have a pet, it makes it even more difficult. While you want something stylish, comfortable, and affordable, you also need to be careful about getting something that your furry friend won’t destroy. If you’re looking for a sectional sofa or a classic sofa that will last for years (even with a cat or dog), you’re in the right place.

Most Durable Couch For Dogs

To help, we’ve searched high and low across the web and found nine options worth shopping for, whether you’re worried about Fido’s skinny, Felix claws or not.

The Best Pet Friendly Couches

Red wine. We’ve also found options at a wide range of price points, including styles under $1,000 that you can buy through Amazon Prime, as well as investment pieces that you’ll use for years (and ideally decades). But first, some expert advice.

Where to start? Well, for starters, it’s smart to look for sofas with “removable and removable covers for customers with children and pets,” says Kimberly Kronberger, business leader for living room furniture at Ikea U.S. “Not only can you wipe and clean these covers, but you can also replace them when needed, which is a cheaper option than replacing the entire sofa due to dirt or stains.”

Another rule of thumb is to choose fabrics when they are available. “These days, many furniture brands offer beautiful velvets and smooth weaves that resist rips, spills and stains, and they really last for years,” says Shelby Girard, VP of Creative & Design at Havenly. “Look for fabrics with a high number of threads and threads – the higher the number, the more durable the fabric. And for those with active children and pets, I recommend using leather fabrics such as terrycloth (they tend to have) or I stay away from real linen (easy to stain).

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Kronberger makes a good point, noting that whether or not a couch is “quality” ultimately “depends on what’s important to you.” According to an interior design expert, here are some guidelines to consider: “Do you have pets or children? If so, a sofa with a removable cover may be your best bet, so you can easily remove the cover and put it away quickly. clean quickly. If you have space in your home, a sofa with built-in storage may be right for you.. Or if you live in a space where your living space needs to double for sleeping – a sofa bed can be a good idea. When choosing your sofa “Ergonomics are very important – If you like a comfortable position, go for a low, deep seat. A higher, narrower seat promotes an upright posture, while a high pillow supports your neck and shoulders.”

Minimal Design Grey Sofa Slipcovers Sectional Couch Covers Soft Chenille Sofa Covers For 2 3 Cushion Couch,recliner Chair,loveseat Couch Cover For Dogs Pets, 71

Another great tip? “The right sofa should always reflect how you live (or plan to live) in that space,” says Girard. For example: “If you have a TV room, a large and soft sectional is comfortable enough for the whole family. For elegant living spaces and sitting rooms, your sofa can have a more upright seat so that guests can sit on it easily. to lean on to chat or take their drink. If your sofa is in a light-filled space, remember that sunlight can fade darker colors over time. In this case, choose a fabric that is more fade-resistant.” In the end, choosing a quality sofa depends on your lifestyle and personal preferences.

Obviously, measurements are your friend, and luckily, brands actually give you exact measurements so you can find a sofa or sectional with the perfect width, height, and depth for your space. But remember, it’s not just about whether it fits, it fits

. “It’s all about scale—too big and your couch takes up the entire room, too small and there’s no place to sit,” says Girard. “If you’re short on square footage, look for sofas and loveseats with slim proportions and shallower seat depths. For larger spaces, play with a large sectional or a pair of sofas to tighten the space. In the case of a difficult room. designs that You may have to wait longer, but you can choose the exact length, width and depth you need.

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Oh, and one tip that both Girard and Kronberger were quick to point out is that you should measure your doorways and stairs to make sure you can even get your couch into the house. “This is an easily avoidable mistake that I see all too often,” says Professor Heavenly. Read on to see the picks we’ve assembled based on advice from Kronberger and Girard and extensive market research. Our personal favorite is the Burrow Block Nomad Sectional Sofa ($2,090). Meet your game ahead.

Tips For Choosing Pet Friendly Furniture

Bondi’s suite in the Weather is mostly lifelike, not to mention comfortable and spacious. Our top pick is this expensive (yet perfect!) sofa. Before you worry about the price, let’s explain: Each seat block and cushion is covered in stain- and water-resistant nylon for protection, and the fabric covers are removable for easy washing.

Details: Width: 103.9″ | Height: 32.3″ | Depth: 65.7″ | Upholstery: Polyester Chenille | Color Options: 4 | Seat Capacity: 3 | Filling Material: Foam

This sofa has removable covers that you can easily throw in the wash or replace, just like Kronberger recommends. Despite its lower cost than most options, buyers say it’s durable and the thick cover holds up well in the washing machine. “We have already washed it three times,” writes the examiner. “Once when we opened it to remove stains, then a guest spilled red wine, our cat got sick. Just wash and air dry.”

Details: Width: 88.25″ | Height: 36.25″ | Depth: 36.25″ | Upholstery: Polyester | Color Options: 7 | Seat Capacity: 3 | Filling Materials: Polyester Fiber & Foam

Best Pet Friendly Furniture & Decor: What To Look For

Not only is this sofa photogenic, it’s made from sustainable materials, which the brand describes in detail on its product page (FSC-certified wood frame! 100% recycled fiber filled cushions! And more!). In keeping with this ethics-first philosophy, the brand sells replacement parts so you can repair it, not replace it (in case your furry friends cause havoc). For more information, read our full review of Sabai Design The Essential Sectional.

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Details: Width: 85″| Height: 32″ | Depth: 34″|Furniture: Velvet & Polished| Color Options: 5| Seat Capacity: 4 | Filling Materials: Recycled Fiber Filling

One or two quadrupeds). The sofa is reversible, so you can put it on the other side of the couch, or even in the middle if you’re feeling experimental. Plus, it has a built-in USB charger and a 72-inch power cord that powers your device while you watch Netflix. Explore more sofas from Burrow with our curated guide.

Details: Width: 85″| Height: 33″ | Depth: 61″ | Upholstery: Olefin Fiber | Color Choices: 5 | Seat Capacity: 3+ | Filling Material: Foam U Nice Home Large Sofa Cover Reversible Couch Cover For Dogs With Elastic Straps Water Resistant Furniture Protector For Pets Couch Cover For 4 Cushion Couch (oversized Sofa, Burgundy/tan)

This sofa is an Amazon favorite, praised for its convertible design and ability to resist cats and dogs. How it works is that the ottoman is detachable, meaning you can easily convert it into a right or left sectional or a three-seater sofa with ottoman. Explore more sofas from Amazon with our guide.

Details: Width: 77.6″ | Height: 35″ | Depth: 52.4″ | Upholstery: Polyester | Color Options: 4 | Seat Capacity: 3 | Filling Materials: Cotton & Foam

Not only is this sofa stylish and modern, but the low silhouette makes it easy for dogs with short legs to reach. In true West Elm style, you can customize it a million different ways. We recommend choosing a fabric that is stain-resistant and highly durable, made from a sturdy fabric such as twill, canvas, or linen. Check out more sofas from West Elm in our curated guide.

Details: Width: 70″| Height: 26.25″ | Depth: 35″ | Upholstery: Multiple Options | Color Options: 75+ | Seat Capacity: 3 | Filling Material: Memory Foam

The 8 Best Couch Covers For Dogs Of 2023

You can upholster this sleeper sofa in a variety of pet-friendly fabrics—50 to be exact. (The brand has a section on its website that shows the differences between each fabric, if you’re interested.) Believe it or not, style beautiful foam for comfortable guests. See which other Joybird sofas we love in our full guide.

Details: Width: 79″| Height: 37″ | Depth: 35″ | Upholstery: 11 options | Color options: 50 | Seating capacity: 2-3 | Filling material: Foam

Equal parts stylish and practical, this sofa features a plush frame and comfortable cushions. The fabric is made of 95% polyester and 5% nylon, chosen for its strong weave and ability to hold stains (although

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