How To Detail Your Own Car Interior – The UK’s coronavirus outbreak has put Britons under fairly strict travel measures, with exemptions only granted for essential travel and for key workers. But what tasks can you do to keep yourself from mind-numbing boredom?

No, not literally. Take this time away from work, school or other commitments to give your car the TLC it deserves.

How To Detail Your Own Car Interior

This guide will take you on the journey of cleaning your car like a true pro, from the exterior to the interior.

Deep Interior Cleaning Explained

Getting the right equipment for the job is a breeze, saving you time and more importantly, any embarrassing mistakes.

If you have a pressure washer and a brand new detail wax, you’ll be done in no time, but for many drivers, you can turn to a cheap bucket and sponge to fight the grime.

However, you may want to top it off with a range of waxes and sprays to help keep your vehicle looking like it just rolled off the showroom floor. This becomes more critical for drivers who own older cars – you’ll often find that you may need to actively protect the paintwork with a range of products, compared to newer models that still have the protective clearcoat stuck on.

Did you know that detergents and cleaning products can actually damage your car’s paint? Avoid using anything not specifically made to clean your car.

How To Clean The Inside Of Your Car And The Best Products To Use

This will usually be quite obvious as the wax may have a picture of a car on the front or the spray may contain keywords (ie car spray, car spray).

While some store-bought waxes will only cover the paint, you can find a product that can also be used to cover your car’s chrome panels and headlights – buying multi-purpose products will keep your costs down.

As mentioned in the previous section, make sure you assess the condition of your vehicle and its needs before cleaning.

Apply tire polish to clean, restore and rejuvenate tires. These products will keep your tire looking shinier for longer – simply apply it to your tire and it will look better than usual.

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Tips To Achieve A ‘dealership Clean’ For Your Car

Apply to protect the strut and add shine to your vehicle’s exterior. This spray can be sprayed on your car as a quick alternative to waxing and will leave you with a shiny texture.

Apply this to your polish to prevent color fading and sun damage. Carefully spread it on the exterior of the car and clean with a dry microfiber cloth to obtain a mirror finish.

Apply it liberally, depending on the brand, to the surface of your vehicle after you’ve washed it to remove dirt and grime from your car’s exterior. After shampooing, simply rinse the dirt off the car.

Apply to glass surfaces on the car to remove accumulated dirt, for both exterior and interior use. This cleaner lets you see where you’re going – just use a microfiber cloth with this product to create a smudge-free finish on your vehicle.

How To Deep Clean The Inside Of Your Car

Before using any type of sponge to remove large pieces of dirt from the exterior of the vehicle, spray the vehicle with either a hose or pressure washer.

Attacking the car wildly with the sponge before the surface is wet will likely leave you with a dirty sponge and a dirty car nonetheless.

After rinsing the car completely, take some car shampoo and a sponge and start scrubbing. We recommend starting from the roof and working your way down.

Once you’re satisfied that you’ve removed all visible dirt from your vehicle, repeat the previous step to wash off all the soapy liquid from the exterior of your car – and you should reveal a much cleaner vehicle!

Best Car Interior Cleaners, Tested By Experts (2023 Guide)

After revealing your car’s true color beneath the previously soiled mask, you’ll need a microfiber cloth or otherwise a rag to dry the car’s surface. Again, we recommend starting at the top of the car and working your way down – most dirt collects towards the bottom of the car.

Of course, you can let the car air dry if it’s a sunny day, but that won’t guarantee the shine and smudge-free finish you were hoping for.

You should now have a pretty shiny finish on your car and a sense of satisfaction from cleaning your car.

Apply the product to each panel of your car in a circular motion to avoid streaks. Covering your car’s body with a layer of wax will prevent future fading and discoloration – two side effects of sun damage.

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Interior Car Detailing

(You may find it easier to work in small sections so the wax doesn’t dry too much and is harder to remove, so start from the front and work your way towards the back or vice versa).

Grab a dry chamois cloth and rub the wax in a circular motion to reveal the shine underneath.

If you find wax building up in your car’s crevices or emblems, you can grab a soft-bristled brush and remove the wax build-up. Make sure you rinse the toothbrush before putting it back in the holder. I’m kidding!

You should now have a smug face staring back at you from the shine of your car. But what about the extra products you bought?

Denver Car Interior Detailing Services

Apply the window cleaner to all the glass on the exterior of your car, let it sit, then use a clean cloth to remove the cleaner to reveal a clean window underneath.

Then apply some tire shine and either spray or rub the product on the tires to restore their appearance.

This advice is key to every step of cleaning your car – CHECK THE INSTRUCTIONS. While most products conform to the standards we’ve described, there are differences between brands that have their own specifications.

Once you’ve completed this last step and your car’s exterior looks brand new, it’s time to jump into the cockpit and make some magic there too!

How Long Does It Take To Detail A Car?

Whether your car is full of takeaways, full of mud from walking the dog, or a temporary graveyard for plastic bottles, the first step is to remove all trash from your car.

Remove anything that prevents you from cleaning properly. This also means pulling out your removable carpets and placing them outside the car for a while.

Grab the vacuum and push the seats back, dive into every nook and cranny and try to get the vacuum into those hard to reach places (ie vents and cup holders).

If you have a pet, you may need to find a more powerful vacuum to meet your needs, or grab a wet cloth to pick up the hair.

The Ultimate Guide To Diy Car Detailing

When you’re satisfied that you’ve removed most of the dirt, it’s time to get down and dirty.

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Whether you spray and wipe the cleaner into the seats or apply it to a cloth first, check the instructions first.

These usually come in the form of wipes that can simply be used to change the seats once. Alternatively, you may want to use a special leather seat spray with a leather brush to effectively clean your seats.

Once you are sure that the seat is clean and no longer smells like you or other drivers, you should get leather protection for your seats – these products are used to maintain the quality of the leather and prevent it from cracking under the surface. intense sun exposure. Rub it down with a seat cloth and get all the benefits of silky smooth seats for your rear end and others.

How Often Should You Detail Your Car? — Fresh Layer Mobile Car Detailing San Diego

We do not recommend that you go over the same areas of the seats over and over again, but instead repeat the treatment process for other fabric and leather upholstery inside your vehicle (side panels, roof, headrests).

It may be a bit more difficult than cleaning the seats, but it will freshen up your trim and make the whole car look like it just rolled off the factory floor.

While many of us like to think our car is made of pure muscle or has a luxurious leather interior – the reality is that most are made of plastic.

So the best thing to do to deal with plastic areas (ie dashboard, center console, doors) is to use a designated product. But before we dive into which product is best for this type of surface, let’s tackle a problem that many people have with plastic trim.

Time To Spring Clean Your Car’s Interior

Stains – whether from a muddy shoe or from where you took the whole car with you. Unfortunately, while most plastic cleaners will help keep the interior looking incredibly shiny, they don’t have the properties to break up stains and remove dirt (in our experience).

A nice and cost-effective way to treat these stains is to take a damp cloth or sponge and a solution of warm water and

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