What Interior Design Style Am I – When you’re trying to achieve a certain vibe in your home, it can be overwhelming to figure out what you’re drawn to versus what works well

To help, we’ve created the following set of mood boards that identify popular decor styles that many home lovers dream of.

What Interior Design Style Am I

They will help you determine the home decorating style or mix of styles that resonates most with you and serve as a tool for communicating your creative vision with your designer.

The Ultimate Guide To Parisian Style Decor

Style is based on the concept of the now, the here and now. This style is neither warm and fuzzy nor cold and harsh; it’s common. Clutter does not exist in a contemporary space, while the design elements of neutral, clean, smooth and subtle rule.

Is synonymous with saturated jewel tones, mirrors (and mirrored furniture), eclectic figures, metallics, richly tufted furniture, and all things fancy. Maximalism is the watchword. If it’s lush, beautiful or sparkling, you know you’re on the right track.

Includes mixing modern design with the classic style as we know it. To bring this combination of classic and modern, color is the most important ingredient. The modern colors are represented in colors such as grey, silver, white, black, dark chocolate and the grayest of blue shades. More elaborate pieces like a chandelier and cozy sofas work easily with this style.

Is all about freedom of expression, breaking rules, and mixing and matching. Eclectic, more than any other type of home decor style, combines bits and pieces of many other styles and stirs them together in a space that simply, but ultimately, aims to please the owner.

Here’s Why A Womb Chair Is The Perfect Addition To Your Interiors

Exudes rawness and the edgy harshness one associates with primitive surroundings. It’s textural, it’s gray, and it’s worn, but it’s also full of renewed and recycled vitality.

Is born from a time of contemporary patterns, and unique accents. Pieces in this style tend to be relatively straightforward and uncomplicated, and substantial parallels are drawn between nature and man-made functionality.

Meshes modern design with a Victorian flair. This style brings the nostalgic appeal of bygone Victorian days into your home, but in a modern way. These perfect mixes all make a true style statement that says, “I love modern design, but I also love the curves and quality of Victorian antiques.”

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Offers an organic, straight-from-the-earth lifestyle. Pieces in a rustic stylish space have lived a good life. They are or at least appear to be, rebuilt, hand built, used and reused (heaven knows how many times), and perfectly imperfectly rough and worn.

Mediterranean Style Decor Guide

He was born in the colonial era and took his decor cues from such a time. Although structure and predictable order play a role, the traditional style is ultimately about comfort, warmth and familiarity.

Try a search for your favorite style to find more inspiring examples. Good places to look are Houzz, Pinterest and Google. Type in your preferred home decor style and room type, such as rustic style living room. Your search results will bring up hybrids of your style, providing more options to help determine further inspiration.

For many who are afraid of making expensive mistakes, the amount of planning and careful consideration required to design their dream space is overwhelming.

Why not leave it to our trained eye to create what you are trying to achieve. Our years of professional design experience are in great hands.

Everything You Need To Know About Bohemian Design

We understand that decorating your home alone, without the necessary decorating know-how can sound daunting, and we are here to come to the rescue. We live and breathe interior decorating. We know the tricks of the trade and have the required tools to help you work towards satisfying home decorating solutions. Solutions that you will enjoy for years.

To begin our design process, we send you a client questionnaire to gather information about your project requirements, your design goals, and personal style preferences.

Then we meet at the project location to discuss your ideas, collect inspiration images, measurements and photos of your space.

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Modern Vs Contemporary Design Style: What’s The Difference?

Some interior design styles can be self-explanatory. But many of the most in-demand and influential design styles of recent years require a bit more explanation… get more complicated from there.

If you find yourself struggling to tell a minimalist interior from a medieval one, we are here to help. Although the lines aren’t always so cut and dry, there are a few main principles of any interior design style that can help you identify even the most eclectic home.

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Being able to easily identify any interior design style is more than just a clever party trick – it can also help you define your own personal style and find more of what you gravitate towards. It can also give you permission to mix and match depending on your intuition and feelings, and throw those labels to the wind – if that’s what your personal style calls for. Of course, these styles and trends change rapidly from month to month, so there’s always something new to learn. And if you land on a new style all your own, go ahead and give it a name—we might just write about it next week.

Read on to see the most important design styles you need to know, with their key characteristics and insights from designers we love.

What Is Modern Classic Style In Interior Design

Although it has largely taken a backseat to more casual styles in recent years, traditional design is undergoing something of a renaissance, and we find ourselves falling for stately rooms and beautiful antiques all over again.

It’s not hard to deduce that traditional design is inspired by—you guessed it—tradition. Specifically traditions of 18th and 19th century European interiors, although in a more timeless approach. Symmetry, harmony, and understated elegance are defining characteristics.

Classic furniture, intricate details and rich colors abound in traditional interiors, resulting in decidedly formal yet functional spaces. Architecture is another important component, with detailed millwork such as crown molding and wainscoting playing an important role.

One of the main rules of interior design is always “edit, edit, edit” – but that should come with a caveat. “Edit, edit, edit”—

Design The Home You Love

You are a maximalist at heart. “More is always more,” says designer and founder of Andrew Martin, Martin Waller. “Layer texture and pattern to create excitement in a home – more rugs, more art, more objects.”

This no-holds-barred style is all about mixing bold patterns, bright colors, unexpected textures, and more in a technicolor whirlwind that delights the senses and always lets you notice a new detail. There are very few rules when it comes to maximalism, but we always think that wallpaper is a good starting point because it immediately ups the ante of the interior without overwhelming it spatially.

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Of course, there is a difference between “maximalistic” and “overwhelming.” Some editing is, to be sure, still necessary, although it is much more based on intuition and impulse. Be sure to step back each time and take in the room as a whole. Or, even better, take a photo to give yourself some impartiality and distance so you can see if the maximalist style works in your home.

Not sure if you can pull off this look? Try starting in a small space, like a guest room or hall bath, to limit the amount of square footage you have to festoon.

Summarizing The Prominent Design Trends That Ruled 2022

At the opposite end of the spectrum we have minimalism – the true “less is more” design philosophy makes a big impact with bright, clean spaces that keep clutter to a minimum and often have a hyper-restricted color palette of muted neutrals or pures. black and white.

While minimalist styles often include hints of Midcentury Modern or Scandinavian styles, this look is more about what is

Present Hint: Expect to pull a major Marie Kondo on your home if you hope to achieve this look. What leaves it open to interpretation is what makes it so versatile, so even traditionalists can tap into this trend.

Not to be confused with other modern design styles, contemporary interiors are completely of the moment, while modern can refer to anything progressive from the last several decades – Midcentury Modern or Modern Farmhouse, for example.

Interior Design Styles 101: The Ultimate Guide To Defining Decorating

The key elements of contemporary design can be boiled down to simplicity, clean lines, subtle sophistication, and deliberate use of texture. It combines classic, timeless elements seamlessly with very current, modern pieces. It’s also a naturally minimal style that should never feel stuffy, stuffy or dated. Most contemporary spaces will stick to a general black, white and neutral color palette, sometimes using bold accent colors to create a strong contrast. There is also a distinctive presence of strong visual lines, whether straight or curved.

Also referred to as modern traditional, this style puts a fresh twist on the age-old style. “We see homes really honoring history in fresh and inspiring ways,” says Decorist designer Luz Perez Brown.

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