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How To Sell Used Office Furniture

Are you renovating your office to give it a new look? Whether it is your company or home office, replacing old with new furniture is the best way to refresh it.

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Where can you sell used office furniture? You can use many online marketplaces or sell the things you no longer need locally. Here are the top ten options to consider.

Many websites and apps allow you to sell second hand office furniture. Most charge a commission, some have additional fees, but others allow you to list and sell items for free. Some platforms allow you to pay extra to promote your pieces and increase your chances of selling quickly.

Here are the best places to sell used furniture and earn extra cash to open your office. They have the most extensive user base, the best service quality, and excellent customer support.

EBay is a famous e-commerce platform for C2C and B2C sales. You can buy and sell almost anything on the website, including used office furniture.

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EBay requires an account and lets you sell furniture at fixed prices or at auctions. It’s best for smaller items like office chairs, as shipping costs for bulkier pieces can be high. However, you can handle shipping independently to reduce costs or offer local pickup to buyers in your area.

Still, furniture on eBay can be expensive. It may be better for smaller, cheaper items, as selling costs can be on the high side.

Fixed-price and auction-style listings: $0.35 listing fee per listing + 13.25% of the sale up to $7,500 + 2.35% of the amount over $7,500

Craigslist is a classifieds website where you can sell any brand new or used item across 45+ categories, including furniture, without paying commission fees. Delivery is your responsibility as the platform only supports local sales.

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You do not need an account to sell on Craigslist. You can list items for free and set a fixed price or choose the OBO (or best offer) option to leave room for negotiation. Either way, most potential buyers are looking for a bargain. Some may even suggest barter.

Remember to indicate the location and furniture condition (eg excellent, good, fair, or salvage) to attract more buyers.

Facebook Marketplace is another excellent option for selling used office furniture or any other new or pre-owned item. People are using it more and more to find different products, so attracting interested buyers will be a breeze.

You can create free listings; You only need an active Facebook account. The best part is that you don’t have to pay a commission to sell used office furniture locally. You can offer local pickup or drop-off to deliver items directly to the buyer. Only shipping via Facebook Marketplace incurs charges.

The Benefits Of Buying Used Office Furniture

OfferUp is an iOS and Android marketplace where you can sell pre-owned office furniture, electronics, cars, books and much more. It allows personal cash transactions for local sales and lets you ship products across the US for a fee. It does not support shipping to Alaska, Arkansas, and Hawaii.

You can list your office furniture for free and promote ads for $1.99 to attract more potential buyers. The best part about OfferUp is TruYou, a four-step system that provides verification badges to user profiles. Both buyers and sellers must verify their identity, create trust and streamline sales.

Ruby Lane is an online marketplace where you can sell vintage items including furniture, art, china, ceramics, silver, jewelry, dolls, lamps, collectibles, and fashion items. It’s perfect for antique and vintage home or office furniture and can help you get top dollar for your used pieces.

Listing and setup fees on Ruby Lane used to be high, but they are non-existent for accounts active since July 1, 2021. You have to pay $25 instead of the previous $54 only if you list less than 15 items during the month.

We Buy Office Chairs, Desks

Apartment Therapy’s Bazaar is a web-based and mobile (iOS and Android) marketplace focused on vintage designer furniture, tabletops, accessories, rugs, and lamps. It is an excellent place to sell vintage office desks, chairs, tables and storage cabinets.

Listing on Apartment Therapy’s Bazaar is free. You only pay a service fee after you sell an item. The platform does not handle shipping but lets you specify how to deliver items. You can offer personal pickup, local delivery, or domestic or international shipping (you choose the carrier).

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Transactions on the platform are seamless due to Stripe integration, but you can choose a third-party payment processor or accept cash.

5Miles is an Android and iOS app that facilitates the sale of various used items, including cars, electronics, jewelry, accessories, clothing, household items, and office furniture. You can download and use it for free, and only pay a commission when you sell something.

How To Sell Used (old, Vintage, Antique) Furniture Online

You can also save on shipping when selling to buyers in your area by offering local delivery and transporting the items yourself.

Unlike OfferUp, 5Miles lets you promote your ads for free. You can use the “Boost” feature to increase their visibility for four hours, pushing them to the top of the feed. This is an excellent way to attract more potential buyers without paying extra.

Bonanza is an online marketplace where you can create free listings for household items, accessories, art, collectibles, jewelry, and office furniture (antique and vintage), including chairs, desks, and tables. You can also import listings from eBay, Etsy, Shopify or Amazon.

Bonanza covers the advertising costs until you sell an item. However, signing up for this program is optional. While it’s fantastic to attract more buyers, you can save money by only paying the base sales rate.

Used Office Chair

$0.25 transaction fee + base 3.5% rate on sales under $500 (additional 1.5% on sales over $500) if you don’t use advertising

Although many of the platforms above allow you to sell used office furniture locally, most facilitate the sale for a fee. If you want to avoid these expenses and the hassle of creating an account on an online marketplace and shipping bulky items, you can sell your used items in person…

Yard sales are fantastic for selling any pre-owned item, including office furniture. People walking or driving by your home can stop at any time to check out the pieces and buy them right away. They pay cash and save you the trouble of transporting the items.

Be sure to advertise your yard sale with signs or flyers or use social media to attract interested locals.

Used Office Furniture Mint Hill Nc

Many office furniture stores buy and sell exclusive pre-owned pieces. You can choose from modern, antique, vintage, eclectic and other stores to sell your items quickly. They buy them with cash on the spot. You can also sell them to consignment stores that only pay after you sell your items.

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Most used office furniture stores will only accept items in excellent condition, although some will refurbish them if necessary to increase their value. However, others specialize in fixing second-hand office furniture before reselling it.

However, many stores will take your furniture for a fee and allow you to exchange it for new pieces.

Selling used office furniture can seem complicated if you’ve never done it before. It’s easier than you think and only requires a few steps.

New Office Furniture

Selling used office furniture is an excellent way to earn money to refurbish your office with new pieces.

Whichever way you go, choose one of the options listed above that fits your needs and budget. They help you attract many buyers and sell the furniture you no longer need.

Ana Vucic is an avid reader, traveler and cinephile. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in English Language and Literature and enjoys educating people on various topics, including personal finance. She is a content writer and editor at Podroom Creative.

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