Furniture Stores With Interior Designers – New York City is a paradise for all shopaholics. Additionally, NYC furniture stores can be a great source of design inspiration and decor choices. From high-end designer boutiques to thrift stores, furniture stores in NYC are sure to steal your heart. And as a top-notch interior design firm in the city, we’re lucky enough to source high-quality decor and furniture from many of these retailers to bring our designs to life. So, if you’re a new homeowner trying to furnish a place to live or just want to add some new decor to your home, you’re in the right place! Read on for stores that meet all your interior design needs.

The best furniture stores in New York City can be overwhelming for first-time buyers. Especially when you see great options everywhere. Luckily, we’ve put together some guiding advice from our top NYC interior designers, which will help you make smarter purchases.

Furniture Stores With Interior Designers

Careless shopping can lead to unexpected purchases that can be heavy on your pocket. So, always analyze your furniture condition before going shopping. Understand your needs and make sure you stick to the essentials.

Is Minimalist Interior Design Right For You?

Every designer store has special items and a unique selling proposition. That’s why the smart way to shop at NYC furniture stores is to do your research before visiting their stores. Most importantly, organize your list so that you don’t end up wasting your precious time.

If designing your space sounds overwhelming, it’s always best to contact a professional NYC interior designer to help with the buying process. Remember, many interior designers get discounts from retailers and some even share the savings with their clients!

Having a good idea about the dimensions of your home can help you make quick decisions at the store. Always take measurements of your space or adjust the layout to avoid any mistaken purchase.

Shopping without a budget at NYC furniture stores can feel like shooting in the dark. Having a clear budget will not only lead you to the right shops, but it will also help you make the most of your money. So, budget your purchase in advance to enjoy your furniture shopping.

A Restaurant Where You Can Order A Dish, Literally

Interested in special discounts at your favorite NYC furniture stores? Schedule a Free Interior Design Consultation to learn how you can achieve even more savings! Vintage furniture shopping in New York City

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If you love all things vintage and vintage, NYC interiors and fashion stores will make you feel right at home. The streets of New York are full of gems waiting to be discovered. Whether you’re looking for inspiration or timeless art, quirky furniture stores in NYC are full of great pieces. So, keep an eye out for these vintage shops – you never know when you’ll come across rustic charm from the movies.

The insider’s secret to most interior designs is balancing high-end pieces with affordable items. When you think of where to find furniture and decor that’s easy on your pocket, NYC probably doesn’t come to mind. Fortunately for those in the Big Apple, furniture stores in NYC range from high-end boutiques to thrift stores. So, while your main furniture pieces may be an investment, check out other local stores, such as thrift stores, for affordable pieces to complement your design.

Are you tempted by the options NYC furniture stores have to offer? Don’t wait any longer! Check out some of our favorite furniture stores below and give your home a fresh update, no matter what your style.

The Best Furniture Stores In Nyc For Every Budget

If you are a decorator, Modani might be your second home. This modern furniture store in NYC is a one stop shop for all your interior design needs. From sofas to accessories, you can find modern and chic pieces to accent your room with ease.

ABC Carpets & Home opened their store almost ten years ago. At first, they specialized in selling Persian and Middle Eastern carpets. Since then, the rugby store has grown into one of NYC’s most popular furniture stores. In other words, if you are looking for furniture with one-of-a-kind designs, this is the place to be!

Japanese home decor store, MuJi is all about embracing minimalism in a playful way. For example, you can find basic bathroom accessories in unusual designs that can enhance even the darkest nooks. So, if you love everything cool with a creative twist, check out Muji!

This modern furniture store in NYC is proud to be one of the top office furniture suppliers. Knoll’s designs are modern, compact, and easy to use. From stylishly designed office chairs to comfortable lounge chairs, they have a little bit of everything.

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Modern Furniture Store In Washington, D.c.

A classic Manhattan furniture store, Furnish Green is all about timeless and traditional decor. They update their stock daily to offer their customers rare pieces at affordable prices. That means if you’re looking for jewelry that makes sense and tells a story, you’ll know where to go!

BBDW is a luxury furniture store in NYC that makes some of the most amazing pieces. Their designs are small, fresh, and classy. BBDW designers take their business seriously, so much so that even the hardware and materials used in the furniture pieces are uniquely designed. So, for all you detail enthusiasts, look no further – these things will leave you in awe.

Since its inception in 1860, Lignet Roset has been breaking all design conventions by creating the most beautiful things. In fact, their modern roots have made them one of the best-selling luxury furniture stores in NYC. For those looking for a wow factor in their homes, the Lignet Roset should be the first!

If your heart beats for all things vintage and rustic, you can’t miss the Flair Home Collection. You’ll find anything from antique armoires to mid-century sofas upholstered in English herringbone. This must-see space is one of the best furniture stores in NYC, without a doubt. So, if you are looking for vintage furniture pieces with a European influence, this is the place for you.

What Is Homesense?

WHAT WE LOVE: Their accessories and lighting fixtures are to die for! Whether it’s a plexiglass table lamp or Venetian tableware, their unique home furnishings will make you feel nostalgic.

CB2 is the limited-edition sister product of Crate and Barrel. Their furniture items are modern, elegant, and functional. In addition, CB2 offers the hottest, most stylish products. Most importantly, their designs are focused on catering to budget conscious people who want to furnish their house without compromising on aesthetics.

The Museum of Modern Art has its own retail store, MoMA, which offers products based on the pleasure of art. Their home furnishings are refined with an unusual twist. These cool and eclectic pieces are for the connoisseur who loves an artistic home full of character.

WHAT WE LOVE: MoMA is definitely one of our favorite NYC art furniture stores. Their products are very well designed to be a cynosure in any environment.

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Best Outdoor Furniture Stores 2023

Are you longing for mid-century magic? Design Within Reach is one of NYC’s best furniture stores that offers simple and clean design. Their furniture assortment is inspired by the unique mid-century style. As a result, their collections are dominated by a clean look.

Adaptations NY is one of the coolest lifestyle boutiques in town. Their eclectic yet stylish products can wonderfully elevate any corner. So, if you’re looking for a few pieces of homeware, put Adaptations NY on your priority list.

Now that the whole world is focusing on making responsible decisions towards the environment, many furniture stores in NYC are creating a greener world for us. One such store is Joybird as it offers a ton of organic and ethically crafted furniture to beautify your home. Their designs are more than just attractive. That’s why this colorful, forward-thinking product should definitely be on your list!

Home Union is one of our favorite NYC furniture stores and it deserves all the love. They are a specialty vintage store that celebrates the past. When you walk into their New York store, you won’t feel like a winter wonderland.

Best Online Furniture Stores 2023

WHAT WE LOVE: We live up to their slogan, ‘Vintage is the future’. Most importantly, it is their pieces of furniture that do perfect justice to all the antiques.

To know Collyer’s Mansion, one of NYC’s coolest furniture stores, is to love Collyer’s Mansion. This store has something for everyone, from playful prints to sophisticated items. If you’re looking for magical pieces to enhance and elevate your interior, visit Collyer’s Mansion – you won’t regret it!

WHAT WE LOVE: Their accessories game is on point – be it rugs, lighting fixtures, or tableware.

From the Source is one of the best furniture stores in NYC dedicated to saving the planet. Not only are their designs safe in nature and carefully crafted, but they are truly unique. They create all of the store’s products with great love and care.

Sheely’s Furniture, Mattress, & Appliance Store

This modern furniture store in NYC believes that home decor should be modern, stylish, and affordable. Therefore, all their products are small and detailed.

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